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Sianos UI - 1920 x 1080

Version: WotLK Patch 3.3.5a
by: Doomelf [More]

After so many years of playing WoW I am proud to present the latest evolution of my UI. I main hunter and have found this to be the ideal setup for me.

The addons I have included are those I find necessary for my gaming experience and needs. Over time I will be adding / removing some of them so the UI will continue to evolve.

If you do not need an addon it can be removed from the UI without issues. Be sure to clean up the "Variables" with the associated addon from your WTF folder to keep it in shape.


- Go to your WoW folder

- Backup your old Interface and WTF folders, then delete them

- Unzip the archive contents into your WoW folder

- Rename the folders to match your Realm, Server and Character names

- Copy your old config.wtf and bindings-cache.wtf files to their respective directories

- Log into your server and set all addon profiles to Default. You can also do this easily by typing "/reflux switch Default" and the addon will do it for you.

My character and realm settings that are saved in the WTF -> Account -> Account Name -> Saved Variables files can be removed if you prefer to clean the files of useless code and have just your own characters pop up in there.

Before you do that, you should log in with your characters so that they register in those files. This is, because there should always be at least one line of code from a character so the settings saved in there can be used. It does not matter if you delete mine as long as yours remain.

What you should do is replace the "Sianos - TNE" with your "Character - Realm" names in each of those files. Simply do a notepad / wordpad search of "Sianos" and you will find them. There are usually two lines of that in each file.

Additional Information

- Addon memory usage is ~ 18 MB.

- If you cannot see an addon ingame search for it online and you will find the command to open its settings. Addons without profiles are already set up and need no additional configuration from you.

- Addons that require you to set their profiles to Default manually are Raven and Gladius. Alternatively, use Reflux, as stated above, to do it in one click.

*** - You will not be able to see Raven tooltips until you enable them in Bar Groups -> Layout -> Format section.

Known Issues

None that I have encountered with this version of my UI. If you get an error do not panic. It is most likely nothing.

Checking / unchecking settings in the addons may cause an error to pop up, but that is not the Ui's fault. It is likely an addon compatibility issue with the rest or fault in the same addon it occured from.

Addons Included

Az Cast Bar

The cast bar of my choice, because it does not include unnecessary plugins as other addons, such as Quartz. I find its modules to be more independent and not included all at once so you are forced to use all of them like Quartz makes it so.

All Stats

A small addon, which displays all of your character's stats in one place. No more clicking through dropdowns searching for a stat.


A powerful instance map addon, which is mandatory for any PvE / BG oriented player.


The only bag addon I have ever truly liked using. The settings and compression of bag, bank and key is very well-made. It also allows for setting up nice background / border colors, unlike most addons.

Blizz Move

Makes the windows of the default UI easily movable by just dragging the window title.

Broker Group Helper

Any "Broker" plugin is compatible with Titan Panel so I decided to include one, which helps bring all the PvE instance settings in one place instead of right clicking the unit frame. Data at your fingertips.

!Bug Grabber

A companion for Bug Sack in displaying errors in a more understandable way.

Bug Sack

A companion for Bug Grabber in displaying errors in a more understandable way.

Button Facade

If you want to make a good looking UI this is just mandatory. Skinning of the Blizzard UI makes it look so much better I can hardly imagine anyone not using this.

Button Facade Shadow

The "Shadow" skin for Button Facade. I personally prefer this over all others as it fits the theme of my UI and is the best dark look you can get, IMO.


Removes the red text reminders from the center of your screen such as "Not Enough Mana". I do not want to be reminded of things I already know and clutter my screen.


A BG timer addon, which displays the time for capturing flags, towers, bases and other at a glance. I set it up to be fully transparent and left only the bar spark to remind me of the current progress in comparison to the timer on the bars.

No need for distractions, when you are trying to PvP. When I have it fully shown I cannot stop looking at the bars and it is so annoyingly dreadful. I just cannot concentrate on the parts of my screen that need to be seen.


A simple addon that allows you to use the mouse scroll buttons to bring your character display on your character page closer of further from the actual frame. Useful for taking a closer look at your character than Blizzard allows normally.

Color Tools

An addon I cannot express enough thanks to, because it allows to set up perfect color combinations, when configuring your addons. Manually dragging the color slider is one thing, but imputing an RGB color of your choice is on a whole new level.

Combat Log Fix

A necessary addon that fixes annoying bugs in the Blizzard combat log, when they happen. It prevents potential errors and ensures addons run without problems. At least those watching the log.

Deadly Boss Mods [Includes BC & Vanilla]

I prefer DBM, because it is the only addon that has BG and Vanilla boss encounters. It also displays tooltips, like in Big Wigs, that allow for you to see the boss' abilities without searching the internet needlessly. The ability to see warnings pop up on your screen is also just what I look for in a boss mod as well.

The addon has been configured from a ranged DPS / hunter perspective so if you are playing other classes you will need to take a look into the settings and change them to suit your playstyle.


Replaces the default Blizzard action bars. I find it to be better than Bartender, because of how independent every module is of the main addon and does not force you to use things built into it, like Bartender does.


Another irreplaceable addon, which helps with alignment of the UI. If not for this one I would not have uploaded my UI on the internet. Much thanks!


A plugin for Titan Panel that allows you to bring up the LFG window or battleground scoreboard if in a battleground. Click the link on the name of this addon for more details.

Epic Music Player

Just what is sounds like. A music player addon that allows you to play any song that is included by default in the game. Also, you can add you own playlists and songs.


Necessary addon for those, who play arena.


Allows you to use a random mount of the addon's choice and not waste macro space. There are a couple of options in the settings for smart mount choice depending on the location.

ICD Bars

The ONLY addon I found, which displays your ICDs with an icon and not a bar. It is a huge pain to set up where you want it to be on your screen, but is very much worth it.


Adds a search bar for your macro panel, when choosing a specific icon, and so you will find the icon you seek by typing a word instead of wasting time searching for it in a haystack.

Lib Shared Media 3.0

Addons that require it have included the addon in its folders, but it is necessary for Shared Media, because of the custom fonts I have included that all addons I have use.

Lose Control

Tracks and displays CC on you, your target / focus, party and arena frames. Works independently of them so you can position and size the icons to your liking. Very nice!


BG and Blizzard world map replacement addon.

Mini Mapster

As the name hints it is a replacement for the Blizzard minimap. Simple and beautiful.

Move Anything

Allows you to move almost all of the Blizzard frames. A core addon to the UI.

NC Shadow

Displays a shadow around the edges of the screen, allowing you to concentrate your scattered view onto the whole UI. One of the most necessary quality of life addons out there.


A PvE threat meter for the whole group. I have set it up to display the top 5 players in order to not clutter the UI. You can report as many players as you like to the group though.


Your CD display addon. Adds a text CD for every spell / ability / item in the game.

PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

I used Shadowed UF before, however, I wanted something more and better looking. PitBull is the bomb of configuration to any player's playstyle. Absolutely love it and is much better than Shadowed UF.

Plate Buffs

Shows you the abilities you want to see directly on top of the enemy name plates thus keeping your focus on the enemy player instead of watching the unit frames for debuffs / buffs. This is just invaluable for PvP and PvE.

Prat 3.0

I used Chatter before, however, it has bugs with its display on new characters / servers by not remembering the position and background opacity for its windows. I was fed up with it after so much time playing WoW. Prat is paradise compared to Chatter.


A simple addon to display what enemy buffs you dispel. I use it for my hunter's Tranquilizing Shot as there is not any addon compatible with WotLK for that. Invaluable for PvP and PvE.

Who Framed Watcher Wabbit

Allows you to move the Blizzard Quest Watch frame. Finally managed to find an addon that can move it. Move Anything does not have such an option sadly.

*** Note that I have renamed it to Quest Watch Enhanced in the "Addons" menu, when loging to your character. The name was too long and it bothered me.

Range Display

As the name suggests, it displays a visual distance in numbers on the screen and when mousing over an enemy / friend (optionally). Valuable for keeping track of the enemy's distance from you in PvP and act accordingly.


Managed to download this addon before the WotLK versions were removed from Curse Forge / WoW Ace. It is basically a replacement to the Blizzard buff / debuff frames, just like Satrina Buff Frames.

I prefer this addon compared to the mentioned above due to more customization options and Button Facade support. It is on a whole new level compared to Satrina Buff Frames.


A profile manager for your addons. Created a profile and you can switch any addon's profile in one click. Eases the need to set up multiple addon profiles on different specs and characters.

Shared Media

inserts fonts and textures into Lib: Shared Media 3.0. Necessary for the UI and the fonts it uses.


A DPS / Damage meter for PvE enthusiasts.

Skada Damage

I have included just the Damage plugin, because that is the only thing I care about as a hunter. Your needs may be different.


The WotLK equivalent to Aurora. Allows for the Blizzard frames to be skinned with custom colors, borders and background. I choose to have a dark one.


Just as Examiner, it allows you to inspect someone and not worry about the player being out of range or quitting the game while doing so.

Snowfall Key Press

The bread and butter of all addons. Allows you to cast spells / abilities on button press instead of release.

Sound Alerter

When enemies use spells / abilities it alerts you with a voice what is happening. i have very little checked, because of my PvP awareness and experience in addition to Plate Buffs displaying most of what I need to see. Check the settings out and modify them to suit your needs.

!Stop The Spam

Filters addons messages that load on logging into the game. This prevents addon spam from the chat and allows you to keep your sanity in check.

If you disable the addon you will roll your eyes onto ~ 30 lines of chat spam and Skinner reminders! You have been warned.

Target Charms

As seen in the addon picture, it adds the target icons directly on your screen instead of having to right click the unit frames and selecting one manually.

Tidy Plates

An alternative to the Blizzard name plates. It works very well with the below mentioned plugin.

Tidy Plates Threat Plates

A plugin for Tidy Plates, which presents the name plates with a slick look and works very well with Plate Buffs in displaying your enemy's debuffs.

Tip Tac

A tooltip replacement for the Blizzard one. With quite a few options to choose from, I have selected the tooltip to be placed directly above the mouse pointer so that you can glance at stuff on the fly. This way it works very well with Range Display.

Titan Panel

The display for Broker and Titan plugins. it adds bars on your screen, which I have made transparent, and attaches the plugins to them. this enables you to glance at information very quickly compared to searching for it in the various parts of the UI. Brilliant!

Too Many Addons

A better version of Addon Control Panel IMO, because it allows you to make addon "profiles" for your needs, be it PvE or PvP. You can have either ACP or this one, because they are NOT compatible with one another.

Tulla Range

Adds custom color to spells / abilities you cannot use due to being out of range of your opponent / friend. Useful to keep track of what you can do, when looking at your bars.


Replacement and filter for the whispers you receive from other players. I have set it up so that whispers appear only in WIM and not the chat frame to reduce clutter and needless spam.

xDamage Font

Changes the Blizzard damage font to something of your choosing, making things look better. Change it to a font you like if you do not prefer the "Pepsi" one I have.


Replaces the Blizzard loot window with something more pleasing to the eyes and consolidates loot contents in a single window. This way you do not have to click through buttons to get loot from multiple loot pages.

Transmog Equipment

Head Powerheal 9000 Lens
Shoulder Pauldrons of the Wardancer
Chest Gown of Spiritual Wonder
Hands Blessed Gloves of Undead Cleansing
Legs Cenarion Reservist's Leggings
Waist General's Leather Belt
Wrist Rockfury Bracers
Boots Forestlord Striders
Tabard Cenarion Expedition Tabard
Cloak Gravekeeper's Drape
Main Hand & Off-Hand Shard of Azzinoth
Ranged Black Bow of the Betrayer

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Re: updated?

Originally Posted by Knyx
Is it updated to 7.3.5?

In the date says it is updated but in the description texto it says "Version: WotLK Patch 3.3.5a".

I would like to try you UI later, i am at work atm.. so if u can let me know
I have a feeling this is for a private server but i may be wrong.
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Is it updated to 7.3.5?

In the date says it is updated but in the description texto it says "Version: WotLK Patch 3.3.5a".

I would like to try you UI later, i am at work atm.. so if u can let me know
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