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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
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PersoLootRoll (Beta)

Version: 9-beta6
by: Shrugal [More]

A World of Warcraft addon to share and roll on items when using personal loot.

This is the beta release for the live version of the addon, you can get the stable release here and the BFA-Beta version here.

It's likely still a bit buggy, so we wary of that! Also, please make sure to report any bugs you encounter, so the stable releases will be as bug-free as possible.

Beta 6
  • PLR rolls ids are now negative numbers instead of strings prefixed with "PLR" to prevent errors when other addons try to pass them to GameTooltip:SetLootRollItem on their own (unhooked) GameTootlip instances. Now those calls will just silently fail.
  • Added support for item level scaling in low-level content and while timewalking
  • Added ilvl threshold scaling for low-level chars
  • Added support for argument reordering in translation lines
  • Updated interface version to 70300
  • Fixed bug where rolls appeared for legendary and heirloom items
  • Fixed bug where the game menu won't show up anymore after clicking the "Move" button in the options

Beta 5
  • Replaced custom realm list with LibRealmInfo
  • Fixed bug caused by previous renaming of lang-lines
  • Removed upper() call on Rolls window headers
  • Moved actions window options around
  • Minor Trade refactoring
  • Moved options table registration to OnEnable so realm data is available
  • Added remaining zhTW translations
  • Updated enUS and deDE translations

Beta 4
  • Fixed critical bug with enUS translation

Beta 3
  • Added zhTW translation
  • Update other translations to make importing from CurseForge easier
  • Bugfixes

Beta 2
  • Added more anchors to the actions window
  • Ignore whispers from other addon users
  • Added a whisper button to Actions and Rolls windows
  • Actions window is now shown by default and anchored to the left
  • Added recording of whisper chats with winner/owner of items
  • Updated whisper reaction, answer and suppression logic
  • Bugfixes

Beta 1
  • Added an actions window to show pending actions such as trade or whisper
  • Hopefully fixed item label formating once and for all
  • Roll visibility is now stored inside the roll, to make it consistent across GUIs
  • Renamed masterlooter saved var to make it consistent with the other vars
  • Fixed internal events for more than one listener
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