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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 8.0.1
by: Sockz0r [More]

An amalgamation of minimalist and graphical User Interface.

Thanks to Smegdead@Stormrage-EU for the banner <3

Stream and Videos

To Install

NOTE: For the healing setup, please download Grid2

Step 1

Back up your previous Interface and WTF folders.

Download and drop the Interface and WTF folders in your WoW directory

Step 2

Head into the WTF folder and make sure to rename these folders to your relevant details:

WTF/account/YOURACCOUNTNAME - change to the name of your wow account

WTF/account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/YOURSERVER - change to the name of the server you play on

WTF/account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/YOURSERVER/CHARACTERNAME - change to the name of your character

Step 3

Now boot up WoW, before you enter the world make sure the addon "ShadowmageUI Setup" and "ShadowmageUI Core" is enabled.

Upon entering the world 2 boxes will appear, one asking you which layout you wish to use and another involved with the addon Gnosis. Dismiss the popup box about Gnosis.

Step 4

Read the Dialog box and select which layout you wish to use.

Your screen should reload and everything should fall into place.

Now open up Gnosis with /gnosis and select create options. Expand Gnosis (the little + in the addon list) and go to "Configurations". Once there select "Standard" and press all the buttons that say "Load..." (dont hit Update or Remove).

NOTE: You may have to reload your UI (/rl) again for some addons to fall into place.


Slash Command

You can now adjust the width of the background bars behind Bartender if you choose to increase the size of Bartenders bars and keep the clean texture background! You can access this slash command with:


Switching Layout

To switch layouts, hit the role icon button under the minimap. It will then ask you which layout you wish to select.

Updating my UI

In most occasions the only updates I throw out are those to update various addons, if this is the case then you do not need to replace your current WTF folder. But instead just extract the Interface folder. However there will be times when I add stuff or move things around, which you will need to also extract the WTF folder.


The addons used are listed:

Deadly Boss Mods
Ferous Media
Xloot Group


As far as resolution goes, this UI is built for a 1920x1080 widescreen, there is code in place to try and make it fit other resolutions, however I have no tested this myself so let me know how it looks and if I can I will try to improve my code to make it more reliable!

Hidden Aspects

There are 2 hidden bars from bartender, number 10 (on the far right of the screen) and number 9 (far left of the screen) which show upon mouse over.

The micomenu (the small menu which has the buttons to access character sheet, talents etc) is hidden in the bottom left hand corner.

There is a 4 button slot located in the center(ish) of the screen, this is bartender (bar number 4). I use this to add spells i wish to keep on CD so I can easily track them.

If you dont want these to be hidden, simply type /bartender. Select the appropiate bar, go to the Visibility tab, untick Fade Out (for bar4 also untick the option that makes it unclickable in the general tab).

Other Things You Should Know

- The raid frames is configured so that it WILL NOT show groups 6-8



V 8.0.1 BFA Compatibility. Reinstall is required.

It will be a bit rough around the edges! But it should at least work. There are a few errors still but nothing UI breaking.

- Updated every addon ever
- Removed oUF_QuLight
- Added Shadowed Unit Frames
- Removed diminfo
- Added SLDataText

V 7.6.1 Fixes several issues, i hope. Another full reinstall may be required.

- Added Grid2
- Fixed oUF raid frames still being enabled (should be replaced by grid2 now)
- Hopefully fixed top backdrop bar from appearing (can be renabled in ShadsCore options)

V 7.6 Reinstall is recommended due to some addon changes

- Updated Aurora
- Updated Bartender4
- Removed BigWigs
- Added DeadlyBossMods
- Updated Kui_Nameplates
- Removed OmniCC
- Added tullaCC
- Updated SexyMap
- Updated xCT+
- Removed Skada
- Added Details!

V 7.4.5 Just addon updates and hopefully larger resolution fixes!

- Updated Bigwigs
- Diminfo: Fixed modules in odd places with large resolutions
- Added Mapster back
- ShadsCore: Fixed textures in odd places with large resolutions

V 7.4 Patch 7.1 updates!

- Updated Aurora
- Updated Bartender4
- Updated Bigwigs
- Updated Gnosis
- Updated KuiNameplates
- Removed Mapster for now
- Removed SimplePowerBar
- Updated Prat
- Updated TipTac

V 7.3.1 More updates

- Updated Aurora
- Updated Gnosis
- Updated Kui_Nameplates
- Updated SexyMap
- Updated TipTac
- Removed yChangeDaFont

V 7.3 Legion pre-patch build! Make sure to enable out of date addons

- Updated pretty much everything
- There are still bugs to be ironed out and some missing features
- Removed Xloot for now
- Player secondary resources (combo points, arcane charges etc) on the unit frames dont work (mana, energy, rage, astral and storm work fine though)
- Friends list in diminfo does not work, requires a rewrite which I cannot do so I doubt this will ever be fixed unless the author releases an update

V 7.2.2 Updates

- Updated Aurora
- Updated Badboy
- Updated Prat

V 7.2.1 Just replace oUF_QuLight addon with the one in this build

- Updated oUF_QuLight

V 7.2 6.2.2 Updates and Various addon changes. Reinstall will be required.

- Updated Aurora
- Updated BigWigs
- Updated Ferous Media
- Updated KuiNameplates
- Removed MSBT
- Added xCT+

V 7.1 6.2 Updates

- Updated Aurora
- Updated Bagnon
- Updated BigWigs
- Updated KuiNameplates
- Updated MikScrollingBattleText
- Updated TipTac, i think

V 7.0.9 Just Addon Updates

- Updated Aurora
- Updated BigWigs
- Updated TipTac
- Updated Skada

V 7.0.8 You'll need to reinstall the Interface folder due to the update on Aurora_MissingTextures

- Updated Aurora
- Updated Bagnon
- Updated Bartender4
- Updated BigWigs
- Updated Kui_NamePlates
- Updated Prat3.0
- Updated SexyMap
- Updated Aurora_MissingTextures

V replace oUF_QuLight

- Attempt no.3 at fixing chi bar, had no idea it was still broken.

V replace oUF_QuLight

- Fixed chi for real this time, promise

V 7.0.7 Just replace oUF_QuLight and manually move Skada if you dont feel like doing a full reinstall

- Fixed monk chi stuff
- Moved buff bar to the right by the minimap. Now uses blizzards own code so you can click off buff in combat!
- Moved Skada to the left

V 7.0.6 replace addons folder

- Fixed tooltip issue with unit frames, you can now phase into other peoples garrisons!
- Updated BigWigs

V 7.0.5 replace addons folder

- Updated bartender4
- Updated OmniCC (both these updates fix spirals on hidden bars! yay)
- Updated Bagnon

V 7.0.4 Just replace oUF_QuLight

- Fixed shadow priest orbs
- Moved ClassTimers debuffs onto the player frame, removed the self buff part of ClassTimers

V 7.0.3 Just extract AddOns folder

- Updated Bagnon
- Added Bagnon_Facade for skinned bags!
- Updated Bartender (to fix the GCD swirls on hidden bars you will have to disable OmniCC)
- Updated BigWigs
- Updated MikScrollingBattleText
- Updated ShadsCore, new slash command for some minor customisation! (/shads)

V 7.0.2 Just extract AddOns folder

- Fixed error with SexyMap
- Fixed error with oUF_QuLight
- Fixed diminfo guild XP errors

V 7.0.1 See previous version notes if this is your first reinstall since the patch. Else just extract the AddOns folder

- Updated Bartender4
- Updated BigWigs
- Updated BadBoy
- Updated Kui_Nameplates
- Updated Mapster
- Updated MikScrollingBattleText
- Updated OmniCC
- Updated Prat3
- Updated Masque
- Updated SexyMap
- Updated TipTac
- Updated Xloot


As EU is not online yet, would be great if some one can let me know if something isnt working :)

V 7.0. Reinstall recommended by not required, if you dont want to do a full reinstall just make sure you move over the bartender files in WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\bartender4.lua to your own installation area (as well as Grid2.lua if you intend on using the healer UI)

WARNING: This is a dirty build, there will be bugs. Make sure to enable out of date addons.

- Shortened the bartender bars to account for ability pruning
- Moved over to Grid2
- Removed Mapster for now, too buggy
- Updated pretty much every addon, most of which are quick dirty fixes from me

V 6.7.8 Replacing VuhDo with Grid

- Updated core files to work with Grid instead of VuhDo (replace AddOns folder)
- You dont have to do a full reinstall, might be worth just waiting for the 6.0 update which will probably require a reinstall. This update is just if you really want to use Grid instead of VuhDo for the healing layout.

Long way:
Grab this file: Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\Grid.lua (and its Grid.lua.bak)
Stick it in the same location on your WoW installation.
Dont forget to replace the AddOns folder too!
Ingame, click the Healing UI button to load/reload the healer settings

V 6.7.7 Just replace AddOns folder again.

- Unit Frames:
:- Added Desaturate debuffs option (/config, go to debuffs/buffs. turn it on then hit apply)
:- Fixed frame strata issues (i hope)
- Updated BigWigs

V 6.7.6 Just replace AddOns folder once more!

- Fixed warlock spec bars for the unit frames
- Fixed other minor bugs in the unit frames
- Fixed the new item level tooltip bug

V 6.7.5 Just replace AddOns folder again

- Updated KUI Name plates
- Updated Skada
- More tiding up oUF_QuLight:
:- Raid frames are clearer
:- monk chi is now white

You can move the unit frames around with /ui

V 6.7.4 Just need to replace the AddOns folder. WORK IN PROGRESS USE AT OWE RISK. See comments

- Removed oUF_MovableFrames
- Removed oUF_Warlockspecbars
- Updated oUF
- Updated oUF_QuLight (WORK IN PROGRESS)

V 6.7.3 Big(ish) changes. Still no ETA on a friendlier install. WTB more time and patients

Full Reinstall Required
- Updated Aurora_MissingIcons
- Updated Aurora
- Updated BigWigs
- Updated Kui_nameplates
- Did stuff in oUF_QuLight
:- lowered debuff fram by 1 row
:- other magical stuff? i dont even remember
- Updated Prat
- Updated SexyMap
- Big changes to ShadsCore
:- Loads of code improvements
:- Layout switch button now has a super cool dps/healer icon depending on what mode you are in (does rely on VuhDoh though)
:- New Raid Utility option, converts party to raid if you are not already. Allows placement of world markers, initiates ready checks and role checks (which bigwigs will block so you cant actually utilise it >.>)


- Fixed diminfo location, just extract this addon no need to reinstall

V 6.7.2, Full Reinstallation Required

- Updated Aurora
- Updated BigWigs
- Removed Omen
- Updatde oUF_QuLight
:- TargetofTarget debuffs
:- Boss frames now have players debuffs
:- Various other code stuff i forgot
- Updated Core UI stuff
:- Updated the textures, should now be more flexible when it comes to different resolutions (please test <3)
:- some code changes to adjust to using VuhDo

V 6.7.1, Fixes error and some taints caused in patch 5.4.1. No need for a full reinstall, just the addons folder

- Updated Aurora
- Updated Bartender4
- Updated BigWigs
- Fixed error in Diminfo
- Updated Gnosis
- Updated Mapster
- Updated SexyMap
- Updated TipTac
- Updated Xloot

V 6.7, full reinstall required

- Updated pretty much every addon
- Removed DBM
- Removed TidyPlates
- Added BigWigs
- Added KuiNameplates
- Porbably changed some layout somewhere :D

V 6.6.1 Just replace oUF_QuLight

- Fixed Loot Specialization menu

V 6.6 Mostly full reinstall required. Just need to replace the Interface folder with the one in this build

- Updated Aurora_Missing Textures
- Updated Aurora
- Updated DBM
- Updated Gnosis
- Updated Mapster
- Updated Skada
- Updated TidyPlates (see note below)
- Updated TipTac

TIDYPLATES NOTE: you may have to disable TidyPlates:Threat Plates for now, the author is working on an update but i am unsure on how it will react to the core tidyplates

V 6.5.5, only need to replace oUF_QuLight folder

- Removed Sated from debuff list on raid frames
- Added some more debuffs to the raid frames
- Added option to Desaturate debuffs on target
- cfg.lua now has a less overwhelming option list to it

V 6.5.4

- Updated oUF_QuLight, now with working raid debuffs! yay!
- Updated Deadly Boss Mods
- Updated Bartender
- Updated MikScrollingBattleText
- Updated Mapster
- Updated Skada
- Updated Bagnon
- Updated AuroraMissingTextures

V 6.5.3, attempt to fix possible locks up people having?

- Updated DBM
- Updated Skada
- Updated TidyPlates (still a little buggy, but shoudnt be client destroying)

V 6.5.2

- Changed oUF_QuLight, now looks more pretty (see screenshots)

V 6.5.1

- Fixed oUF_WarlockSpecBars (please test to make sure)
- Updated Mapster
- Updated Gnosis
- Updated Aurora

V 6.5, full reinstall please!

- Video on front page to see it in action!

- Updated Aurora
- Updated DBM
- Removed ForteXorcist, feels useless
- Removed Ghostpulse, too buggy
- Updated ShadsCore
- Updated ShadsSetup
- Updated TipTac (fixes item upgrade tooltips! yay!)
- Updated Xloot (big changes, make sure to do a clean install!)
- Layout changes to MiksScrollingBattleText
- New options added when setting up healer UI, hopefully just a minor inconvenience till the author can add some better features to profiles
- Got skins working on Gnosis! yay!

V 6.4.4 sorry for slack updates :P been busy!

- Updated MikScrollingBattleText
- Updated BadBoy
- Updated DBM

V 6.4.3

- Updated Tidyplates
- Updated Aurora
- Updated Gnosis

V 6.4.2, just replace Addons folder, no full install needed

- Updated Aurora
- Updated Bagnon
- Updated MikScrollingBattleText
- Fixed oUF monk chi
- Fixed oUF_QuLight monk chi
- Updated Prat
- Updated TidyPlates (still a bit buggy but it works!)

V 6.4.1 FRESH INSTALL PLEASE! "should" iron out everything

- Updated DBM
- Updated Gnosis
- Updated Aurora
- Fine tuned stuff in ShadsCore and ShadsSetup
- Added SimplePowerBar

V 6.4, now error free! (he hopes, also excludes taints, because blizzard suck)

- Updated diminfo
- Updated Aurora
- Updated Gnosis
- Updated ShadsCore, textures "should" adjust better to bigger resolutions

V 6.397

- Disabled oUF_QuLight's Alternate Power Bar (just replace oUF_QuLight addon)

V 6.396

- Updated DeadlyBossMods
- Updated MiksScrollingBattleText
- Attempt to fix SexyMap, fi you're not doing a fresh install, please extract the Saved Variable for this (WTF\account\accountname\SavedVariables\Sexymap.lua) and replace them with the file in the same file path on your client

V 6.395

- Updated Aurora
- Updated SexyMap (might have to extra the saved variables for this as well, they did something funky with profiles)
- Updated Prat (fixes! hurray!)
- Updated TipTac
- Updated ForteXorcist

V 6.394

- Updated Aurora
- Added BadBoy
- Updated Bagnon
- Updated ForteXorcist
- Updated OmniCC
- Updated TidyPlates
- Updated TidyPlateas:ThreatPlates

V 6.393

- Updated DeadlyBossMods, stops DBM related errors in BGs (i hope)
- Tweaks to oUF_QuLight. Arena frames should be fully functional, totem bar actually works now with classes other than shamans (currently working on the bars counting down as well, but for now they are there for indication purposes. examples of other class usage: wild mushrooms for druids, DK temp ghoul pet, and apparently the warlock portal spell in mop, clicking on the bars will cancel the mushroom/totem/ghoul)

V 6.392

- Updated Gnosis (fixes most of the glyphing errors)
- Update Bagnon
- Fixed Prat some more
- Added Arena Frames to oUF_QuLight (these are apparently used in WSG and Twim Peaks (maybe eots as well) for the flag carriers, need some testing and some opinions!)
- Added Xloot
- Added XlootGroup

V 6.391 you can just replace below addons

- Updated Bartender4
- Fixed GhostPulse errors
- Another tweak in oUF_QuLight

V 6.39 fixes debugging message spam

- Updated TidyPlates
- Updated TidyPlatesThreatPlates
- Gone back to chunky nameplates as well

V 6.38 (can just replace oUF_WarlockSpecBars for this update)

- Fixed the warlock power bar stuff not showing on login

V 6.37

- Tweaked some settings in oUF_QuLight
- Updated Mapster
- Fixed Bagnon location

V 6.36 fresh install :>

- Fine tuned location of several addons
- Fine tuned nameplates to look nicer
- Updated ForteXorcist
- Added changes to ShadsCore
- Added DeadlyBossMods (with both the mists and cata content)
- Healing layout should now be fully operational! Working Grid 2 here: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/grid2

V 6.355 needs a fresh install

- Hopefully fixed profiles not loading correctly

V 6.35

- Mostly fixed Prat (few errors to squish!)
- Temp fix for diminfo friends list (looks fugly i know :( )
- Fixed Omen
- Added AuroraMissingTextures
- Fixed Gnosis

V 6.34

- Fixed texture error

V 6.33

- Another attempt to stop annoying bugs (sucks not having 5.0 yet :( )
- Updated MiksScrollingBattleText
- Updated ForteXorcist

V 6.32

- Mop yay!
- Fixed my initial upload fail
- Added forteXorcist

V 6.29 about time i threw an update out :P reinstall needed ;(

- Removed KgPanels (no longer needed, should of done this a long time ago haha)
- Added ShadsCore, core addon that does special stuff
- Updated ShadsSetup to make it more awesome :D
- Updated Aurora

V 6.28 just replace oUF_QuLight

- Fixed Combo Points overlapping debuffs, now sits above the player frame


- Fixed some debuff placement issues in oUF_QuLight while in healing mode
- Improved KgPanels script to switch the profiles of ForteXorcist
- Updated ForteXorcist


- Removed AuraFrames
- oUF_QuLight now handles buffs/debuffs
HEALS: The aura frames will move out the way when Grid2 addon is loaded. If you dont use Grid2 for your healing frames and want the target auras out of the way, PM and i will tell you how to move them.
- Fixed the white border the bottom texture had, yay! Not sure how i fixed it :D
- KgPanels will stop trying to find TribalBase.tga
- KgPanels will now enable Grid2 when switching to the healing layout, and disable Grid2 when switching to DPS layout
- Currently there is no "fix" to get ForteXorcist to change profile. You will need to manually change it. /fx then in the top section there are 2 tabs, select your respective layout.

V 6.22

- Updated Badboy, now actually blocks recent gold spams!

V 6.21 Now with easier setup button and layout switching!

- Added a first time setup dialog (still needs the folders inside the WTF folder to be renamed correctly to work)
- Added button under minimap which will display another dialog for easy switching from one layout to another
- Adjusted dminfo clock

V 6.2

- Updated dminfo
- Updated DBM and made it pwetty (might have to change the offset values in options, not sure if those values will be stored in this UI build)

V 6.19 no need for full reinstall, just extract the 2 addons and remove SLDataText

- Removed SLDataText
- Fixed oUF_QuLight alternative power bar location (hopefully!)
- Added dminfo

V 6.16

- Fixed Repuatation Bar tracking with oUF_QuLight (Replace oUF_Qulight folder with the one in this update)
- Fixed (hopefully) unit frames being slightly out of place (need to replace the oUF_moveableframes lua files in the saved variable (which is in the WTF folder) with the one in this update)

V 6.15 Only need to replace the updated addon folders to update

- Configured oUF_QuLight to match his latest layout (see screenie)
- Changed font on everything (Replace MikScrollingBattleText folder with the one in this update)
- Changed font for damage text (Replace Ychangedafont folder with the one in this update)

V 6.1 reflux command is now /reflux switch ShadsUIv6.1 (fresh install needed :< )

- Removed Quartz
- Removed skinned icons, seemed pointless in my uploaded UI package
- Removed DisableProfanityFilter
- Added Gnosis (needs a separate setup, see front page on what to do)
- Updated SLDataText
- Moved bits a pieces about, nothing major
- NEW healing setup available, see front page

V 6 reflux command is now /reflux switch ShadsUIv6

- Updated Aurora (i think?)
- Added aurora missing textures addon package thingy
- Added Clean Icons Thin (hence "slightly bigger" file size)
- Updated DeadlyBossMods
- Added DisableProfanityFilter
- Updated Tidyplates and added to the please-dont-update-else-it-will-reset area
- Added Tidyplates:Threatplates back
- Probably updated Xloot as well
- Extra Action button is now above target cast bar
- Moved scrolling combat text about
- Moved Target, focus and pet frames (as well as pet bar)
- Lowered auraframes so it looks nicer
- Changed the icons of debuffs above nameplates to a bit more fitting
- May have fixed bugs :D /fingerscrossed
- Probably otherstuff I may have forgotten about

V 5.95.1 reflux command is now /reflux switch ShadsUIv5.95

- Removed SimplePowerBar, not needed anymore as oUF_QuLight has one built in
- used a .zip file instead of .rar, will probably keep it like this due to popular demand

V 5.95

- Hopefully fixed AuraFrames not profiling correctly
- Added Aurora: Missing Textures

V 5.9 reflux command is now /reflux switch ShadsUIv5.9


- KgPanels are now 2 big images (top and bottom) instead of lots of different separate frames, the frames are still there all you need to do is change the opacity.
- Updated Bartender
- Updated Badboy
- Added Aurora
- Updated Deadly Boss Mods
- Updated Mapster
- Updated MikScrollingBattleText
- Updated oUF and oUF_QuLight
- Updated Prat
- Updated Skada
- Updated TidyPlates
- Removed TidyPlates:ThreatPlates (now uses the Quatre theme)
- Removed AI-art :(

V 5.8 reflux command is now /reflux switch ShadsUIv5.8

- Added SimplePowerBar
- Updated DeadlyBossMods
- Updated some other stuff which I cant remember
- Removed ButtonFacade_Shadow
- Adjusted the position of the unit frame and the cast bars, see screenshots.
- New screenshots!

V 5.72 no need to copy the WTF folder as well if your just updating

- Xloot bug fix
- SLDataText friends list fix (thanks to Felice Gorgo EU, you big piece of legend you <3 )
- Removed oUF_CombatFeedBack (it never worked anyway >.>)

V 5.71

- Fixed GhostPulse
- Fixed blizzard raid frames appearing

Remember, if your just updating from 5.7, all you have to do is drop the addons from this download into your wow folder. There is no need to replace the WTF as well

V 5.7 Reflux command has been changed. LET THERE BE FIIIYYYAAA

- Updated BayBoy
- Updated Bagnon
- Updated DBM
- Updated ForteXorcist
- Updated LooseControl
- Updated MiksScrollingBattleText
- Updated oUF_QuLight
- Updated Prat
- Temp fix for Quarts bugging out on Swing Timer
- Updated Skada
- Updated TidyPlates
- Updated TidyPlates:ThreatPlates
- Adjusted target cast bar, ForteXorcist cooldown bar and dot timer bar
- Reflux command is now /reflux switch ShadsUIv5.7

V 5.61

- Hopefully a profileing fix

V 5.6

- Updated ForteXorcist
- New layout, reflux command is now /reflux switch ShadsUIv5.6
- Added Grid2 saved variables so healers has a basic gridish setup for my ui

V 5.51

- Suddenly, NINJAS! That fixed a small bug involving an alternate power bar.

V 5.5 1 year anniversary! Nearly :P but close enough

- Updated oUF_Qulight
- Added ncShadow
- Removed ButtonFacade_Shadows
- Changed layout on:
- TidyPlates: ThreatPlates
- AuraFrames
- ForteXorcist
- Reflux command is now /reflux switch ShadsUIv5.5

V 5.45

- Removed oUF_Caellian
- Added oUF_Qulight
- Added a working GhostPulse3
- Added oUF_MoveableFrames
- Added Ferous Media
- Updated Mapster (digsite bug fix)

V 5.41

- Profile bug fix! I hope.

V 5.4

- Updated TidyPlates and ThreatPlates
- Updated MSBT
- Updated Badboy
- Updated Bagnon
- Updated Deadly Boss Mods
- Updated OmniCC
- Updated Prat
- Removed TinyDPS (no update avaliable)
- Removed GhostPulse (no update avaliable)
- Added Skada

V 5.32

- For real this time!

V 5.31

- Hopefully a bug fix!

V 5.3 - New profile command: /reflux switch ShadsUIv5.3

- Removed SatrinaBuffBars
- Added Aura Frames
- Moved MBST frames so its a bit more clearer
- Added dot damage to show via MBST

V 5.2

- Fixed Currency being in the wrong place
- Updated DBM
- Updated TidyPlates and TidyPlates:ThreatPlates
- New tidy plates style!
- Updated ForteXorcist

V 5.15 - More of an addon fix upload, SLDT doesnt show honor any more. Will look for a replacement addon later.

- Updated Quartz
- Updated Bagnon
- Updated SLDataText

V 5.1

- Some annoying folder adjustment which messed everything up!

V 5

- Poisitional changes, there is now 1 long bar for action bars at the bottom instead of 1 long and 1 short. There is a hidden bar at the top of the screen.
- Updated like all addons possible
- Removed MageNuggets so non mage people dont have to remove it
- Hopefully fixed reflux not loading profiles correctly. The new command is /reflux switch ShadsUIv5. Remember to reload UI again after!

V 4.5

- Updated DBM, also removed short bars and some repositioning
- Changed reflux command to /reflux switch ShadsUIv45
- Removed ItsyMinimap
- Added SexyMap
- Updated ForteXorcist
- Added Caith skin for Tidy Plates Threat Plates (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19144-CaithSkinforTidyPlatesThreatPlatesBeta.html)

V 4.4

- Updated DBM
- Updated Omen
- Updated GhostPulse (i think)

V 4.3

- Updated AI-Art
- Updated MikScrollingBattleText
- Updated Omen
- Updated DBM
- Updated ForteXorcist

V 4.2

- Updated Bartender4
- Updated LoseControl
- Changed UnitFrame for player and target positioning
- Adjusted Omen to fit this
- Adjusted ForteXorcist to fit this
- Adjusted SatrinabuffFrames to fit this
- Added target of target debuffs
- Changed TidyPlates around

V 4.1 : sorry for the slack update :<

- Updated Omen
- Updated oUF_Caellian so the party frame isnt out of position
- Removed Clique
- Updated TidyPlates + TidyPlates:ThreatPlates
- Added missing AI-Art folders. WOOPS

V 4.03

- Decided to remove UI scaling (due to the change with the 4.0.3 patch) which means everything is gunna appear a lil smaller. This also means there is more space between the raid frames and target frame.
- Updated AI-Art
- Updated DBM
- Added Mapster
- Adjusted positions of the following addons:
KG Panels

V 3.45

- Updated SBF with working right clickable buffs! yay :D

V 3.4

- Updated oUF_Caellian (holy power, soul shards and solar power included. Not checked to see what they are like and are most likely out of position)
- Updated DeadlyBossMods
- Removed m_Map (caused fps drops randomly when opened, will add replacement later)
- Removed oUF_SpellRange
- Removed Xloot1.0
- Added Xloot, XlootGroup and XlootMonitor. Not tested these so they may not be well placed.
- Hopefully fixed reflux. /reflux switch ShadsUI should properly work now.
- Possibly other stuff? But i doubt it :P

V 3.35

- Forgot to update Reflux with the new layout. Try /reflux switch Shadowmage

V 3.3

- Added GhostPulse
- Removed Dooms_CooldownPulse
- Added LooseControl
- Fixed glitchy ForteXorcist. Also changed the style.
- Updated oUF, oUF_Caellian.
- Added oUF_CombatFeedback
- Updated Quartz, also changed the style.
- Updated SatrinaBuffBars (no right clicky buffs yet :( )
- New Screenies \o/
- Think thats it. Let me know if anything goes horribly wrong.

V 3.2

- Fixed raid frame positioning (my bad D: )
- Adjusted TipTac and MageNuggests position
- Updated SLDataText

V 3.1

- Updated oUF
- Updated oUF_Caellian and his Libraries
- Updated oUF_SpellRange

V 3

- Bumped resolution up to 1920x1080
- Removed oRA2 (not being updated)
- Removed pMinimap
- Removed LoseControl (until it gets updated)
- Removed GhostPulse (until it gets updated)
- Added ItsyMiniMap
- Added Dooms_CoolDown Pulse
- Updated various stuff for 4.0 patch

V 2.4 FINALY got round to updating :P sorry for taking so long :c

- Removed Skada
- Added TinyDPS (for some reason the location of TinyDPS keeps reseting, cant find a fix yet)
- Repositioned debuffs
- Repositioned Omen (sits under player unit frame)
- Removed Procs1 and Procs2 frames from SBF, i now use PowerAuras but due to secretness and secrety things i cant upload the version i am using
- Updated DBM
- Err think that was it

PS Screeny will be updated later

V 2.3.5

- Fixed missing profiles in Reflux (hopefully)
- Changed oUF_Caellian raid frames to make them smaller (and to look like the older version)
- Moved some elements to match new raid frame locations (Magenuggets and TipTac)

V 2.3

- Added Reflux. Ingame use /reflux switch Shadowmage. This should switch all addons to my profile. If this doesnt work, go into each addon and under the profiles section select either "Shadowmage" or "default".

V 2.2

- Fixed oUF_Caellian positioning
- Updated Tidy Plates
- Updated Tidy Plates: Threat Plates

V 2.1

- Moved oUF_Caellian around
- Moved SBF around
- Moved MSBT around
- Moved DBM stuff about
- Moved ForteXorcist around
- Updated m_Map

V 2.0

- Removed Mapster
- Added m_Map (same thing as mapster, but low memory usage)
- Updated Badboy
- Updated DBM
- Updated OmniCC

V 1.9

- Removed SharedMedia
- Removed caelnameplates
- Added Tidyplates
- Added Tidyplates: Threatplates
- Changed MSBT to not show damage and switched back to blizzards damage output
- Changed some lua in Quartz

V 1.8

- Updated oUF_Caellian
- Updated OmniCC to Beta version

V 1.7

- Updated oUF_Caellian (and its libraries)
- Updated Prat
- Changed some things in MSBT, includes:
:- Added a small mana gain area
:- Added damage output (used instead of default blizzards)
- Updated DBM

V 1.6

- Updated oUF
- Updated oUF_Caellian (new textures, shapes, readjusted positions)
- Updated Badboy
- Updated Prat
- Moved some MSBT around so buff gains no longer appear over dot timers
- Removed AVR and AVRE
- Updated AI-art
- Updated CaelLib and CaelMedia
- Updated DBM, now works with ruby sanctum
- Adjusted MageNuggests spell power window to not be over raid frames
- Added raid frames to only show 5 groups
- Think thats all!

V 1.5

- Updated CaelNameplates
- Added Caelmedia (needed for caelnameplates)
- Changed some UI elements around (see screeny)
- Another attempt at beating Skada up (see previous update for reason)
- Added another buff frame to SBF which shows targets immunity duration (ie Divine Shield, Cloak of Shadows, Bladestorm etc etc)

V 1.4 General updates

- Updated BadBoy
- Updated Skada (hopefully fixed a bug where it would not collect data on mob damage)
- Updated SLDataText

V 1.31?

- Updated screenshot
- Forgot to mention SET shadowLOD "0" was added to Config.wtf to improve performance
- Updated raid screenshot

V 1.3: updates on caellian stuff again :x nothing to see here!

- Updated oUF_Caellian (just when you thought Caellian couldnt make it look even better :D )
- Updated caelNamePlates
- Added caelLib (used by oUF_Caellian)

V 1.2: Minor updates, nothing major. I think i had some old versions of cael's addons hence the update

- Updated oUF_Caellian
- Updated caelNamePlates
- Updated BadBoy

V 1.1

- Updated DBM
- Updated ForteXorcist
- Added a new screenshot
- Updated description

V 1.0

- Initial release
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Hi, how do i move unitframes or edit them ?
Id like to set it so only my debuffs are showing ( dont know if its default like that, havent tried yet . )
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Nice and Neat, GoodWoork!
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