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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
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Discord Unit Frames  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 8.3.2
by: Fizzlemizz [More]

Lozareth's highly configurable Discord Unit Frames.

Classic version now available for download

See the Change Log (tab above) for a list of all changes.


  • Fix: for some context colouring and background bugs.

Class Bar Texture Options
There are three options for setting class bar textures on runes/shards/points etc. They are:
  • Default: Uses the default Blizzard class bar textures.
  • Single: Use a single custom texture for all the runes, shards etc.
  • All: Use seperate custom textures for each rune, shard etc. If an entry is left blank it should default to using Texture 1.

For information on how to customise DUF:
The Readme.html in your "[WOW]\_retail_\Interface\Addons\DiscordUnitFrames" folder is the place to go. It's old school like DUF but it does get updated. If you have questions not answered by the ReadMe, please feel free to ask them here.

Using your old ...\WTF\...\SavedVariables\DiscordUnitFrames.lua:
If you have a "DiscordUnitFrames.lua" configuration file from a bygone era (could be all the way back to vanilla WoW) you should still be able to use it with the DUF of today. In saying that, settings for all the new features like class bars, boss frames, target markers etc. will need to be configured by you (unless I've somehow lucked out and gotten the default right just for you ).

DUF Quick Starts:
To help you get going with your own layout, type "Discord" into the "Search AddOns" box here at WowInterface.com and you will be presented with a variety of pre-configured DUF compatible layouts with instructions on how to get them working in your World of Warcraft. Enjoy.

Sharing your DUF configuration:
Dreadlorde's Discord Custom Layout Extractors (The DUF_Custom sub-folder) still works with Discord Unit Frames. You will need to enable "Out of date Addons" under the Addons button of the character selection screen. DUF MUST be installed as well otherwise errors will be generated ie. only install the extractor(s) for the Discord addons you have installed. See the ReadMe file in each extractors folder for information on how to use DCLE.

Help build up the library of DUF Quick Start templates and share yours here on WoWInterface.com. Feel free to reuse information and install text from Discord Unit Frames Configuration Pack as boilerplate in your own WoWI page.

Twitch Client users:
I don't host on CurseForge (Twitch) so if Discord Unit Frames appears in the download list, press Ignore because it is most likely a very ancient version.

Dates are in DD/MM/YYYY notation:

8.3.2 - 28/3/2020
  • Fix: for some context colouring and background bugs.

8.3.1 - 16/1/2020
  • Update: for 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth.
  • Fix: Race icons for Mechagnomes and Vulpera added.

8.3.0 - 15/1/2020
  • Update: for 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth.

8.2.2 - 8/9/2019
  • Fix: Race Icon Option: Show Target Icon Instead now uses proper texcoords.

8.2.1 - 7/9/2019
  • New: Added a scale slider for the Text Variables frame (next to the button when the frame is open).
  • New: Added highlighting of the text variables in the frame.
8.2.0 - 26/6/2019
  • Updated: for 8.2, Rise of Azshara
  • Fix: Library fix for Colour Picker.
  • Fix: General bug fixes.
8.1.3 - 16/3/2019
  • Works with 8.1.5
  • Fix: Added race icon Kul Tiran Humans.
  • Fix: Race icons should align with actual races now.
  • Change: Uses Zandalari Troll race icon.
8.1.2 - 5/2/2019
  • Fix: Some alpha settings not being applied properly.

8.1.1 - 6/1/2019
  • Fix: For Unit_AURA event not showing buffs/debuffs properly

8.1.0 - 15/12/2018
  • Update: 8.1 Tides of Vengence
  • New: Unit frame event model

8.0.6 - 25/9/2018
  • Fix: For potential ClassBar error entering Expeditions or Warfronts where a max. power update event is being sent with a max. power return of zero.

8.0.5 - 10/9/2018
  • Fix: Context colour text variables.
  • New: Portrait Flip now works on 3D face only portraits as well.
  • Update: ReadMe file is getting some updates.

8.0.4 - 19/8/2018
  • Fix: For Deathknight RUNE_POWER_UPDATE returning out of range rune indexes.

8.0.3 - 7/8/2018
  • Fix: Added Scourge race icon lookup.

8.0.2 - 23/7/2018
  • Fix: Spurious errors being generated for DKs under various conditions

8.0.1 - 19/7/2018
  • Fix: Blizzard aren't fixing BreakUpLargeNumbers() so I've replaced it with FormatLargeNumber() (Welcome back Comma)

8.0.0 - 18/7/2017
  • Update: Updated for 8.0.1 Battle for Azeroth

7.3.2 - 20/2/2018
  • Updated: Added race icons for Pandarens and allied races. Blizzard has created a higher resolution set of race icons for all races, these are the ones now being used in DUF.

7.3.1 - 10/12/2017
  • Fixed: Removed last pieces of UIDropDownMenu from DUF.

7.3.0 - 30/8/2017
Change: Updated for 7.3 Shadows of Argus

7.2.8 - 2/7/2017
  • Fix: This version also works on the 7.3 PTR.

7.2.7 - 28/6/2017
  • Fix: For a change effecting Discord Library additions to the ColorPicker dialog.

7.2.6 - 14/6/2017
  • Fixed: Option colorpicker error if initialising a colour with no value.

7.2.5 - 14/6/2017
  • Fixed: Made compatible with 7.2.5.

7.2.2 - 16/4/2017
  • Partial Fix: $cz Powertype Colour. If no corresponding DUF power (mana) colour exists, the default WoW power colour is used rther than generating
  • Changed: $rm text variable now supports formatting (based on mana setting).
  • Removed: $kb (Key Bindings) text variable (The Discord Library function that supported this variable had been removed before my time).

7.2.1 - 15/4/2017
  • Fixed: Artifact Power text variables.
  • Fixed: $rx Druid Real Health text variable.
  • Changed: $rx , $ap, $an text variables now support formatting ($rx based on mana setting, $ap, $an based on health setting).
  • Removed: $at text variable (it was identical to $an).

7.2.0 - 29/3/2017
  • Removed Voice Icons and associated sub-systems. Any frames anchored to the old voice icons will be re-anchored to it's associated unit frame. When this happens a message will be printed in chat telling you which frames have been re-anchored.

7.1.1 - 11/1/2017
  • Rogues (Anticipation allows up to 10 (up form 8) combo points)

7.0.2 - 17/9/2016
  • Returned: Cooldown animation for default DeathKnight Runes.
7.0.1 - 15/8/2016
  • Fixed: An error generated by the Voice Icon.
    • The voice system in WoW doesn't appear to work in the 64bit client at least. I was going to remove it from DUF but earlier this year Blizzard announced they would be replacing it with a new Battle.net wide voice chat system (apparently if it's like the one in Overwatch people seem to think it a great improvement). If it turns out to be worthwhile I'll update DUF, but until then I'm just leaving the skeleton of voice icons (which does nothing) in the hope some of it might be useful at that time.

7.0.0 - 30/7/2016
  • New: DUF made compatible with version 7.0 Legion.
  • New: Added Totem bar.
  • New: Added Misc. Option to hide the Durability frame (changing requires a /reloadui to take effect).
  • New: Added class colouring for Demon Hunters (purplz.. go figure).
  • Changed: Class bars are now combined under a unified driver.
  • Changed: Modifiable textures for all runes/shards/points etc. (see below).
  • Changed: You can now set width and height separately for runes/shards etc. (there is also a "sync. lock" button if you want to keep both the same size).
  • Changed: Class bar vertical checkbox has been replaced by fill direction.
  • New: "Center align" option will show if your class bar is anchored TOP, CENTER, BOTTOM, LEFT or RIGHT. The bar will automatically center to the anchor even if the maximum number of runes/shards etc. changes.
  • New: Monk stagger bar added.
  • New: Class icons for Demon Hunters.
  • New: Demon Hunter added to class and class abreviation text variables.
  • New: Text variables added for Artifact Power current-$ap, Artifact Power required for next level-$an and Artifact Power as a percentage-$ac.
  • Changed: Druid Mana bar is now Alt. Mana bar and used for all mana based class/specs. that have a primary power type other than mana (Astral Power, Insanity etc.).
  • Removed: Class bars and related texts etc. no longer in use (Demonic fury, Eclipse, Anticipation etc.)

6.2.4 - 14/3/2016
  • Fixed: 3D portraits causing an error when playing a Worgen.

6.2.3 - 13/3/2016
  • Fixed: 3D portraits an error in Clique.

6.2.2 - 6/3/2016
  • Fixed: Added portraits to Cliques ClickCastFrames table.

6.2.1 - 14/10/2015
  • New: Added an option to hide stack numbers on buff and debuff buttons.
End Changes

6.2 - 24/6/2015
  • Update: Compatible with 6.2 Fury of Hellfire

6.1.1 - 2/3/2015
  • Fixed:Corrected version number so yiou no longer need to check out of date addons dor it to work in 6.1

6.1.0 - 25/2/2015
  • Discord Unit Frames release for Warlords of Draenor patch 6.1

6.0.12 - 10/12/2014
  • Updated: Support for Chi orbs.
  • Updated: Support for Anticipation points.

6.0.11 - 23/11/2014
  • Fixed: Added support for Monks 6th Chi Orb.

6.0.10 - 22/11/2014
  • Fixed: Found the gas control for the fourth Warlock Burning Ember.
  • Fixed: Shadow Orbs showing for Disc. Priests.

6.0.9 - 15/11/2014
  • Fixed: Potential error being generated for Destro' Warlocks

6.0.8 - 7/11/2014
  • Changed: Combo points and where talented, Anticipations points are now "on the player" and displayed when out of combat (depending on your OOCAlpha setting).
  • Changed: Setting for Combo and Anticipation points are now in the player Class Bar list.
  • Fixed: A bug where Anticipation points were not always showing the correct number of points.
  • Fixed: Party frames not always hiding/showing properly when entering/leaving a raid if you have the hidepartyinraid option set.
  • Fixed: A Demonology Fury bar bug.
  • Fixed: Further tuned code for better performance in raids.
  • Fixed: Updated support for Clique extends to all clickable elements.
  • Change: Now with three or four orbs available, Priest orbs now have an option to centre align them as opposed just left to right.

Changed in 6.0.7
  • Fixed: All elements should now be draggable (with the options window open) when you have them "unlocked" unless you have the Disable Mouse option set for an element.

6.0.6 - 30/10/2014
  • Fixed: Function scope error when dragging elements.
  • Fixed: Dragging error specific to Boss frame elements.
  • Fixed: Party frames not being updated properly when certain group change events fire.

27/10/2014. Rogues, Druids. Combo/Anticipation points and the WoD changes.

DUF currenty/always has them "on the target" where available points dissapear out-of-combat and (in WoD) show up again when a new target is selected (as does the default WoD Blizzard frames). Since early Beta I've been testing a version with the points "on the player" ie. they act like a class bar, where available points can be displayed even without a target selected and also have an out-of-combat alpha option.

Everything else is the same, with the exception of the actual settings moving from the target to the player class bar section of the options window.

I'm thinking of implementing this "on-the-player" version and moving your current target combo/anticipation configuration to the player (no change of on screen position etc.) and setting the oocAlpha to zero (the points will "behave" as they currently do until you adjust the oocAlpha option if desired).

Thoughts, concerns, better ideas?

I have no implementation date in mind as yet, if at all.
6.0.5 - 26/10/2014
  • Fixed: Incorrect function name call in warlock class bars.

6.0.4 - 25/10/2014
  • Fixed: Warlock shard bar.
  • Fixed: Potential incorrect setting for options window sliders.
  • Changed: Drop lists are no longer orphaned on screen when the DUF options window closes.

6.0.3 - 24/10/2014
  • Fixed: Face only 3D portraits not setting properly.
  • Fixed: Potential incorrect setting of class colours.
  • Fixed: $fa text variable not returning localised faction name.

6.0.2 - 20/10/2014
  • Fixed: Party frames being updated too often in raids. This could cause lag or freezzing in larger raids and battlegrounds.

6.0.1 - 17/10/2014
  • Fixed: Priest orbs.

6.0.0 - 15/10/2014
  • Updated: For Warlords of Draenor and the 6.0.2 pre-patch.
  • Added: Phase icon and text variable ($ph) for party memebers. Member is not in the same content phase as the player.
  • Added: Quest boss icon for target. Target is multi tappable for shared XP.
  • Fixed: Boss health text now updates when to targeted.
  • Added: Pandaren race icons.

5.1.25 - 12/10/2014
Fixed: Updating older configuration files that pre-date the inclusion of the Boss frames.

5.1.24 - 14/9/2014
  • Fixed: A divide by zero error when using the $wp (watched faction percent) text variable when no factions are being watched.
  • Improved: The definition of what the new target marker buttons do (Tab Text, Readme.html and Special Options text)

5.1.23 - 2/9/2014
***This is the build being used for testing in Warlords of Draenor Beta.
  • Added: Target markers.
  • Added: Secondary text option to Hide if no Text. This static string will also equate to "No Text".
  • Fixed: Show on MouseOver.
  • Fixed: Hide on MouseOver.
  • Fixed: MouseOver Groups.
  • Updated: The ReadMe.html file.

5.1.22 - 5/8/2014
  • Fixed Druid mana bar not showing correctly for lower level characters.

5.1.21 - 1/8/2014
  • Fixed $rd and $rh text variable not displaying anything.

5.1.20 - 17/7/2014
  • You can now set your focus frame through the unit menu Set Focus option (so long as the focus frame's not set for hidden in DUF Options), and clear the focus frame from the focus frame menu Clear Focus option.

5.1.19 - 25/6/2014
  • Added the ability to attach individual unit frames to the various attachpoints of UIParent (CENTER, LEFT, RIGHT etc.). The default is still TOPLEFT, TOPLEFT.
  • Unhooked additional default unit frames update and onevent proccessors for greater efficiency.

5.1.17 - 21/1/2014
  • Fixed several errors when selecting different elements in the options window.
  • Added "Out of Combat Alpha" setting for:
    • Demonic Fury Bar (textbox takes its alpha setting from the bar setting)
    • DK Rune Frame
    • Eclipse Bar
    • Monk Harmony Bar
    • Paly Power Frame
    • Priest Orb Bar
    • Warlock Shard Bar

5.1.16 - 3/1/2014
Added Anticipation points (excessive combo points) for rogues with the Anticipation talent.

5.1.15 - 30/12/2013
  • Fixed PartyPets not hiding properly in raids when required.
  • Various efficiency updates.

5.1.14 - 8/12/2013
  • Fixed Target Elite Texture not updating while in combat (Relira).
  • Started a cleanup of code to make DUF more efficient and avoid possible tainting of Blizzard globals.
  • Added a "Short" checkbox beside the "Health Format" dropdowns. Checking this box will display $kh, $kh, $mk, $km health/mana text variables in straight decimal notation for values 1 million and over (1.2m, 10.5m etc.). Once that value drops below 1 million it will be displayed using the format selected in the dropdown. The effect does not apply to the "Non Decimal" option. Leaving the box unchecked uses the pre-5.1.14 formatting.

5.1.13 - 1/12/2013
  • Fixed party frames not being displayed properly when the group roster was updated (Relira).
  • Included updated Discord Library for fix to party frames.

5.1.12 - 25/11/2013
Included updated Discord Library to fix and oudated combo point function call.

5.1.11 - 17/11/2013
  • Fixed druid mana bar not configuring and not reacting to mana changes.
  • Fixed warlock demo. bar not configuring.
  • Fixed running taint caused by the DUF Options being opened. This would cause errors when opening certain in-game windows until the game was re-loaded.
  • Changed the way formatted heath/mana text variables ($hk, $kh, $mk, $km) are displayed to be more flexible.

    You can select when to begin displaying the thousands portion in decimal notation (x.xk, xx.xk, xxx.xk).
    In the /DUF options window for each text box (under the "Special" tab) there are two new dropboxes, one for setting "Health Format Break ($hk, $kh)" and one for setting "Mana Format Break ($mk, $km)". The one setting will be used on both their respective current and max. displays. The break points are 1,000, 10,000, 100,000. The default is 100,000.

    Once you hit a million the notations become xm or xxm followed by the specified thousand notation.

    These options work from 1 - 99,999,999 after which the value is displayed in millions to two decimal places xxx.xxm.

    There is also a "Non Decimal" option that just displays the raw numbers comma delimited.

5.1.10 - 6/11/2013
Fixed an error introduced with the removal of the honor bar that saw the Partypet cast bar not being correctly configured during the update.

5.1.9 - 30/10/2013
  • Made Discord Unit Frames compatible with World of Warcraft 5.4.1.
  • Updated to fix removal of realmname as a CVar.

5.1.8 - 11/9/2013
  • Made Discord Unit Frames compatible with World of Warcraft 5.4 : Siege of Orgrimmar
  • Added new Unconscious status to the $ds text variable
  • Added new text variablers to display health/mana in thousands (k) and millions (m) to one decimal place eg. 456.3k
  • $hk returns current health with trailing k or m
  • $kh returns health max. with trailing k or m
  • $mk returns current mana with trailing k or m
  • $km returns mana max. with trailing k or m

5.1.7 - 12/8/2013
  • Fixed Druid Mana bar using Warlock Demo. bar settings in DUF Options Window

5.1.6 - 10/8/2013
  • Fixed an Eclipse bar error when a Druid changes form in combat.

5.1.5 - 25/7/2013
  • Added the Eclipse Bar for Balance Druids (if there are any other class related unit bars etc. missing, please let me know).
  • In accordance with 5.4 API changes the Honor bar and Rank Icons have been removed (they are useless in 5.3).
  • The $nr text variable now returns the unit name plus the chosen title ie. "Gladiator xxx" or "xxx, Champion of the Frozen Wastes".
  • Added a workaround for the bug in Blizzards UIDropDown code.
  • Added a Flip option for 2D portraits only. It is now possible to have player and target (or any two) 2D portraits facing each other RAWR :p This is a Hail Mary concept, it may not work for all targets (mob/creature portraits).
  • Fixed pet statusbar not being updated on initialisation.
  • Added $cs text variable to return text to the default colour setting.
  • Updated the help (ReadMe.html) file.
  • Added a positional (yPos down) change for Worgen 3D protraits to visually re-centre them vertically.

5.1.4 - 21/5/2013
Made Discord Unit Frames compatible with WOW 5.3.

5.1.3 - 20/4/2013
Added the ability to hide DUF frames while in pet battles. See Misc. Options for the check box to enable this effect.

5.1.2 - 5/3/2013
Made Discord Unit Frames compatible with WOW 5.2, Thunder King.

5.1.1 - 12/2/2013
  • Fixed the Copy (frame) function in the DUF configuration window. If you have previously attached unit frame elements to the DruidManaBar, DemonicPowerBar or XPBar and you copy the SELF frame you will get an error (selecting an effected element, the "Attach Frame" option will be blank). Changing the Attach Frame will resolve the error (X/Y settings will also need to be changed).
  • Fixed the Role Icons not showing/hiding when checking the option in the DUF configuration window.
  • Fixed Combo Points not showing unless you're a Rogue or Druid while the DUF configuration window is open.

5.1.0 - 8 Feb. 2013
  • Boss frames added.
  • Fixed some variable typo errors.
  • Removed some entries in the Options "Attach Frame" dropdown that could be problematic (see the 5.1.1 changes for more information).
5.0.17 - 18/1/2013
Found and fixed the last of the taint errors. The taint and error logs are now clear for DUF issues .

5.0.16a 7/1/2013
Discord Library fix for potential call to protected function in combat

5.0.16 25/12/2012
Added the ability to save and recall root texture paths.

5.0.15 12/12/2001
Added Root Path for your custom textures and fonts (under Misc. Options) - Enter a default path to your custom textures and fonts (a trailing slash "\" is required).
Wherever you have entered a texture or font file name without a fully qualified path, the root path will be prefixed at runtime (if you enter a partially qualified or incorrect path for a texture file or the root path you will see a green blob).

Fixed in 5.0.14a
Fixed the new Custom Paths checkbox not initialsing properly in the DUF Options window.

5.0.14 4/12/2012
  • The DUF Options window can now be closed using the escape key.
  • Custom Paths for textures and fonts: (Under Misc. Options) This option allows you to place textures and fonts in a folder(s) other than the hard coded Interface\AddOns\DiscordUnitFrames\CustomTextures\ and Interface\AddOns\DiscordUnitFrames\CustomFonts\. You will have to add the full paths for ALL textures and fonts you use ie. Interface\AddOns\YourFolder\YourTexture. The file extension is not required. Valid file formats are .BLP and .TGA.

    This means that, with textures and fonts stored in your own folder you (or people who use a UI package you've uploaded using DUF) don't need to re-copy the artwork or fonts every time DUF is updated.

    NOTE: If you change names of, copy, move, add textures and let's not forget typos while in-game, you will have to completly exit WOW and re-start before the "new" textures will register (going back to the character select or account login screens is not good enough).

    A bright green blob where your amazing artwork is supposed to appear is a good clue your texture hasn't registered (did I mention typos ;)).

5.0.12 and 5.0.13 28/11/2012
Updated for Mists of Pandaria patch 5.1, Landfall.

With the advent of buffs longer than 60 minutes, the alternate mm:ss buff timer has been changed to h:mm:ss.

Fix for Discord Library.

5.0.11 6/11/2012

Some function calls that have been changed over time to "Protected in Combat" have been wrapped in safe call code.

5.0.10 23/10/2012
Finalised new code for removing the default Blizzard unit frames.

5.0.9 4/10/2012
  • Implemented a new, safer mechanism for hiding the default Blizzard unit frames. At this stage, changing a default show/hide setting in DUF Options will require a /reload (or logout/logon) for the setting(s) to take effect.
  • Added a fix for errors caused by creeping taint for Druids and Warlocks.

5.0.8 30/9/2012
Fixed Deathknight class icon being displayed on Monk units.

5.0.7 25/9/2012
  • Fixed a regression where default party frames were showing in groups.
  • Ongoing fixes for vehicle in combat actions.

5.0.6 23/9/2012
  • Fixed a taint issue causing spurious combat and vehicle errors.
  • Fixed an error with Shadow Orbs.

5.0.5 18/9/2012
  • Added Shadow Orbs
  • Added support for sizing as well as spacing for Orbs, Embers/Shards and Runes
  • Adjusted texcoords used for Burning Embers and their location relative to Shards (they should now align)
  • Fixed a frame name that was causing taint issues
  • Updated FizzleUI.lua with my latest settings for class bars

5.0.4 2/9/2012
Fixed mouseover errors being thrown when mousing over non-player text boxes.

5.0.3 1/9/2012
Fixed party frames not displaying in groups.

5.0.2 30/8/2012
  • Fixed party frames displaying properly in raids when the option "Hide Party Frames In Raids" is set.
  • Fixed an error when trying to update mana bar options.

5.0.1 29/8/2012
Class bars. Death Knight rune bar, Paladin holy power bar, Warlock shard/ember/demonic power bar have been added.

/DUF Options Window. There has been a change when selecting the SELF tab. Two new tabs have been added to the left hand list, Class Properties and Default Properties. These will show/hide the setttings for the Class bars mentioned below as well as the Druid mana bar, Monk harmony bar and Temporary Enchants.

PvP Countdown Timer. I Removed the text from the PvPForever text variable so that when in a PvP zone the timer text will be blank. You can change this variable to anything you like in the LOCALIZATION.LUA file in the DiscordUnitFrames folder.

Warlock Demonic Fury Bar is now a standard Status bar.

Warlock Demonic Fury Bar and Druid Mana Bar Textboxes. These have been added and are specific to their parent status bar ie. they will hide/show along with the parent but the textboxes themselves can be placed anywhere without constraint (See the DUF Options window under Class Properties".

New Text Variables have been added to go along with the new textboxes. These are:

Demonic Fury Current - $dc - Current level of Demonic Fury
Demonic Fury Max. - $dm - Maximun level of Demonic Fury
Demonic Fury %. - $de - Current level of Demonic Fury displayed as a percentage
Real Mana (Druid) - $rm - Current level of a Druids actual mana when shapeshifted
Real Mana Max. (Druid) - $rx - Maximum level of a Druids actual mana when shapeshifted
Real Mana % (Druid) - $rp - Current level of a Druids actual mana displayed as a percentage

4.1.13 13/8/2012
  • New text variable $ur. Displays the unit role (tank/healer/damage).
  • New Unit Role icon. Displays an icon for the unit role (tank/healer/damage).

Added MazzleUI.lua and FizzleUI.lua to the DiscordUnitFramesOptions folder. These are configurations for a Mazzle style layout set for use at 1920x1200 resolution.

MazzleUI is pretty much the original Mazzle layout without any adjustments for updated or additional frames (Temp. Enchants, Druid Mana bar, Role Icons, 3D portraits etc.). FizzleUI is for my modified Mazzle layout (as seen in the screenshot to the right) that doesn't use the background artwork and viewporting of Mazz. It also utalises the DUF 3D portraits.

To use, copy/paste the contents of one or both into your Wow/WTF/Account/[YOUR_ACCOUNT]/SavedVariables/DiscordUnitFrames.lua file after the line "DUF_Settings = {" (save a backup copy before making any changes) while logged out of the game. Log on type /duf, press the "Misc. Options" button (bottom left), select MazzleUI or FizzleUI from the "Load Profile" drop list and press the "Load" button (you may also need to adjust the "Updates per Second" to 15-30 for best performance in larger raids).

4.1.12 27/7/2012
  • Fix for a bug in the flagged for PvP countdown timer.
  • Fix for the health and mana bars not displaying in the "default" settup which should help players that are not going to create their own configuration.
  • Fix for a bug preventing the Druid mana bar from displaying.

4.1.11 2/7/2012 Two new variables have been added for use in text boxes:
  • $pf - PvP Time Left - Time left until the PvP flag is removed (Player only).
  • $rn - Realm Name - The realm a unit belongs to for X-realm groups.

4.1.10 25/6/2012 Fixed the Druid Mana bar not displaying properly when exiting the options window. Fixed non Player and Target frames disapearing when changing some options. Fixed several other options bugs

4.1.9 27/5/2012 Fixed a bug with several textbox variable functions displaying incorrect values or not dispalying any value. These were probably not often used or considered variables like Health/Mana Regen per Second/Tick also Unit's Target's Health/Mana, Max Health/Mana, Health/Mana Percent and Level

4.1.8 13/5/2012 Added basic 3D portrait capability. You can display full length or face only 3D portraits (2D is still supported). Build in racial jiggle, sigh, crouch etc. animations are included with added death and ghost animations.

This is not intended to replace a full featured 3D model addon and should not impact performance if you continue to use your favourite.

4.1.7 20/4/2012 Temporary Enchants now hook the Blizzard Temporay Enchant buttons and removed the Hide Blizzard Temporary Enchant checkbox option.

Fixed a bug being thrown when using the middle mouse button on the element Nudge buttons in the options window. Nudge buttons now nudge 1 on left click, 10 on right click and slide on clicking and holding down the middle mouse button.

4.1.6 2/4/2012 Fixed errors being thrown when dragging some unlocked elements and also mousing over Temp. Enchants while the options window was open (this only happened with non dual wielding specs.).

4.1.5 28/2/2012 Fixed an error being thrown when mousing over the temorary enchant buttons, the weapon tooltip will now be displayed. Clicking these buttons will hide/unhide the default Blizzard temorary enchant buttons so that these buffs can be removed.

4.1.4 18/1/2012 - Fixed a bug where player debuffs were showing their corresponding buff tooltip.

4.1.3 12/1/2012 - Fixed an error being generated if you didn't want to use the DUF specific mm:ss display on buff/debuff/temp. enchant duration timers (thanks Kapone for the "heads up").
It will now show the standard "x d", "x h", "x m", "x s" format returned by the default Blizzard duration function.

4.1.2 8/1/2012 - Hunter Update. From the Blizzard patch notes: "The Happiness/Pet Loyalty System has been removed. Hunters will no longer have to manage Happiness for their? pets, [and the previous damage bonus for pets being happy will now be baseline for all tamed pets.]"

In line with this I've removed the pet happiness icon. The framework is still there so if there is a call for it, it is possible to add a static perma-happy icon back in but DUF was registering for happiness update events which (from my testing) were being generated every tick reguardless of changes to the happiness level (which only occured over the first second when summoning a pet or dismounting). Hunters should see a slight performance improvement in larger raids.

4.1.1 5/1/2012 - *** Performance Update *** I've tuned some of the code for better performance that will be most noticable in larger raids. I've been testing in 40 person AV battlegrounds with DUF running at 25 updates per second with good results (I also run IceHud at 25 updates/sec.(with DogTags) and sRaidFrames with Frequent Updates turned ON as well as various other addons that may or may not effect frame rates).

I've aslo added the option to only repaint the duration timers once every second ie. when they change rather than every time DUF updates (see Misc. Options).

4.1.0 31/12/2011 - Added Druid mana bar (player only). A bar to display a Druids mana level while in bear/cat form. I've not added a text option for this bar but will consider it.

4.0.4 25/12/2011 - Fixed Temporary Enchants.
There is now an option under the Temp. Enchants "Special" button to "Hide the Blizzard Temp. Enchant frame". NOTE: Cancellation of Temp. Enchants is now Protected and (as far as I can tell) can only be accomplished via the default Blizzard TE bar.

4.0.3 18/12/2011 - Fixed (well, improved) the frame rate problem when the options frame is open. Fixed a couple of errors being generated when configuring some options.

4.0.2 16/12/2011 - Fixed a bug not opening the colour picker in the options window. Added Worgen and Goblin race icons

4.0.1a 14/12/2011 - Fixed and error being generated because I couldn't figure out how to set the default unit when the options frame is first opened. The error would be generated if any other button was pressed before selecting a particular unit.

4.0.1 14/12/2011 - Updated Discord Unit Frames for compatibility with versions 4.x of World of Warcraft.
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Unread 12-15-11, 02:36 AM  
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Re: I sense a wrong tree... down boy.

Originally Posted by 1nstant
could anyone possibly get the old Paradigm theme on this?
looks sort of like this, if you're forgetful or didn't play in vanilla.

As far as I can tell Paradigm was based on Nurfed Unitframes. I'm not sure of the relationship between the two but it doesn't seem you can use a Nurfed Unitframes script with DUF.

Happy to be proved wrong .
The Paradigm layout has been built (by various folks) using both DUF and Nurfed over the years. It's not a difficult layout to create, I've done it with DUF, the old Pitbull 2/3 and later with Stuf. The particular version in that SS is likely not the DUF version as Loz never add 3d portrait support (you had to use another AddOn called Adapt Animated portrait) to DUF and I stopped using it sometime in my early TBC leveling days.
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Unread 12-15-11, 12:49 AM  
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I sense a wrong tree... down boy.

[quote=1nstant]could anyone possibly get the old Paradigm theme on this?
looks sort of like this, if you're forgetful or didn't play in vanilla.

As far as I can tell Paradigm was based on Nurfed Unitframes. I'm not sure of the relationship between the two but it doesn't seem you can use a Nurfed Unitframes script with DUF.

Happy to be proved wrong .
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Unread 12-14-11, 04:47 PM  
A Cliff Giant
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wow, wicked blast from the past.

major props for bringing it back, nice to see something that was huge back in vanilla

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Unread 12-14-11, 02:51 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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could anyone possibly get the old Paradigm theme on this?
looks sort of like this, if you're forgetful or didn't play in vanilla.

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Unread 12-14-11, 02:30 AM  
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Whoa, blast from the past, much? Great to see this, can't wait to try!
"For in the plot we find more than just a man, we find the idea of that man, the spirit of that man, and that is what we must never forget." Evey (V)
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Unread 12-13-11, 04:32 PM  
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Great job on resurrecting Discord. Nice to see something old skool still around.

I will never forget. I will never regret. I will live my life.
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Unread 12-13-11, 02:18 PM  
I did that?
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Thank you for the bananas.

With my utter lua noobness I'm hoping nothing major crops up .
Last edited by Fizzlemizz : 12-13-11 at 02:19 PM.
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Unread 12-13-11, 01:30 PM  
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Wow! Amazing that this addon is back. WOO!

You deserve a banana. A dancing one.

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Unread 12-13-11, 01:16 PM  
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Man, don't believe this addon is back! Was the best unit frame for WoW for long time. I used and loved it.

Gz for bring him back! =)
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