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SX DataBar  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.1
by: saxitoxin [More]

This addon is a infobar made by request by u/sammojo on Reddit

Microbar (left to right)
Game menu
- *shows number of guild members online
Social - *shows number of friends online
Character info
Spells & Abilities
Spec & Talents
Quest Log
Group Finder
Adventure Guide
PvP (Group Finder tab)
Mounts & Pets
Customer Support

Other elements (left to right)
Durability - faded out when you are above 20%, higlighted when below 20% durability, show the Ilvl when over 75%
Specialization - Active spec is higlighted and inactive spec is faded out, click to change spec, mouseover shows loot spec if not same as spec and you can right click to change loot spec
Time - show the same time as you have selected ingame, left click to open in-game calendar, right click to edit time settings, hover shows the other time
Professions - highlighted when daily cooldown is available and faded out when it has been used, click to open profession tab for that profession, when not max level a small bar appears underneath which shows progress to next level
Currencies/ xpBar - Click to open currency tab

  • Rerolls - hover shows x/10 and weekly x/3
  • Conquest - hover shows conquest out of total current cap and honor out of cap
  • Garrison resources
  • Show a xpBar for characters below max level

System info - shows fps and ms, leftclick to collect garbage, right click to open graphical settings
Gold - hover shows gold earned this session, today and weekly, also shows gold across all characters on server with total at the bottom, left click to open bags, right click to close bags
Hearth - garrison hearth, normal hearth (displays location), click to use respective hearthstone, faded out if hearthstone is on cooldown, shift changes the garrison heart to shipyard compass

it is possible to edit some element in the settings.lua file
You can do this by using Notepad or download Notepad ++

please post suggestions and your bugs in the comments

u/sammojo for the idéa, textures and the description of the bar
lightspark for the saved variable for the goldsaving code
taffu for the SLDT addon that I have used to learn how to display different things
and all the other great coders here at wowinterface that have contributed any kind of code to the forums

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A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Wow. This looks amazing. Great job.
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