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Rematch - Experimental

Version: 4.8.10-experimental-06
by: Gello [More]

Rematch is a pet journal alternative for managing pets and teams.

This experimental version of Rematch is now suspended and will not be updated until another issue like the MacOS crash issue occurs again.

The fruits of this experiment are in the live version of Rematch you can find here.

Thanks to everyone that participated!


  • Save and load teams per target.
  • Store unlimited teams in up to 16 user-defined tabs.
  • Manage and automatically slot leveling pets with the Leveling Queue.
  • Find counters with extended pet filters such as Strong Vs and Tough Vs.
  • Search for abilities and text within abilities.
  • Add notes to teams or pets as reminders or to find later with search.
  • Send teams to other Rematch users or share with plain-text exported teams.
  • Use integrated with the journal or in a minimizable standalone window.
  • And much, much more!

12/02/2018 4.8.10-experimental-06
- Converted the pet list to the new scrollframe and made it better match the new team list.
- The Miscellaneous Option "Slow Mousewheel Scroll" now works with the pet list.
- The Appearance Option "Compact List Format" no longer requires a reload for the pets panel. (The prompt is still there since the queue requires a reload until it's reworked too.)
- A pet card will now appear when the mouse is over the pickup-able pet buttons in the list; where one did not in the old list. (If this causes confusion let me know, I can turn this off.)
- Revoked pets (like Core Hound Pup with authenticator removed) have their icon colored red and name colored grey.
- Pet's that can't be summoned (like wrong-factioned Moonkin Hatchlings) have their icon and name colored grey.
- Pets that are revoked or can't be summoned now have a "Revoked" or "Can't Summon" stat on the pet card with tooltips to describe the state.
- Changed the "selected" outline around the currently-loaded team in the team list to a yellow outline around the pets in the team to mirror the pet list's summoned pet outline. (Not really settled on this.)

11/22/2018 version 4.8.10-experimental-05
- This version is the experimental version integrated with the main 4.8.10. It will provide a basis for 4.9.0 and beyond.
- Most features disabled for previous experimental versions (such as journal mode, scrollable team tabs and compact list mode) are re-enabled.
- A few things are intentionally not returning, including:
- The top pullout panel to show the currently loaded team. All views of the addon already show the currently loaded team that can be right-clicked and interacted with.
- The "Put Leveling Pet Here" menu option when you right-click a pet in the team list. From now on leveling slots are defined only by right-clicking on the slotted pet.
- Minor aesthetic things such as the win record "toast" that floats a change above a team and pet icons remaining highlighted while their card is up.
- The number of frames/regions (buttons, textures, etc.) making up the team list has been reduced by roughly 63%.
- Some minor style differences may be apparent, such as a shift from a blue or gold highlight border to an overall lightening of an element being highlighted. (This will be made consistent across all major lists in 4.9.0.)
- The Appearance Option "Compact List Format" no longer requires a reload for the teams panel. (But the prompt remains because Pets and Queue still need a reload until they're updated.)
- Added new option under Miscellaneous Options: "Slow Mousewheel Scroll". For scrollframes that support it (just team panel for this update), mousewheel over a list will scroll one line at a time instead of a whole page at a time.
- The faction pets Lil' Siege Tower and Lil' War Machine will be dimmed and skipped in the leveling queue if you're playing the wrong faction and there are other available pets in the queue.
- Added new attributes to petInfo (usable in scripts): hasNotes, notes, isLeveling, and isSummoned

10/28/2018 version 4.8.9-experimental-04
- With the last update possibly fixing the MacOS crash issue, a few things are added back in this update:
- Pet cards on mouseover of pets in the team list
- Buttons to interact with the team's notes, preferences and win record
- Extraneous textures like borders and backplates (though slightly different with less components)
- The "favorite team" icons

10/14/2018 version 4.8.9-experimental-03
- The Teams panel has been reworked to make it much more primitive but still functional, due to reports of problems specifically with this tab. Many bells and whistles were temporarily removed, including but not limited to:
- The top pullout panel showing currently loaded team
- Compact List Format support
- Pet cards on mouseover of pets in the team list
- Right-click menu specific to pets in the team list
- Buttons to interact with the team's notes and preferences (for now, load the team and use the buttons by the team name above loaded pets)
- Toasts for changes in win record
- Extraneous textures like borders and backplates
- Animation for team loading
- The "favorite team" icons
- The old team scrollframe has been replaced with a new, more robust scrollframe.
- Removed leftover parts of scrollable team tabs.
- Fix for Lua error when saving a team.

Special note:
- When reporting anything with this update (or any update), please let me know what version you're using. If you're not sure, you can find it by scrolling to the end of options. If the client crashes before you can get to options, paste this to chat:
/dump GetAddOnMetadata("Rematch","Version")

10/06/2018 version 4.8.9-experimental-02
- Journal integration is temporarily removed to end all uncertainty about how the addon is launching. See comments at wowinterface (where this was downloaded) for further explanation.
- When opening the default journal, a red button is in the place of the old Rematch checkbutton to launch the standalone window.
- Aurora and miirGUI reskins are removed from this experimental version of Rematch.
- Rematch ElvUI Skin is not compatible with this experimental version of Rematch.
- The Miscellaneous option 'Use Default Journal' is removed.
- The Preferred Window option 'Pet Journal' is removed.
- The journal-related Debugging Options have no effect whether checked or not.

Special note:
- In this experimental version, it's now possible for the default pet journal and rematch to co-exist on the screen at the same time. DO NOT expect either to be aware of the other and update their respective windows when something changes in the other window. IT IS NOT AN UNINTENDED BUG THAT THE JOURNAL DOES NOT UPDATE WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING IN REMATCH AND VICE VERSA. The intent here is to isolate rematch from the journal, not to introduce new types of integration and dependencies.
- If you have some reason to have both up on the screen at the same time, you can update either window by closing it and opening it back up. But keep in mind this is definitely unsupported behavior.

09/30/2018 version 4.8.9-experimental-01
- Team tabs are reverted to 16 tabs to troubleshoot crashing on Mac clients
- If you had more than 16 tabs, any teams in tabs 17 through 32 are moved to the first tab and the other tabs are deleted.
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A Firelord
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Rematch - Experimental

As it says in the description, this is a separate addon to test Mac crashing issues. It will allow more drastic changes to the addon than would otherwise be possible to keep it running as-is for those not having any problems.

Please let me know if this update seems to cure crashes, make it worse, or no apparent change. You can post a comment or PM me here or or on curse or on the Rematch 4.0 warcraftpets.com forum if you frequent there.

In this update, the team tabs are reverted to what they were before BfA with a limit of 16 tabs. With BfA (and the start of the Mac crashing issue), I doubled the number of possible tabs which included a scrollframe and other things that may be causing the crashes.

If these tabs end up being the cause, I will rework the tabs and post an update to this experimental version to test. If crashes persist, I'll update this experimental version with a much more primitive team panel. The goal throughout this process will be to keep the addon functional but to cut out the fancy stuff. Hopefully it will help isolate what's causing the crashes so it can be cured once and for all.
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