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Updated: 11-09-19 06:34 AM
Classic (1.13.2)
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Created:11-23-14 01:32 PM

Bartender4 Buff Hider

Version: 1.03, Classic: 1.03
by: Choonstertwo [More]

This AddOn allows you to show/hide Bartender bars based on whether or not you have particular auras (buffs/debuffs) active.

Each bar can be controlled by one aura (or no aura) and can be configured to either show when the aura is active or show when it's not.

You can use /bt4bh, /bt4buffhider or /bartender4buffhider in-game to bring up the options window. In this window you can configure the aura name and invert status for each bar.

To quickly fill out the aura name you can either drag a spell into the editbox or shift-click a spell link or spell book icon with the editbox focused. This assumes that the aura name is the same as the spell name, which is usually the case.

It's not possible for this AddOn (or any other) to show or hide Bartender bars based on auras while in combat. This is an intentional limitation put in place by Blizzard.

Known Issues
Sometimes the editbox for a bar option will get stuck behind the options window. To fix this, simply select another bar option and then select the original one.

This AddOn is currently only available in English, but should work in any language provided you use the right aura names for your game locale.

If you want this AddOn available in your language and are willing to translate it, let me know and I'll set up the localisation system.

Thanks to Brodielock for posting this thread, which I wrote this AddOn in response to.

Alpha Versions and Source Code
For the latest alpha versions, check CurseForge.

The source code is available on GitHub.

  • Update to Battle for Azeroth/Classic
  • Fix SpellEditBox strata issues
  • Add debug messages
  • Add readme and changelog
  • Update library URLs in .pkgmeta
  • Add .travis.yml file and TOC properties for the BigWigs packager script
    • https://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55801

  • No changes

  • Add custom SpellEditBox widget for auras
    • Known issue: EditBoxes may get stuck on MEDIUM strata when the options frame is on HIGH. To solve this, select another bar option and then select the original bar option.
  • Update shown states when user changes a setting in the GUI
  • Allow the user to shift-click spell links into the aura inputs
    • Spell links are replaced with spell names when the Okay button is clicked
  • Add missing type field for invert options
  • Make slash command call InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory twice on first use so the category is opened properly
  • Update TOC Notes field to reflect new functionality
  • Explicitly check if each bar has an aura before updating its shown state
  • Correctly pass DB to ns.InitOptions
  • Add config GUI and allow every bar to be controlled

  • AddOn created
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