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Classic Healing Assignments

Version: 0.2.3
by: Mimma [More]

1. What is Classic Healing Assignments?
Classic Healing Assignments (CHA) let you assign Healers in a raid to Tanks or Raid markers, and post the assignments in the Raid channel (or a healer channel if you like).

1.1. How do I use it?
Open the CHA user interface by left-clicking on the CHA minimap icon.

You can now create a new Template, and add wanted tank(s) plus healer(s).

See a Template as a Boss fight: one template for one boss.

For example:
Lucifron might require 3 tanks, so you'll make a template with 3 tanks, each having one healer assigned.

Ragnaros might only require one tank, but you also need Melee healers, so in this case you will add two tanks: one main tank, and one Custom tank you can name "Melee".

When your assignments are ready, you can right-click the minimap icon to post the assignments to Raid chat.

2. About CHA.
This addon is a port of Vanilla Healing Assignments, originally made by Renew @ Vanillagaming.org

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.3:
* Updated for Classic 1.13.3

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.2:
* Fixed Healer counter (RAID_ROSTER_UPDATE removed from classic event API)
* Fixed !Heal not matching target correctly.

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.1:
* Fixed CHA_GetPlayerName function

Classic Healing Assignments 0.2.0:
* Fixed class colours and raid markers in dropdown boxes.
* Fixed Left / Right / Custom tanks
* Fixed (at least) one LUA error.

Classic Healing Assignments 0.1.2:
* Fixed LUA bug when using scroll wheel on option page.
* Fixed Leftside, Rightside, Custom not working.
* Fixed Warlock tank not working
* Fixed tanks and a few other entities having a checkbox in drop downs.
* Rewrote code for Raid marker icon and text.

Classic Healing Assignments 0.1.1:
* Fixed whispers: !heal and !repost works now.
* Fixed a LUA bug in Sync, although Sync itself is not working yet.
* Fixed some settings not being detected or used.
* Removed SlowPost mode, it is not needed in Classic.

Classic Healing Assignments 0.1.0:
* Initial release after porting from the 1.12 version. Expect bugs! :-)

The addon was originally named Vanilla Healing Assignments, and was created by Renew @ VanillaGaming.org.
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Unread 11-15-19, 10:37 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Thanks for trying out the addon.
It looks like you were trying to use a non-existent template, but how you did it is a puzzle. I am unable to reproduce the errors you got, so I have not added a fix

If you still get errors in the 0.2.0 release, please post the error details (like you did before - it's great!), and if you can, also write what you did (i.e. do you have an active template? Did you add tanks? Does reloading the UI solve the problem)

Thanks alot for your report!
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Unread 11-12-19, 07:38 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hey, i'd like to test the addon, but some buttons doesn't work and i'm gettint Lua errors with version 0.1.2

2x ...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:1628: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:1628: in function `SelectActiveTemplate'
...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:620: in function <...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:617>
3x ...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:1547: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:1547: in function `OpenTemplateOptions'
...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:602: in function <...Ons\ClassicHealingAssignments\HealingAssignments.lua:602>
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