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ShadowedUF Arenas  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: r20090913
by: Shadowed [More]

Note: This is no longer necessary as it has been added into SUF by default.


Adds arena frames, arena pet, and arena target units to SUF. For all intents and purposes these are party/party pet/party target frames any configuration you can do to those you can do to these units too. Meaning you can see auras, cast bars, health, power, etc of arena enemies.

Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date: Fri Sep 11 22:57:19 2009 -0700
- Updated to work with the new child unit functions

Date: Wed Sep 9 23:38:42 2009 -0700
Updated to support changes in the mover code in SUF

Date: Sat Aug 1 22:22:47 2009 -0700
* Fixed arena targets and pets not showing in the mover frames
* Updated arena targets and pets to work with the new display functions

Date: Sun Jul 19 11:46:13 2009 -0700
* Fixed mover frames not working when changing arena frame offsets
* Changed to using a single offset variable instead of a y and x offset

Date: Sat Jul 4 22:23:54 2009 -0700
* Fixed a few more bugs related to loading arena pet and arena target units
* Fixed units who stealthed and unstealthed showing up as offline

Date: Fri Jul 3 15:27:29 2009 -0700
* Removed unnecessary varargs

Date: Wed Jul 1 01:18:19 2009 -0700
* Cleaned up the code a bit more

Date: Tue Jun 30 20:39:18 2009 -0700
* Annnd fix that hook up
* Updated to work with the child unit changes

Date: Mon Jun 29 22:25:22 2009 -0700
* Probably should make sure arena target and arena pets are enabled
* Added support for arena pet and arena targets, will copy the same settings as party pet and party targets initially but be disabled by default regardless

Date: Sat Jun 20 15:11:07 2009 -0700
* Fixed arena frames not unlocking sometime and showing when you entered an arena before the match started

Date: Thu Jun 18 02:19:56 2009 -0700
* Updated to take advantage of the new locking method of moving frames
* Changed arena frames so they will no longer flicker in and out based on the unit "existing," once they are shown they are locked visible until the match ends

Date: Mon Jun 1 23:14:14 2009 -0700
* Made everything work, this adds a new tab "Arena" to Units -> Arena configuration that lets you set the growth and offset between each frame.
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Unread 11-29-09, 06:49 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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I am thinking about replacing Gladius with this module, however I have not been able to locate a way for suf to display an enemy player's spec (resto, frost, disc, etc.). If this were possible, i'd die of happiness.
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Unread 11-28-09, 03:03 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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It will be perfect if the addon comes with Trinket Icon cooldown and enemy cast bar
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Unread 11-02-09, 10:07 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Not working?

Is this addon working for you? When I enable it together with the regular ShadowedUF I only get standard unit frames.. if I disable the arena part and only run with ShadowedUF then it works.. :/

Any one else experiencing this ?
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Unread 10-23-09, 08:26 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Yeah have to say trinket CD box similar to gladius would make this very awesome.
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Unread 10-15-09, 05:31 PM  
A Defias Bandit
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Only thing that's really missing to replace gladius is the trinket indicator and spec listing
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Unread 08-22-09, 06:16 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 13
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Awesome add-on. It's better than Gladius in the way that you can track your DoTs on the target, as well as buffs. A lot of options to adjust with. Although it doesn't have a big icon like gladius that shows how long the target is cc'd for in place of the class icon, it can be worked around with a little more awareness inside the arena.

Buff/Debuff display is awesome.

I couldn't find the option to show dummy players in the arena frame in order to configure it, I configured it using global with the party bars and made it look the way I want by inviting a friend to the party so I had something to look at while adjusting. Maybe I missed the option. Configuring it during an arena game, even if it's a skirmish, is still quite the challenge

thank you
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