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Sage Gear Advice

Version: 0.20
by: Silversage [More]

Purpose: SGA is a Pawn-like addon that understands reforging. After installing
you should see tooltip lines for armor and weapons that show the relative value
of those items for your character. SGA will compute that value, assuming what
it calculates to be the best possible reforging. For items which SGA believes
should be reforged, it also displays the optimal reforging for that item (for
a particular usage).

How SGA picks the best reforging: Based on the given stat weights, SGA selects
whichever reforging provides the largest product of improvement in stat weight
("from" stat vs "to" stat) times the number of point in the "from" stat which
will be converted.

Customization: You can customize the stats weights for classes and specs, but
there's currently no UI. To change them, find the file named "stats.lua" and
open it for edit (with a text editor, not MS Word!). That file contains
instructions on how to tweak the weights. After editing and saving, in WoW,
/console reloadui
should reload your world and pick up the new stats.

This is BETA software. Comments, bug reports, etc, are welcome. That said, it's
taken me a nearly year to finally publish this, so fixes might be slow.

YOU CAN HELP: If you are a bona fide and recognized expert on a class/spec, you
can help improve SGA by providing better stats for that class.

Feature Wish List

1. Correctly account for meta-gem sockets and cogwheel sockets.
2. Dynamic stat weighting, so that stat weights adjust for available gear.
3. Evaluate single items in context of existing gear set. For example, evaluate
the improvement of equipping a certain item in the context of other items in
use for that same role.
4. On tooltips for boe items, show upgrades for alts.
5. Provide UI for editing stat weights.


[ How is Sage Gear Advice's reforging calculation different from others? ]

First, the calculation is per-item, and is not trying to optimize an entire
kit of existing gear. The global optimization is good, but not as useful when
a piece drops and you're trying to decide whether to spend DKP on it. If you're
hard-core, you should use SGA for quick evaluation of gear, and use a global
optimizer to actually do your reforging. (Honestly, they aren't going to be
that different if they're based on the same stat coefficients.)

Second, Sage Gear Advice does not follow a simple priority order for stats that
can be reforged. Instead, it will pick the reforging that provides the most
improvement in the item based on the stats given. For example, if your stats
have weight Expertise=100, Mastery=20, Haste=1, then for an item that has both
mastery and haste, it might seem better to reforge haste to expertise. But in
fact, if the item has a lot more mastery than haste, you can get a bigger
improvement by reforging mastery to expertise.

[ How does Sage Gear Advice handle gem sockets? ]

Not in the best way, but okay.

If specific stat values aren't provided for various sockets, SGA will guess
the socket value, approximating it as being equivalent to a Cata blue-level
gem of that class/spec's best primary stat.

[ How does Sage Gear Advice handle meta-sockets? ]

Horribly. It doesn't weight them at all. Please be very cautious comparing two
items when only one has a meta-socket.

v0.20 Enable SageHitCapped hack. Fix error in warlock stat weights.
v0.19 Handle prismatic sockets in the same way we're handling colored sockets.
v0.18 Bug fix. Errors while calculating tooltip should not show stack trace.
v0.17 Code refactor.
v0.16 Minor tweaks to DK and paladin tank stats.
v0.15 Trying wowi's auto-versioning.
v0.14 Re-released using wowi packaging. No intended behavior changes.
v0.13 Updated .toc version number
v0.12 Gah. Made extraction correct.
v0.11 Edits to REAMDE
v0.10 Initial release
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Unread 10-09-11, 01:10 PM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Sorry about that. I wasn't doing the zip at the correct level.

Hopefully, it should work now.
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Unread 10-09-11, 08:08 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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This seems like a good addon. However when I download it there is no file to toss into my addons folder. How do you install this addon?
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