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Smart Repair

Version: 1.3
by: Romious [More]

Smart Repair
v. 1.3

What is Smart Repair?

Smart Repair simply allows you to choose how you want to repair your gear. Depending on your current group status, you can set Smart Repair to repair your gear using your money, your guild's money, or take no action. As an example, you can self-repair when in solo, but use the guild funds when in a guild group or raid. Then if you don't have permission to use the guild funds for repairs, you can set up a backup action such as using your money to repair or take no action at all.

Current Features

  • 5 distinct group statuses including: Solo, Party, Guild Party, Raid, & Guild Raid
  • Up to 3 actions that could be taken per group status
  • Profile support
  • Enable / disable messages

Known Issues
  • None

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