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nUI+ (Development)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.07.06 (Dev)
by: spiel2001 [More]

Please download the current release version of nUI+ from here
NOTICE: License to redistribute nUI+ is exclusively granted to WoW Interface. Redistribution of the files contained in this release via any other means, in any other form, for any other purpose, and/or under any other condition is strictly prohibited. Please see the enclosed file "nUI_PLUS_LICENSE.txt" for further information.
This is the authorized beta development version of nUI+ for use on the live realms. It contains all code and features which are currently under development and approved for public testing. In most cases, it can be assumed that this version is NOT compatible with the public test realms (PTR) when they exist.

Please note: nUI is user supported software. It relies on your donations for its continued existence. Developing, maintaining and supporting nUI is a full-time job by anyone's definition. Please consider donating to support nUI's continued development.
  • To make a donation in support of nUI's ongoing development, please click here.
  • For technical support, please click here.
  • For nUI's official web site, please click here.
  • For optional plugins and alternate dashboard skins, please click here.
Note that this is NOT the release version of nUI+ and it may well contain bugs which may or may not impact game play. That said, at any given time this release does entail the latest/greatest of nUI+ for better or for worse. Use at your own risk! Should you encounter bugs in this release, please report them in the bug report section on nUI's support forum by clicking here.

nUI+ is the full featured version of nUI -- it contains all of the same features and core code base of nUI Release in addition to an added set of extra features and capabilities. Over time, the list of added functionality separating nUI Release from nUI+ will continue to grow.

This version of nUI+ is available for free download to anyone who has subscribed to nUI's newsletter. Subscribers to the newsletter will receive notices when new releases are made detailing what features and bug fixes can be found in the new release as well as news regarding future development plans, etc.

Version 5.07.06 (Development)

* Fixed a logic error that reported all party members as being the tank

* Fixed Bazooka integration

* Fixed minimap button layering to ensure buttons are not overlapped by the minimap

* Fixed '/nui anim' slash command functionality

* Fixed compatibility issue with WIM (default chat frame edit box overlapping action bar)

Version 5.07.05 (Development)

* Fixed a bug in the right-click menu feature for unit frames

* Disabled talent inspection system until Blizzard fixes paper doll frame bug

* Moved center location of HUD to account for changed viewport and eliminate the HUD
overlapping the action bars

* Fixed minimap mousewheel scrolling bug

* Fixed Skada information panel integration

Version 5.07.04 (Development)

* Removed viewport from WorldFrame due to a Blizzard bug in the rendering of reflections
in the water and the position of the sky when the viewport is modified. This change
will cause the player character to appear lower in the world frame than it did in
earlier versions of nUI... the viewport will be restored when Blizzard fixes the bug

* Fixed range to target calculation

* Fixed the hunter pet feeder

* Fixed display of spell durations on action bars

* Fixed display of cooldown counters on action bars

Version 5.07.03 (Development)

* Development version of nUI for WoW 4.0 -- functionally the same as 5.07.02 (PTR Beta)
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