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Embers of Neltharion (10.1.0)
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ViksUI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 10.22
by: frohanss [More]

ViksUI is a fully functional UI replacement for WOW with many extra features that are not included in the standard UI. Almost everything can easy be changed ingame. Panels and borders can be changed color on, or turn off.

ViksUI is NOT a "addon collection"

It have it's own oUF layout for unitframes. The unitframe changes based on raidsize.
This UI is tweaked for 1920x1080.

Emoji support

This UI started along time ago, and was just shared with friends at start. Much of this UI have found code and inspiration from different UI like Quilight UI, ShestakUI, TukUI, DuffedUI and ElvUI. So credit goes to all of these UI.

The UI is based on my likings so it will not change alot, but i try to add options to change most. Like turning off panels, change colors and fonts.

Patreon can be found here: Patreon channel
Discord can be found here: Discord channel
Github can be found here: GitHub
Some things included in ViksUI:

  • Addon Skins - DBM, Pallypower,Skada,Recount,Omen,Quartz,Bigwigs,DXE,ExtraButton
  • Announcements options - Enemy Drinking, Interupts, Casting, Lightwell, Toys, Thanks, Pull Count, Using Flask, Announce Feasts/Souls/Repair +++
  • Auras/Buffs/Debuffs options - Full customizing, can cancel by rightclick, track who cast buff+++
  • Automation options - Auto Equip Chef's Hat/Safari Hat, Set role, Sell grey, Autorepair+++
  • Bag options - customize size, search, sort and Stacking (Right click on X button for menu)
  • Combat text - xCT integrated into UI.
  • Cooldown Flash - Flash icon when Spell is ready after use.
  • Enemy cooldowns - Track enemys cd in BG or arena.
  • Error options - Filters away some error messages.
  • Datatext - Arena, Armor, Avoidance, Bags, Battleground, Crit, Durability, Friends, Gold, Guild, Haste, Hit, location, Mastery, Power, Regen, System (Fps, Ms & MB), Talent, Time
  • Loot and Roll Frames - Custom frames with automation options like AutoGreed/Disenchant Green items.
  • Top Panel / Info Frame - Mouseover panel with main stats and buttons for toggle helm/cloak
  • Map options - Turn off fog, % explored and % quest done in zone+
  • Raid cooldowns - Tracks raid players CD. Left click to announce and right click to remove.
  • Pulse cooldowns - Pulsate spell icon when cd is over.
  • Buffs reminder - Buff reminders for solo and raid
  • Stats options - Different stats options. Still under work
  • raidframes - oUF raid frames with dynamic size based on raid size
  • unitframes - oUF unitframes with most needed information and good overview.
  • nameplate - Fully customizable nameplate with castbar. Built inn "healer has to die" for pvp
  • minimap - Custom minimap with quick menu (yellow icon) and right click menu.
  • tooltip - Custom tooltip with extended information like iLvl and tallentspec
  • XPBar - Custom XP bar with extended information detail.
  • Miscellaneous - Alot of small tweaks like gem counter, markbar+++ Realy to much to write
  • Chat - Fully adapted and tweaked chat.
  • World Boss kill tracker - Track what world bosses your char have killed this week when mouseover the clock under minimap.
  • Skins - Skinning of Blizzard frames and many other. NB! Keep using the Addon skins over this!
Quest automation: Gossip Skip, Auto Accept, Turnins. Shift Click to override.
Mage Portals: Left click for Teleport, Right Click for Portal.
Raid Utility: Left Click for Menu, Right Click for Ready Check, Middle click for Rolecheck.
Aligment Grid: /align
One click DE/Milling/Prospecting by holding Alt button in and click on item.
Shift+Righclick on item on AH for direct Buyout

  • /cfg - Open interface settings.
  • /ui - Moving interface elements.
  • /rl - Reload interface.
  • /rc - Make readycheck.
  • /gm - Open gm frame.
  • /role - Check party/raid roles.
  • /rd - Disband party or raid.
  • /convert - Convert to party or raid.
  • /uihelp - Description of commands.
  • /resetui - Resetting general settings to default.
  • /resetuf - Resetting unit frames positions to default.
  • /resetconfig - Reset ViksUI_Config settings.
  • /resetstats - Resetting statistics of gold and time spent.
  • /settings msbt - Type /settings msbt, to apply the settings MSBT.
  • /settings dbm - Type /settings dbm, to apply the settings DBM.
  • /settings chat - Type /settings chat, to apply the settings for chat.
  • /settings cvar - Type /settings cvar, to apply the game settings.
  • /settings bartender - Type /settings bartender, to apply the settings Bartender (Must reselect profiles after).
  • /settings skada - Type /settings skada, to apply the settings Skada.[/i]
  • /settings all - Type /settings all, to apply the settings for all modifications.
  • /litestats - Help for LiteStats.
  • /dbmtest - DBM test mode.
  • /raidcd - Raid cooldowns test.
  • /testuf - UF test.
  • /bags - Managing bags.
  • /xct - Manage combat text.
  • /tach - Test Blizzard's announce window.
  • /teb - Test and move Blizzard Extra Action Button.
  • /testroll - Test group roll.
  • /ss - Switching talent spec.
  • /farmmode or /fm - Increases the minimap.
  • /align - Grid alignment interface.
Addons i also use / Recomend:Setup:
  • Delete/backup your current UI. (Updating to v5, then you should fully delete ViksUI folders due to big changes to files, also removed alot unused media files)
  • Copy all from archive to your World of Warcraft folder(Interface\AddOns\).
For first time install pr wow account setup.
  • Close Skada window
  • Click “Accept” on First tim on ViksUI.
  • Click “Damage” or “Healer” (Not added yet so no changes)
  • Click “Accept” on DBM Settings (if installed). By default skinning off DBM is enabled.
  • type: /settings all (NB! Only first time pr account, resets bartender layout)
Settings pr character:
  • Select bartender profile type: /vbt
Tip for WoD: The Garrison special ability button, drag the button to action bar to remove texture!

Not installed correctly and/or had it previously installed.
Type: /installui
Type: /settings all

If errors with click2cast or simular. Try to remove (and take backup) the ViksUI.lua and Viks_ConfigUI.lua. Both under \Account\YOURACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables and under \Account\YOURACCOUNTNAME\REALM\CHARACTERNAME\SavedVariables
These errors normaly comes when not cleaning fully up before upgrading to Version 5.

Updating to V5 - See Setup! ONLY WORK ON PATCH 6/WoDFrom Version 5.03 Masque_Viks is no longer needed. So delete the folder if had previous install of addon.

Ingame Settings

Simple Movie Showing the simple basic for firsttimers.

YouTube Vid: Showing different stuff in UI (Old).

Look through the “/config” for more settings.
The text under the minimap toggles different stuff

Misc Stuff:

Ctrl+Alt+Shift + Mouse click on target/raid frame to set/clear focus.

Inspiration for few things:
  • Qulight UI for the addon pack thats inspired from Tukz again.
  • oUF_Karma MOP inspired the Font, Rest/Combat icon.
  • Tukz for different spec bars in MOP
Credits to: Qulight, Haste, Tukz, Unkn, myno, hankthetank, Monolit, Shestak, Hanomi, Alza, AlleyKat, Fernir, affli, Nightcracker, Allez, Zork, Tekkub, Tuller, Freebaser, Haleth, drakull, P3lim, Dawn, nibelheim, bachlott, Neal, ballagarba, Shestak

Stuff todo:
Updating/adding more MOP spells to Class Timer
Cleaning up the code more
Better layout switch on raidframes (Dps/Heal)
Fix broken parts (Disabled stuff)

Update 9.37 for Wow 9.2.7,
• Added Affixes and Debuffs for S4 dungeons,
• Updated NPC color information for S4 dungeons,
• Custom nameplate for Plater updated at wago,
• Experience/Rep and anima bar improved,
• Actionbar now have 6 bars,
• Updated some skins,

Update 9.36 for Wow 9.2.5
• Added option to add custom spells to combattext
• Updated fog of war
• Added more spells to combat text spam
• Added more spells to filger
• Updated oUF
• Updated some skins

Update 9.35 for Wow 9.2
• Added option to change unitframe size in config
• Added option to change turn off cast bar icon
• Added option to change type of portrait
• Added more spells to combat text spam
• Added more spells to filger
• Added Sepulcher of the First Ones debuffs
• Added info frame for moving and change color for borders
• Fix for Rogue Combatpoint with new legendary
• [RaidCD] Show battle res cd in 5-man
• [SlotItemLevel] Added check spec for missing enchants.
• [Skins] Several skin updates and fixes
• [OneClickDisenchanting] Added new ore and herb.

Updated for Wow 9.1.5

Update 9.30 for Wow version 9.1.5
- Small but important fix

Update 9.29 for Wow version 9.1.5

Update 9.28 for Wow version 9.1
• Tazavesh trash and Tormented m+ added to NpcColor
• Autobutton updated
• More spells added
• Minor updated to multiple stuff

Update 9.27
• Few skin fixes and updates
• Cleanup files for patch changes
• Fog of war, map reveal update

Update 9.26 for Wow version 9.1
• Few skin fixes and updates
• Sanctum of Domination debuffs added
• Tazavesh, the Veiled Market debuffs added
• Removed outdated spells from Filger
• New Blizz M+ score added to tooltip
• Weapon Oils added to Raidbuff reminder

Update 9.25
• Few skin fixes and updates
• Spells added to Filger Raidcd Raiddebuffs
• Some fixes for ActionBars
• Added more items to Auto Button
• Change cast color if interrupt on cd for Nameplates
• Added Torghast mobs to NpcColor icon
• DBM auto position is broken!

Update 9.24
• Few skin fixes and updates
• Framestack command fixed
• New Player Experience Guide skin
• Added more items to Auto Button
• Few minor fixes and improvments
• DBM auto position is broken!

- Small error fix from last update

Covid 19 version.
Check github for details.

Update 9.22
- Many minor bug fixes and updates.

Update 9.21
• [NPC Info] Tooltip now show note for special mobs in dungeon
• [NPC Info] Explains reason for it's color marking
• [Spells] Added to Autobutton Flask&Food EnemyCD & Diminishing
• [Spells] Added to Filger Combattext reminders & RaidAuraWatch
• [Skins] Updated BigWigs skin

Update 9.20
• [Bags]Show animation for new items
• Added Torghast info in clock
• [SlotItemLevel] Check enchant for main weapon
• [Skins] Added new skin for Auctionator.
• [Spells] Added to Autobutton Flask&Food EnemyCD & Diminishing
• [Spells] Added to Filger Combattext reminders & RaidAuraWatch
• [Skins] Added skin for weakly rewards icons.
• [Skins] Updated Garrison skin
• [Skins] Added Runeforge skin
• [Chat] Added skin for BNToastFrame.CloseButton.
• [Tooltip] Added skin for TomTom
• Updated oUF Tags for NamePlateColor

Update 9.19
• AutoButton updated
• Added Swith channels by Tab.
• Filger positions adjusted
• KayrCovenantMissions AddOn skin
• More items added to OpenItems
• ClassTimer rework & Spells added
• Custom background on unitframes fixed
• Few npc added to ignore for AutoAccept
• Totemicons support on Filger
• Some skins adjusted and updated

Update 9.18
• Questlog updated
• Anima Diversion skinned
• Actionbars Editor added
• Fog of war updated to include Torghast map also
• Weekly reward skinned
• AdventuresFollowerPortraitFrame skin
• Hide health bar for player controlled units with widget
• Nameplate widget base skin.
• Added skin for EncounterJournal.LootJournal.PowersFrame
• GUI - Added texture preview after select
• GUI - Added new editbox for Chat blacklist words
• Rework itemlevel function
• SlotItemLevel - Added color for missing enchants
• Added skin for CovenantRenown rewards
• Added weekly reward in minimap menu
• Added option to override auto hide of unitframes when addon like Healbot is loaded

Update 9.17
• Experiencebar save state fixed
• Datatext color can now be changed
• Install function updated
• Bigwigs and DBM updated (run /settings dbm /settings bigwigs
• Reworked default settings
• Objectivetracker header now works as collaps/expand button
• Torghast Level Picker skin
• Soulbinds skin
• Added skin for covenant calling header.
• Fixed error for Garrison skin
• Added Runeforge Power alert skin.
• Added skin for new EncounterIcon in AlertFrames
• Enabled and added new currency to currency/gold list.
• Torghast Level Picker skin
• Adjusted QuestModelScene skin.
• Added Covenant Mission skin.

#2: Update 9.16
• Settings not loaded in 9.15
• Adjusted some skins
• Skin Torghast buffs

Update 9.15
• Config frame movable
• Spells flask and reminders updated
• Skins updated
• Campaign tooltip fixed
• Widget support on nameplates
• Objectivetracker updated
• Few Torghast NPC added to color markings
• Added Veiled Satchel of Cooperation to autoopen
• Experiencebar updated and shows Anima also
• Friends datatext updated
• Bags updated Shift+Left click to drag Ctrl+Right click reset move
• Quest Indicator on nameplates updated

Update 9.14
• Nameplate Debuff/Buff shown based on players inputt in options
• More frames movable with /ui
• Stancebar updated
• Added new portal to Oribos for mage
• Fixed CharsCurrency SetQuestLogCurrency function.
• Updated Experience Bars. Right click on bar to swap
• Fix for Hybrid Minimap

Update 9.13
Important fix that messed up the UI

Update 9.12
• Updated code for Skada/Details toggle button
• Updated Raidaurawatch/debuffs for Shadowland Dung/Raid
• Castbar should now show red color when not interuptable
• Meters swap button Toggle option in Config
• Option to ignore chat repositioning on startup
• Reworked Text buttons above chat for NoPanel layout
• Reworked World Map skin and Quest frame

Update for 9.11
• Adjustements to PixelPerfect for High Res
• Finalizing colors for NPC Colors
• Few skins adjusted and fixed
• Meters swap button turns off now with rest

Update for 9.10

• More Bug fixes
• Markings for NPC in dungeons
• Added Target arrow to Nameplate

Update 9.09

• More Bug fixes and skin updates
• Talent Advisior added (Thest phase

Update 9.08
• More Bug fixes and skin updates
• Better threathindicator
• Invasion timers are back
• Fog of war added for Shadowland maps

Update 9.07

• Chat setup fixed. Run /settings chat and also /settings cvar.
• Do a reload after (Use // for quick reloadui)
• Again, to many small changes to note here. Full log on Github

Update 9.05

• More Bug fixes (Runes,Skins,questlog)
• Added QuestIcon option to nameplate
• Spells updated to filger, classtimers and reminders

More bugfixes
Updated details profile, rerun /settings details

Update 9.02
• Better support for Russian clients
• Added option to change Headers fonts
• Added more fonts with cyrillic support

Update to prepatch Shadowland

Update 8.89
*• More fixes and adjustments
*• More items added to autobutton
*• Taint workaround
*• ClickCast updated
*• PulseCd updated

Update 8.85 and 8.86
• More fixes for version 8.2.5
• Many minor adjustments

Update 8.84
* Many minor fixes and improvments

Update 8.83
• Many more Patch 8.2 Bug Fixes
• ilvl in bags fixed
• Few skin updates
• Added Debuffs for Mechagon and Eternal Palace
• Updated chat default setting

Update 8.82
• Many more Patch 8.2 Bug Fixes
• Skins updated
• Azerite Essence skin added
• Zone/BG Map can be resized and scaled. Under Minimap in config

Update 8.81
• Patch 8.2 Bug Fixes
• Panels Added to Config
• Channeling ticks updated
• Right click on a frame in /ui will reset that frame after next reload ui

Update 8.80
- BIG update
- Brows GitHub for details

Update 8.78,
• Added skin for Pawn addon,
• Skinning updated,
• Skinning code updated,
• Filger/Classbar spells updated,
• oUF Updated,
• Added BFA Missions DataText,
• Added new portals for announce.,
• Fixed search for Keystone.,
• Added bag overlay for Scrap Items.,
• Added Invasion timer to time + New seals,
• Add Battle of Dazar'alor raid debuffs,
• Many minor fixes and cleanups,

Update 8.77

• Updated to 8.1
• Skinning of Blizzard frames fixed
• Filger fixed
• Filger/Classbar spells updated
• oUF Updated
• Summon indicator added
• Minir fixes and cleanups

NEW PATREON: Wiggy - Huge Thanks for the support!

Update 8.76
* Updated to 8.1

Update 8.75
• Debuffs added for BFA Dungeon and Uldir
• Scrapping machine frame temp movable
• Readycheck icon fixed
• Skin for missiontable fixed
• One Click Enchant Scroll fixed
• Debuff on nameplate pixelperfect
• Interuptable spell on nameplate colored
• Improved Filger, still fps issue in raid
• New flask added to self buff reminder
• Minir fixes and cleanups

Update 8.7
• Fixed PowerType check for combopoints
• Fixed combo points message for CombatText.
• Updated location coords - Less memory leak this way
• Hiding some more panels during Pet battle
• New: Icy-Vein Stats Priority InfoPanel Above CharacterFrame
• New Option to control some of the skin look/skada
• Azerite skin updated
• Garrison skin updated
• Panels linked to Details hide correctly
• Updated MagePortals with new portals/teleport
• New: War Mode and phase indicator added to frames
• MapInfo Updated
• Island Expeditions skin added
• AutoAccept Updated
• Added Azerite texture for Bags
• Fixed color for available quest
• + Many more minor fixes and skin/libs updates

Update 8.6
• Filger Improvments
• Improved /installui
• Quest Frame Improved
• Big UnitFrame Updated and oUF
• Option to hide panels behind actionbars
• Option to toggle Coordinates (memory leak)
• Added Skin for Scrapping Machine in BFA
• Many positions/descriptions/skin improvments

FIRST PATREON: joelsoul - Huge Thanks for the support

NEW Donate button added
NEW Patreon button added
6 years with hundreds of hours on coding and countless hours with support for free!

PATREON's: joelsoul

Update 8.5
• NEW Emoji Added
• Updated XP/Rep/Honor Bars
• Spell Filters Updated

Update 8.4
• NEW Menu bar added
• NEW XP/REP and Azerite Bars
• NEW Improved /installui
• Updated currency for BFA
• Filger Improved
• Div Skins updated
• Misc code changes
• Misc bug fixes & Missing Descriptions
• Fixed /moveui and /moveui reset
• Fixed Mouseover Keybinding, now shows under Keybindings

NEW Donate button added
NEW Patreon button added
6 years with hundreds of hours on coding,
and countless hours with support for free! Not a cent donated so far..
Be The First :)

Version 8.0
• Updated for BFA
• New Nopanel / Line Layout

Version 7.24
• Updated Combopoints
• Filger updated
• Changed how top panel is sized
• Added M+ affixes to Raid Aura watch
• Fixed raidlayout switch minimap button
• Temporary buffs placement fix
• Fixed indicator 2 tag errors

Version 7.23

Version 7.22
* Fixed CastBar Ticks
* Pawn upgrade icon now shows in bags
* Archaeology shows 18 races
* Improved SlashCmdList["FRAMELIST"]. (/fl)
* Added Wakening Essence to currency
* Added this/changelog
* Some cleanup and minor skin changes
* Fixed Error in Skada report cased by skin
* Toc update to 7.22

I have made Discord channel for quick questions regarding ui. I have also started streamin on Twitch. If all could join/follow there it would be awesome.

Version 7.21
* Added raid debuffs for Antorus
* Updated Orderhall skin
* Update autoaccept
* Alt click invite fix
* Minor fixes

Version 7.20
* CombatText Filters updated
* Updated cooldowns spells
* Updated Filger spells
* Display buffs added to nameplates
* RaidAuraWatch updated
* Few bugfixes
* Added wowheadlink to worldquest
* Some skinning fixes

Version 7.19
* Skinned new Pet and mount Alert frame
* Skinned max/min button on Dressupframe
* Fixed fre missing scrollbars
* Some code optimization
* Fixed error and missing spell border
* Fixed Aurawatch
* Some lib updates
* Added Bartender profile for Druid and Rogue
- /settings Bartender (Note: resets all bartender profiles)
- /vbtrogue or /vbtdruid
* Skinned Netherlight Crucible
* Dynamic width of OrderHallCommandBar
* Fix of some Freeze bug
* Currency Cleanup
* Combat text cleanup

Version 7.18
* Added RunSpeed datatext
* Added new currency
* Updated Petbattle layout
* Updated EncounterJournal
* Fixed Rematch skin
* Few other minior fixes

Version 7.17
* Added new Icon for ViksUI
* Cleaned up some warlock spells in Filger/combat text
* Reworked AFK Spin Camera, with modell and animation option
* Added option to turn off bag buttons
* Made PlaySound update for 7.3
* Added Game version check
* Added artifact power to datatext (right click online text over guild chat)
* Updated Locales
* Fixed tooltip on artifact button and cleanup of bag code
* Updated FogOfWar for Argus
* Skinned Quest progress bar
* Skinned Summon favorite Pet button
* Updated DressUp skin for 7.3
* Rewrite Encounter Journal Skin
* Skinned Follower portrait
* Cleaned up removed stuff in 7.3
* Skinned World map tooltip icon

7.16 Changelog
* Added newest currency to
* Artifact power items have artifact color in bags
* New button on bags to use any Artifact power items in bags
* Rematch skin working
* Bug in Cooldown fixed
* Changed collection set skin
* Weakaura skin changed
* Fix for achivment date
* Added/cleanup in Filger spells
* Added/cleanup in Nameplate spells
* Removed Outdated commands
* Added/cleanup in Raid debuffs
* Cleanups and minor changes
* Added check to prevent error in dbm skin

* Fixed known errors
* Drop down menus are fully shown now (no deleted lines)
* Themes working

* Fixes

* Update for 7.2

* Bugfixes

* Bugfix

* Rogues now have 10 combo points
* Removed more old spells

* Fix for 7.1.5
* Other minor changes

* Filger spells added more and cleanup
* Created Datatext for artifact power
* Nameplate rewritten
* Other minor stuff
* Added Cyrillic to Unitframe Font

* Added warlock spells to Filger
* Bug fixes
* Fixed FPS issue with SlotItemLevel

* Skin fix
* Spells and debuff update
* misc errors

* Many fixes for 7.1

* Many bug fixes since last release
* Updated for 7.1

* Added Legion chest to auto open
* Added some raid debuff for Legion
* Added Leeching Poison to selfbuff reminder
* Added more spells to Filger
* Added more spells to Classtimer
* Added Nethershard to currency
* Nameplate update
* Bug fixes
* Some improved skinning

* Big cleanup

* Updated Bags
* Fixed resolution check
* Removed Rune of power bar
* Fixed ilvl on tooltip
* Fixed wowheadlink
* Disabled buffreminder for paladin buffs
* Removed bodyguard.lua
* Fixed spec switching command
* Another fix for bliz windowed mode bug
* Updated buff indicators on raidframes
* Added some missing skins
* Added Demon Hunter and new Rogue spells to Filger
* Fixed Rune error
* Fixed frames for MacClients
* Fixed marking of unusable items in Bags
* Added regent deposit button to bag frames
* Added cleanup (right mouseclick for Blizz cleanup) to bag frame

* Slotitemlevel updated
- Showing correct item level on TW items
- Moved text to inside frame
- Ilvl text colored based on difference from average ilvl
- Moved durability here
* Correct ilvl for Timewarped items (tooltip and bags)
* Added Beacon of Faith to buff tracker
* Removed main assist from raid utility
* Added new world markers and hiding markbar unless player is leader/assist
* Updated Filger
* Removed old variables
* Updated Classtimer

* Many minor bugfixes/updates

* Upgraded ilvl calculation
* Tweaked objectiveframe, Fog of War, Garrison skin, Alt powerbar++
* Added option to change icon size for filger
* Many small fixes

* Alot of minor fixes (to many to list)
* Added some small stuff like ilvl inbags.

* Added Short Numbers to combat text
* Added Check for old spells
* Added Terrorfist, Deathalon, Doomroller and Vengance to kill tracker
(under time)
* Added upgraded ilvl support to ilvl on character page
* Skinned few missing stuff

* Many minor bug fixes
* Updated to 6.2.2

* Added Dark Regeneration [warlock]
* Added Tanaan Utility Items
* Added Demonic Servitude Pet Abilities [warlock]
* Added [Patch 6.2] Trinkets
* Added more Potions, Utility Items
* Added Healthstone [warlock]
* Added a few spells, better organizationSpells sorted alphabetically for easier reading
* Added Feign Death (target) [PVP]
* Added Spectral Guise (player) [Priest]
* Added Spirit Mend; Engineering Shields (target) [PVP]

LiteStats update
* Added 5man Mythic tracking
* Added tracking of number of seals for current week

New Currency tab:
* Show Archaeology under currency tab
* Show Coocking under currency tab
* Show Professions under currency tab
* Show Seals under currency tab
* Show PvP under currency tab
* Show Miscellaneous under currency tab, like Oil

Adding extra to tooltip
* Reworked name to only show name without realm name
* Added option to show title with name - Default off
* Added option to show realm name on own line - Default on

Misc changes
* Temp fix for Blizzards bug killing the anoying Blizz error "Interface\FrameXML\RaidFrame.lua:181"
* ObjectiveTracker: Hidden title and collapsed as default
* Skinned missing buttons
* Updated ItemLevel tooltip info
* Fixing combobar show for tallent Combobar should now be shown also in stance "Claws of Shirvallah".
* Skinning complete all buttonFor Master Plan
* Updated language files

* Bug fix for litestats
* Filger - Updated and added options to config
* Added option to hide Boss Frame (New loot spalsh)

* Added HFC raid debuffs

* Added update for 6.2

* Fixed some bugs and performance issue in raid (bossframe)
* Reverted some code changes due to blizz hotfix
* Skinned Tokens and deathrecap
* Fixed some missing skins

* Added more spells to Auras
* Updated channeling ticks for spells on castbar
* Added Beast Cleave to Filger
* Added Seals pr Week to "Time tooltip"
* Fixed Rukhmar kill tracking
* Updated currency to show under "Gold datatext tooltip"
* Fixed Twitter bugs
* Added missing skinning parts to Interface and Options
* Fixed /fstack issue caused by classbars

* Added Master Plan tab skinning
* Updated/added more skinning
* bug fixes
* more spell fix

* Skinned Collection (partly)
* Fixed DBM Skin (may need /settings dbm)
* Minor bug fix

* Performance fix
* Bug fix
* Temp disabled Collection skinning

* Toc update
* Updates spells in classtimer
* Updated raiddebuffs

* Reminders Updated
* RaidAuras Updated
* ClassTimer Updated
* Filger Updated
* Some Cleanup

* Updated/Cleaned up more new/old spells
* Added option to change background on health bars
* Added option to change text color when using class color on health bars
* Cleanups

* Error fix for Loot

* Added Zygor skin
* Cleanup on spells++
* Fixed Chat style
* Small fixes

* Some skinn fix
* Misc Cleanup
* Locals updated
* Added CTRL/ALT abandon/share for Objective frame
* Added auto opening items in bag option

* Added smileys support to chat (icons in work still)
* Updated locales
* Cleaned up more spells
* Changes chat setting some
* Added vengeance source
* Some small tweaks

* Added New spells to filters
* LiteStats updated
* Masque_Viks is integrated to ViksUI for better Theme support
* Chat settings fixed. Added /setting chat and /settings cvar for reset just thos setting. Added to /settings all
* Added reagentbank to bags
* Better WorldMap
* Fixed error on using QuestItem on Objectiveframe
* Better Transmog tip on tooltip
* Added Themes (Beta stage! Hover mouse over bottom left of minimap to show button. Under FarmMode button)
* Made Tooltip movable again and added corners to anchor from.
NOTE! Rember to delete \AddOns\Masque_Viks folder. It's no longer needed.
* Added command for selecting correct Bartender profile: /vbt
* Disable Achivment popup frame due to errors for now.
* Showing Quest Level in worldmap again.
* Fixed Aura indicators that was giving errors
* Few other improvments and bugs

* Minor bugfix and improvment
* Big rework for errors and WoD. Works only on patch 6 and WoD (Beta).
* Fixed Burning Ember bar. Should show 4 embers now.
* Moved Classtimer above Orb bar for Priest.
* Fixed ScenarioFrame showing behind minimap.
* Made WatchFrame non movable again, but repositioned it better.

4.33 - Removed the need for WTF folder. Settings is added on first start or by doing /installui
4.32 - Fixed Error in itemlevelslot in inspect frame and fixed character frame to show correct quality color.
4.31 - Minor bug fixes. Made Watchframe movable
4.3 - Update after long breake... Minor fixes.
4.22 - Fixed game menu and skinned store button.

4.21 - Fixed Realmname shwoing on guild tab and few other minor fixes/changes.

4.2 - Many small fixes. Added shop and loottoggle on minimenu. Fixed some skinning errors.

4.14 - Fixed Friend list (datatext) and some minor fixes.

4.13 - Fixed Autoinvite. Minor other changes.

4.12 - Fixed errors, cleaned up combatlog and other minor tweaks. Disabled Autoinvite untill error have been found.

4.11 - Fixed error in move function (/ui), cleaned up and remade Petbattle frame some also few minor typos/errors.

4.1 - Fixed various skins. Updated spell info and raid debuff. Fixed:bags, healericon, ClickCast, Combattext and few other stuff.

- Improved bag/bank. Changed style and refreshed it some. Remember "right click" x button in bag for sorting/stack.
- Improved and fixed Chat.
- Added styling of chattbubbles.
- Moved Guild Instance Difficulty flag on minimap. (Remove if from minimapbuttonframe if hidden)

-Fixed Buff error for Shamman.

-Updated spells in Filger and Classtimer

-Buggfixes with Raiddebuffs
-Removed spells that was deleted in last pach
- Added RaidDebuffs for Throne of Thunder
- Changed a few Default values, recomend reset ingame.

Added loot & Lootroll window again. And smaller changes.

Fixed Monk Chi bar and updated addons + minor bug fixes.
Minor error fix in Datatext; Friend and Gold.
Changed small errors from MOP. Buff for shammys, Heal indicator for monks and other reported errors.
Updated Raid Debuffs, Filger, ClassTimer, ToolTip and few other.
Sugest deleting Interface\AddOns\ViksUI folder before extracting due to some files have been removed.

Big changes to raid frames and layouts. Including icons, indicators, debuffs, positions and much more.

1-92 -
Added Threathbar function
Reenabled Cooldownflash, Markbar & RaidUtil
Reenabled Indicators, Auras and Debuffs to raid frames.
Added option to select 2 different Indicators, Auras and Debuffs style.
Added raid frames layout based on size for both type of raidframes.
And some other small changes.

UPDATING FROM 1-91 - Delete current ViksUI folder then extract this version.

1-91 -
Fixed minor errors
Added ability to change size on panels
Improved the looks and placement on few things
Fixed "hotkey clicking" to set/clear focus

1-9 -
Minor error changes
Fixed Unitframe Move with /ui
Disabled Loot frames due to errors

1-8 - Simle .toc change

* Hidding Unitframes, XPBar and few panels when doing Pet Battles
* Enabled Buff reminder on Raid Frames.
* Fixed Buff/Debuff errors on raid frames for few classes.
* Updated Filger.

* 1-6 - Fixed/changed Anchoring on Tooltip. Added extra xp/rep bar at bottom.

* 1-5 - Added Aurawatch, Debuff display and indicators for tracking spells/hot's on Raid Frames. Reenabled Filger (No spells yet). Fixed XP/Rep Bar. Added option to hide panels.

* 1-4 - Fixed Totem Bar and party/raid frame (style 1)

* 1-3 - Updated for Live Server (5.0.4). Added more options for minimap.

* B1-2 - Added picomenu to minimap and also fixed trackingmenu.

* B1-1 - Big fix: Clean up on code, fixed few errors.
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Unread 12-27-18, 10:32 AM  
A Cyclonian
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Support moved to Discord

As i can't keep track on all pages i have decided to move all support to discord channel!
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Unread 12-22-20, 12:25 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I registered here just to say thanks for this great UI.
Really amazing work. Thank you a lot!
Last edited by Takamiro : 12-22-20 at 12:25 PM.
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Unread 01-19-21, 05:25 AM  
A Cyclonian
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Originally Posted by Takamiro
I registered here just to say thanks for this great UI.
Really amazing work. Thank you a lot!
Thank you <3 Hope to see you on discord channel
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