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Skip Shadowlands (No Chilling Summons)

Version: 1.30
by: martigan30 [More]

Enjoy WoW without being pestered by Shadowlands.

When your character levels to 48, you are presented with a quest that you have zero choice in declining. It gets added to your quest log. You can abandon the quest, but it pops back up seconds later. Once you have that quest in your log, you cannot choose to switch to another Chromie Time. The workaround has been to abandon the quest and quickly click and speak with Chromie before the quest pops up again.

This addon removes the necessity for that workaround. As long as you have this addon loaded, you will not get the "Shadowlands: A Chilling Summons" quest. If you have your quest log open, it will flash for less than a second then disappear. Chromie Time will be available.

Enjoy non-Shadowlands content as long as you wish without that pesky quest.

UPDATE: Removed the Morgraine talking head and text.

Version 1.3
No changes to functionality, but updated to work with 9.1.5.

Version 1.25
There was a bug that caused an error with the talking heads after about two hours of blocking the talking heads. This has been fixed.
Also, this now only blocks the Morgraine talking head now (or at least it should).
Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

Version 1.21
Fixed a bug where if you had a single quest detail opened in the quest log, and the "A Chilling Summons" auto-abandon was invoked, it would also abandon the quest you had open.

Version 1.2
I have added a slash command interface for this addon. The default values are:

Block "A Chilling Summons" quest = true
Block Talking Heads = true
Block "A Chilling Summons" talking head text = true
No Chilling Summons addon enabled = true

These settings can be changes with the following commands in-game:

-Type '/NCS Default' to set to default.
-Type '/NCS Shadowlands' to toggle the 'No Chilling Summons' blocker off and on.
-Type '/NCS Head' to toggle the talking heads blocker off and on.
-Type '/NCS Text' to toggle Morgraine's talking head text off and on.
-Type '/NCS Off' to turn off the addon.
-Type '/NCS On' to turn on the addon.


-Type '/NCS Help' to display these commands
-Type '/NCS' to display current settings

These settings will persist from session to session.
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