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Tattoo Stats

Version: 000001
by: Lyelu [More]

TattooStats is a standalone stats mod with in-game config. It shows:
FPS, Latency, Addon Memory Usage, Durability, Currency, Bag Space.

- Mouseover Addon Memory to see full list of usage per addon.
- Right-click on Durability to turn Automatic repairs on or off. Left-click on Durability to turn Guild Repairs on or off.
- Right-click on Currency to turn Autosell of Grey items on or off.
- Right-click on Bag Space to open all your bags. Left-click to open only the last bag.
- Drag middle of bar to move.

- Adjust font size, width, padding, spacing and background color.
- Toggle the modules on or off.

Although this addon is standalone, it was designed to work with Tattoo Minimap, because the minimap allows you to access all MicroMenu buttons using your middle-click. Thus you can turn off the MicroMenu in Bartender, access the buttons with TattooMinimap, and access the Tooltip information in a more customized format with TattooStats. It sounds more convoluted than it is.

Thanks to Katae (LiteStats), whose code I rewrote for this mod. I did a major rewrite to include in-game config and profile saving. I did not include all her modules and don't plan to. If you used LiteStats, you'll also notice some slight difference in functions, specifically in the estimated cost of repairs, and in the toggle for guild repairs.

Note: Estimated cost of repairs, without visiting a vendor, cannot be entirely accurate because of faction discounts. I calculated based on having a 5% discount at any vendor you visit. Although it is likely you will have more than 5% at higher levels, you are also less likely to care at higher levels, when you presumably have more money! Unless you're in plate and all that.

See also:
Tattoo Minimap
Tattoo Skin Pack 1

Feature requests and bug reports may be posted in my portal: Lyelu's Portal.

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A Kobold Labourer

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Thank you :)

I was wondering why people don't comment here...
I guess because the addon has easy config and never bugs out.
I just logged to THANK YOU for uploading this,i am using this for about a year now,and it has become one of my favorite addons.
Take care
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