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Classic (1.15.1)
Seeds of Renewal (10.2.5)
WOTLK Patch (3.4.3)
Updated:02-19-24 02:14 PM
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AdiBags - Hearthstones  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.36
by: myrroddin [More]

A Plugin for AdiBags

Moves all portal and hearthing items into their own display category within AdiBags.


Please help translate; there are only 2 phrases.

Bugs & Suggestions

This AddOn has a ticket tracker for those details.

List of Supported Items

With added support for Classic and Wrath, I will no longer be updating the page below. To see the items, open Database.lua in any text editor.

Check this page for supported items. If you find something that should be added or removed, please let me know!

AdiBags - Hearthstones
2.36 (2024-02-19)
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