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Dark Heart (10.2.7)
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BtWQuests: Dragonflight  Updated this week!

Version: v10.0
by: Breen [More]

Dragonflight quest lines for BtWQuests

Currently contains

  • Leveling campaign for each zone
  • Zone side quests
  • A few max level quests

This addon requires BtWQuests

  • Added the Draenei heritage armor questline
  • Added the Troll heritage armor questline
  • Removed obsolete Flightstones questline
  • Fixed names of Embers of Neltharion major questlines

  • Added Azerothian Archives questline

  • Updated for 10.2.7

  • Added Seeds of Renewal questline
  • Added Gilneas Reclamation questline
  • Fixed error checking for Dragonflight prologue in The War Within

  • Updated for 10.2.6

  • Added A Dream of Fields and Fire quest line
  • Added New Beginnings quest line
  • Updated for 10.2.5

  • Updated for 10.2

  • Added most 10.2 questlines

  • Added The Coalition of Flames questline
  • Added the Reconciliation questline
  • Added the Bronze Reconciliation questline
  • Added Reforging the Tyr's Guard questline

  • Added Forsaken heritage armor questline
  • Added Night Elf heritage armor questline

  • Updated for 10.1.7

  • Added Dawn of the Infinite questline
  • Updated for 10.1.5

  • Added questlines The Veiled Ossuary, United Again, Revel Resurgence, and Tyr's Fall

  • Added missing 10.1.0 quest line Agrulculture
  • Fixed showing The Buddy System as active before it was completely available
  • Updated the requirements for The Dragons and The Scale Expedition

  • Added most Embers of Neltharion quest chains

  • Updated multiple quest chains for 10.0.7

  • Added multiple quest chains for 10.0.7

  • Updated The Spark of Ingenuity questline with the rest of the quests
  • Updated In The Halls of Titans questline with missing follow up
  • Updated for 10.0.5

  • Added a few missing quests to The Waking Shore
  • Added a Dragon Shard of Knowledge questline
  • Added In The Halls of Titans, Gardens of Secrets and it's follow up quest line
  • Updated To Tame a Thunderspine questline with daily reset markers and final quest
  • Updated The Spark of Ingenuity questline
  • Updated The Mother Oathstone questline
  • Updated 10,000 Years of Roasting quest chain and renamed it to The Ruby Feast

  • Added The Chieftain's Duty quest chain to Friend of the Dragon Isles category
  • Updated Sad Little Accidents chain in Azure Span with the quests following the first dungeon quest
  • Updated Ruby Life Pools quest chain in The Waking shores with missing quests
  • Updated the prerequisites for The Silver Purpose to be account wide unlock
  • Fixed The Silver Purpose chain incorrectly showing as active on alts
  • Fixed A Mystery Sealed chain incorrectly showing as active on alts
  • Fixed multiple quests showing on the world map before available

  • Added multiple quest chains including A Mystery, Solved and The Silver Purpose.
  • Updated multiple quest chains to display on the world map
  • Updated Spark of Ingenuity quest chain, moving it outside of the Thaldraszus category
  • Updated 10,000 Years of Roasting quest chain with unknown prerequisite
  • Fixed incorrect layout of Brackenhide Water Hole quest chain
  • Fixed Wingrest Embassy not showing as completed correctly

  • Added category button images
  • Fixed Opportunities Abound quest showing for non-rogues and updated it to no longer be required for Wingrest Embassy quest chain

  • Added Localizations
  • Added Prologue optional dependancy
  • Updated activation check for The Dragonscale Expedition questline
  • Fixed some issues showing chain items incorrectly in the The Dragonscale Expedition questline

  • Added multiple questlines

  • Updated multiple quest chain with requirements, breadcrumbs, some side quests, and such
  • Added Evoker starting zone
  • Added initial support for the new Threads of Fate

  • Added multiple side quest chains for the 4 levelling zones
  • Added expansion background for expansion selection screen
  • Fixed main quest lines for levelling zones not displaying

  • Added leveling campaign for each zone
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Duplicate directories

Are you aware that there is a BTWragonflight folder in the main BTW release folder zip? My addon updater complained about it tonight. They look the same to me, but all I really looked at was the .toc file.

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