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Possibly bbRotations - Raiding Rotation Plug-in

Version: 1.1.5
by: backburn [More]

Possibly bbRotations is a Custom Rotation plug-in for the Possibly Engine.

IMPORTANT: This plugin-in requires Possibly AddOn which is currently unreleased. Possibly is being rewritten for PTR and will be released soon. Possibly is similar to Ovale but also tracks what to taunt, who to heal, etc...

I released this plug-in to give people a head start on modifying or adding classes. I used a combination of SimulationCraft and my personal heroic raiding experience to create these rotations. By no means is my plugin the only way to skin a cat. Make it better!

Know the best spells to use in every raiding environment for most classes! Works with Healers, Tanks, and DPS. My rotations are raid ready. It can help you choose the right spells to use and on whom. Including taunts, heals, damage abilities, racials, items, and more.

Supported Raids:
Full Siege of Orgrimmar (SoO) and Throne of Thunder (ToT) support for many classes and specs.

Supported Classes and Specs:

  • Death Knight - Blood
  • Druid - Restoration
  • Hunter - Survival
  • Mage - Fire
  • Monk - Brewmaster
  • Monk - Windwalker
  • Paladin - Protection
  • Rogue - Combat
  • Shaman - Elemental
  • Shaman - Restoration
  • Warrior - Protection

I welcome any feature or class requests. If it is a class that i do not have or is not raid ready, I will need your help tuning the rotation. Contact me through WoW Interface!

Simply drag/extract the Probably_bbRotations folder from the zip into your World of Warcraft AddOns folder along with the Possibly Engine add-on.

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A Murloc Raider

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As a big fan of Ovale I look forward to trying this out with the release of the Possibly engine addon. In the meantime would it be too much trouble to request a video of your addon in action?
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