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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
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EventHorizon Vitals

Version: 2.3e
by: Repaxan [More]

Fixed it up a little bit since Taroven's disappeared. Tested with Hunter and Death-knight, otherwise, no guarantees.

What is EventHorizon_Vitals?
EH_Vitals is a plugin for EventHorizon that displays information EventHorizon normally can or will not. This includes your current power (energy/mana/rage/runic power/runes), weapon enchant timers, and combo points.

All of this information is displayed in a little frame positioned on EventHorizon's edge.

This module also fully supports vehicles, for Ulduar runs and the occasional Malygos kill.

How do I set it up?
EventHorizon_Vitals uses a very similar configuration to EventHorizon itself. This means that it should work quite well without any tweaking whatsoever.

By default, EH_Vitals copies EventHorizon's background and border. Most text is class colored (Exceptions: Runes and vehicle power are colored by type, combo points use a custom coloring scheme).

If you would like to change the behavior of EH_Vitals, have a look at EventHorizon_Vitals/config.lua. This file holds all of the settings for the addon. A file named myconfig.lua may be created for settings that you want to stick around between updates.

There are enough options in there to satisfy even the most power-hungry addon tweaker. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments here.

* Quick fix for pally seals detection

* Quick fix for hunter hawk being removed

* useClassColor custom colors actually work now

* DK runes while dead fix

* DK runes work properly for the new rune mechanic.
* Anchored rune texts to the right instead of to the center.
* Stops showing "hawk" if hunter hawk aspect is on.

v2.3: API updates.
* Class warnings will use EventHorizon's info instead of collecting it on their own.
* Priests should no longer see a Vampiric Embrace warning when in a healing spec.
* Added a level check for most class warnings.
* Fixed the useClassColor option.

v2.2: Using an older myconfig with this release probably won't work well. Be sure to check against the new and changed options.
* 4.0.1 and Cataclysm compatibility.
* Cleaned up a lot of code, added notifications for a lot of classes. The actual list of changes is pretty huge.

* Priest: Added Shadow Weaving stacks to the center text.
* Shaman: Earth Shield stacks now display properly.

v2.0 Release:
* Fixed slash command support for the EventHorizon v1.9 r219+ module API.
* The useClassColor option in config.lua should work now.

* Now actively using EventHorizon's new module API.
* Using /eventhorizon or /ehz to hide EventHorizon will now hide Vitals as well. An option to change this is located in config.lua.
* You can also toggle Vitals via "/eventhorizon vitals" (also applies to /ehz, neither is case sensitive)
* Now using the Blizzard-provided namespace rather than throwing globals everywhere.
* Weapon enchants work a little better now. They update once per second instead of once per 3 seconds, and a small delay is enforced when enchants are updated to make sure they're displaying the right information.
* NOTE: You WILL experience errors if your myconfig.lua does not reference the addon namespace. Look at config.lua for how to do it, it's easy.

* DK: Rune event assignment got borked by the load process change. It's now done in init as intended.

v2.0b1: Rewritten nearly from the ground up. Again. Note that some options may not work as intended - Bring them to my attention and they'll get fixed.
* As of EventHorizon v1.8, EH now fires the init function for Vitals. This fixes any and all load order issues and it should have been done long ago.
* Left no function untouched. The old 'layout' system is dead and gone, the load process no longer eats babies, etc.
* Dependencies to EventHorizon are now quite real instead of being implied. If EventHorizon isn't loaded, neither is Vitals, end of story.
* Aura tracking now uses divined spell names rather than direct. Non-English locales will actually see notifications now.
* config.lua has been cleaned up and trimmed a lot. Make sure you compare its changes against your myconfig. Note that while most options should work fine, I haven't tested some alternate settings. If you need something changed, let me know.
* Now using the game's power color table instead of a hand-written one. Power text, by default, is only class colored when it is at its 'default' (mana for most classes). If not at default, it goes by the power color itself.
* Shaman: Your own current shield stacks are now shown in the center text area.
* Other changes which may or may not have been mentioned.

v1.6b1: Far, far too many changes to actually list. Here's the concise version. This is technically a beta release, as there are several issues that do need to be fixed, however it is still quite usable.
* Reworked quite a few functions and at least tried to further improve efficiency... and failed miserably on the memory front. Memory usage went from a steady 10k to a slightly leaking 20k (goes to 40k-ish, then garbage collection kicks in and back to 20k). CPU usage is still extremely low. Another rewrite is due.
* Made the necessary changes for EventHorizon v1.6 compatibility.
* Weapon enchants are now only enabled for Rogues, Warlocks, and Shamans. Priests, Warriors, and Hunters get some special features.
* Priest: Inner Fire charges are displayed on the right side of the frame. If Inner Fire is not active, a bright red "IF" will be displayed instead.
* Warrior: If it would behoove you to yell at yourself or your groupmates, a bright red "shout" will appear on the right side of the frame. This is actually very intelligent - If Battle and Commanding Shouts are both active, or Blessing of Might and Commanding Shout, it won't yell at you. Simple enough, eh?
* Hunter: If you are not in Aspect of the Hawk/Dragonhawk/Viper, a bright red "aspect" warning appears. Otherwise, it will display "hawk" or "viper" accordingly. If in Viper, the text turns red. If under 50% mana, the text turns red. Generally, red text = pay attention to what you're doing.
* Many other changes, I think. This has been sitting around in my AddOns directory forever and a day, I've been actively avoiding a new release.

Note: Reversioned according to EventHorizon's version scheme. Renamed from Clobber to EventHorizon_Vitals.
* Class coloring implemented for certain text fields and power types.
* Weapon enchants have been implemented.
* Death Knight: Layout for runes/RP has been adjusted to account for weapon enchants.

New and changed:
* Updated toc to 30100 to indicate complete patch 3.1 functionality.
* Ulduar vehicle power and ammunition is now correctly tracked. Additions have been made to config.lua for the new power types that are tracked.
* The combo point display has had a minor rewrite and a few additions. Details below.
- Combo points are now shown in the center of the frame, instead of the far left. Still working on a good way to fully customize where everything is shown.
- Combo points are hidden when CP=0 and not in a form to use it (Druids will definitely notice this).
- Vehicles no longer have a combo point display, with the exception of Malygos drakes. Thanks to Orgo and his excellent addon MalygosCP for the method.

* Event (de)registration is a little cleaner. There were some potential problems with how it was done before.
* Power type handling is now quite a lot more robust.
* Entering/exiting a vehicle would spawn additional backdrop frames in earlier versions. This has been remedied.

* IMPORTANT: config.lua has had a minor overhaul. If you are using a myconfig.lua file, please check your settings against the new version.
New and changed:
* Added Death Knight rune cooldown tracking. CDs will show when under 4 seconds (configurable and can be disabled, refer to config.lua).
* Default rune spacing has been increased a little to account for cooldown numbers.

* Vehicle display no longer shows runes when playing a Death Knight.
* Vehicle display will no longer provoke nil errors when no target is selected.

Performance note: Rune cooldown tracking is disabled at all times except for when the rune display is active on the Clobber frame. Cooldowns will not be tracked when using another class or a vehicle with power of its own, for example. The rune cooldown updates are heavily throttled and done as efficiently as possible, meaning Clobber should use far less CPU compared to many other rune tracking addons.

v0.2b: Transition version, unreleased. Full notes in 0.3.

v0.2a: EventHorizon's bar frame is now exposed to the API, no more need for the framename workaround.

v0.2: Added vehicle power and combo tracking. Uses the Rogue/Druid layout for now.

v0.1: Initial release.
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3366x EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:285: <unnamed>:SetText(): Font not set
[C]: in function `SetText'
EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:285: in function <EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:276>

self = EventHorizon_VitalsFrame {
 TSLU = 8.2120001614094
 PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED = <function> defined @EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:123
 UPDATE_SHAPESHIFT_FORM = <function> defined @EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:179
 TTL = 0.05
 0 = <userdata>
 UNIT_ENTERED_VEHICLE = <function> defined @EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:582
 UNIT_EXITED_VEHICLE = <function> defined @EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:587
 UNIT_COMBO_POINTS = <function> defined @EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:123
elapsed = 8.1820001602173
p = 7400
pm = 7400
pt = 0
pts = "MANA"
powerunit = "player"
left = <unnamed> {
 0 = <userdata>
ns = <table> {
 powerTypeSecondary = <table> {
 Enable = <function> defined @EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:620
 isActive = true
 backdrop = <table> {
 secondaryPowerTypes = <table> {
 auras = <table> {
 config = <table> {
 powerTypePrimary = <table> {
 color = <table> {
 classcolor = <table> {
 isReady = true
 Init = <function> defined @EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:344
 Disable = <function> defined @EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:640
TTL = 0.05
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