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Version: 1.1 Fan Update for 4.0.1
by: rubio9 [More]

Addon by boredbotting - fan update by Rubio for 4.0.1:
- fixed loot price comparisons so they actually work now
- correctly display profit/loss (used to show losses as profits...!?)
- fix heirlooms - use GetItemInfo return value instead of parsing color codes
- add support for Fubar_GarbageFu. if 'Fu thinks it's junk. BBag will too
- collapsed series of item name string compares into list searches
- lots of spelling corrections throughout
- fix AutoOpen option so it stays disabled (feature doesn't work anyway)
- required changes for 4.0.1 ( OnEvent handler, this: -> self: )

The following text is boredbotting's original description of the addon.

No More 'Inventory is full' errors when looting. And will Auto-Vendor/Repair and Auto-Mail items to your alt character.

Dependencies: Wowecon price mod or Auctioneer's Informant

Command: /bbag

When a loot window is opened, this addon will scan your inventory, and drop the lowest valued item to make room for your loot. Then the addon will loot for you and close the loot window.

Filtering: You wouldn't want your skinning knife, or your bandages being droped because they are less valuable would you? So I have put in a filtering system. This is your protected list. You should add strings of text that you don't want to BottomlessBag to drop.

example: 'Use: Restores' would prevent the addon from droping food water, and potions. to add a string to your protected list simply type '/bbag add Use: Restores'

Recommended: disable automatic item deletetion by typeing '/bbag disable' or unchecking this option in the bbag window, untill you get your protected list how you want it. Also, use the drop command by typeing '/bbag drop' while disabled to test the addon and see if your list is filtering the correct items.

Note: [shift] click looting bypasses this addon's looting features.

Special Thanks: To TallSpirit for helping out with coding the coin loot messages and also the messages which informed the user how much profit would be made by droping an item in favor of another.

Special Note: If you turn off 'Auto Loot' then you are effectively disabling the addon. The bottomless bag aspect of the addon will not work if 'Auto Loot' is unchecked.

To temporarily disable the addon while looting, for the purpose of manual looting, hold down the [alt] or [ctrl] button while looting.

How the UI works: type /bbag the list on the left are your saved files, the list on the right is your (show) list. to load a file press any button on the left.. ie Loot List, or Mail List, etc. or double click on a file button. That list will then appear on the right side. In order for bottomless bag to use it you need to press a 'Set as.. ' button, or the addon won't know what to use that list for. Any time you make a change to your list you need to press a 'Set as..' button, for those changes to take effect. And remember all bottomlessbag lists are items that you want to keep. For example for the sell list, you want to list items that you DON'T want to sell. for the mail list, you want to list items that you DON'T want to mail. for the loot list, you want to list items that you DON'T want to drop.

if you click a list or file button once you may notice that it highlights after you move the mouse off of the button, well anyways this highlighted item can be deleted by pressing the 'delete selected' button.

The help button isn't hooked to anything..Yet.. Sorry.

How to make your first loot list: I would probably start off by pressing the 'Default List' button. Most of the items that you wouldn't want to drop are here. You can go in and delete the items that you don't need for your skill, such as 'Thieve's Tools' if you not a thief. Next your going to want to press the 'Set as Loot List' button. This moves the contents of the list shown into memory so that it can be used. If you don't press the 'Set as Loot List' button, then any changes you have made will not be saved.

A Couple Settings:

Auto Loot: Your going to want to check the box 'Auto Loot' for sure. This is probably allready checked for you. With this unchecked, bottomlessbag will not do any looting for you, and this would effectively disable the main aspect of this addon. But some of it's other functions will still work.

Auto Item Deletion: This setting is for those who trust the list that they have made. If this box is checked then bottomlessbag will not ask before deleting an item. If this box is unchecked then, when bottomlessbag, gets to a point where it needs to delete an item tomake room for loot then a WINDOW WILL POPUP, ASKING YOU IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DELETE THE ITEM, add that item to your loot list, or simply cancel the whole thing and loot yourself.

Loot All Items [For Skinning]: If you are a skinner, than this option is for you. This option will loot everything off of the corpse no matter what the item's value. If you're not worried about looting everything on the corpse then simply leave this unchecked and bottomlessbag will leave low valued items unlooted on the corpse.

Options Under the 'Other Options' Button:

Auto Open Clams:
[No longer works due to Blizzard changes in 3.x --Rubio]

Auto Sell: !!!CAUTION!!! Read before you enable this option. !!!CAUTION!!! With this option checked, bottomlessbag will automaticly sell and repair when the vendor window is opened. !!!CAUTION!!! if you do not have a sell list set, and this option is checked, then bottomlessbag will attempt to sell everything in your bags, EVERYTHING WILL BE SOLD, and the buy back tab on the vendor window only hold like 10 items I think. So be carefull.

Auto Mail: !!!CAUTION!!! Read before you enable this option. !!!CAUTION!!! Just as the 'Auto Sell' option above this will mail everything in your bags not on your mail list to a user defined mail recipient. When you click on the 'Mail List' or 'Set as Mail List' buttons, a edit box will appear where you can enter in the name of your (mule) toon that you want you mass mails to go to. With this option set, I would first visit the vendor NPC to sell your junk before you use this option. !!!CAUTION!!! if you do not have a mail list set, and have a name entered in as a 'Mail Recipient', and this option is checked, then bottomlessbag will attempt to mail everything in your bags, EVERYTHING WILL BE MAILED, to the name you entered in the 'Mail Recipient:' edit box.

Leave Slots Empty: This option specifies to bottomlessbag how many bag slots you would like to keep empty. This is usefull for conjured items which are not looted such as soul shards, or conjured food and water. If you conjure allot of items this option will save space in you bags so they can be recieved without a 'bags are full' error.

Auto Loot Delay: This is the amount of time that bottomlessbag will wait between picking up each individual loot item. Bottomlessbag waits to allow time for the preveously looted item to make it to your inventory, so that it can have the option of deleting that item to make room for the next. This also helps prevent miscalculations that can lead to bottomlessbag trying to loot too many items at once.

Auto Open Delay: This is the amount of time that bottomlessbag will wait before trying to open clams, slimy bags, or ooz covered bags, after the loot window is closed. This delay is to prevent interuptions to other looting, or skinning, that you may be doing right after you loot the first corpse for example.

Auto Mail Delay: WoW servers are pretty slow when it comes to the mail system sometimes. It is important that any mail sent is completed server-side before another mail is attempted. Other wise bottomlessbag will mail empty messages, and you still get charged 30 copper for an item that never got mailed. If you run into problems like this then increase the time by typeing an higher number into the edit box.

How to Save Lists: First, press the 'Saved Lists' button if it is present. Create your list in the right side of the window. Enter in a name for your list in the bottom edit box of the left side of the window. And press the 'Save' button or press [Enter].

If your simply modifing an already saved list then just highlight it's name on the left list with by single clicking it and then press the 'Save' button. This will over write that saved list with what ever is on the right side list shown.


Press the 'Saved Lists' button if pressent and then DOUBLE CLICK on the list name in the left side list.

If you're having problems with addon, not auto looting then please let me know, but in the mean time, download the alternate version B1.06g, as this may work for you.

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