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Shadowlands pre-patch (9.0.1)
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SexyMap  Updated less than 3 days ago!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v9.0.3, Classic: v5-classic
by: funkydude [More]

Please support my work on Patreon/GitHub!

SexyMap is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there: https://github.com/funkydude/SexyMap

Make your minimap ubersexah! SexyMap is a minimap awesomification mod, supporting:

  • Minimap moving, and movement of things like the quest tracker and durability frame.
  • Customization of zone text & clock
  • Hiding of all buttons attached to the minimap (can be set to be always hidden, or to show on minimap hover)
  • Sexy minimap border options, extremely configurable, with several slammin' presets.
  • Ping notification
  • Mousewheel minimap zoom, and auto zoom-out.
  • A HUD overlay for resource gathering, target tracking, and more.

v9.0.3 (2020-10-19)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • Coordinates: Improve the GUI for selecting precision level
  • Coordinates: Enabled by default now and add ability to select precision level (e.g. x.x, y.y)
  • ZoneText: Tweak
  • Clock/Coords/ZoneText: Allow typing numbers into the X/Y position that are higher than the 250 limit.
  • Clock: Tweak
  • Update some backdrop texture paths to file IDs and remove some pre-shadowlands compatibility code
  • Clock: More tweaks to prevent conflicts with other addons
  • ZoneText: Implement our own frame to prevent conflicts with other addons.
  • Move the readme file
  • Update workflow

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