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Zandalari and Kul Tiran (8.1.5)
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Instance Achievement Tracker

Version: V2.44.0
by: Dragnog [More]

DISCORD Channel!


Join the discord to get updates about the addon. You can also report bugs there too or suggest new features.

WARNING: This addon is still a work in progress. I've added tracking for over 300 achievements, so there are bound to be some errors. If you come across any issues, It would great if you could report the issue in the comments below or on the discord server.

Instance Achievement Tracker helps track whether the criteria of achievements in raid or dungeons has been met or failed. All information is announced in the appropriate chat channel (raid, party, say) depending on the type of group you are in. Instance Achievement Tracker will also keep track of how many mobs are currently alive for achievements which require you to kill a certain amount of mobs in a time period. You can also easily see which players in the group are missing which achievements and announce tactics directly to the group chat.

Tracks when the criteria of instance have been met and output this to chat
Tracks when the criteria of instance achievements has been failed and outputs this to chat
Keeps track of achievements which require you to kill so many mobs within a certain time period. It will announce to chat when enough mobs have spawned.
Scans all players in the group to see which achievements each player is missing for the current instance
Announce to chat players who are missing achievements for certain bosses
Announce to chat tactics for a certain boss.

Slash Commands:
/iat - Open and closes the GUI

V2.44.0 (26th May, 2019)
-Messages now output correctly if sent before master addon has been selected
-Tracking UI now remembers it's position after being moved
-Added The Eternal Palace to database
-Added Operation: Mechagon to database
-Only show Instances and Raids for current patch. I.E new instances show up on PTR but not on Live
-Localised Firelands
-Fixed Raid Warning flag not working when sending messages
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Show Me Your Moves
-Seperate strike counters for each of the bosses
-Only turn players green after 7 seconds have passed on the boss which had the most strikes
-Must Love Dogs - Don't Scan Hunter Pets
-A Good Eye-Dea
-Fail players who die during the encounter
-Only check player if player is moving after encounter has started
-Not An Ambi-Turner - Fixed lua error
-Only The Pentient
-Fixed broken tracking
-Now outputs to Raid Warning if in Raid and addon has permission
-Ragnar-O's - Fixed incorrect tracking
-Praise The Sunflower - Remove range checking as this was causing too much lag for some players
Added Tracking For:
-Bucket List

V2.43.0 (18th May, 2019)
-Popup window movable
Altered/Fixed Tracking For
-Show Me Your Moves - Fixed lua error
-A Good Eye-Dea - Do not move during transition (Eye sometimes opens but could be possible bug on blizzards end???)

V2.42.0 (6th May, 2019)
Added Tracking For:
-Must Love Dogs
-Getting Hot in Here
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Sorry Were You Looking For This: Added an InfoFrame to show players who do not perform an Opportunistic Strike and how many times they have failed to do this
-Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better - Wait for channeled spells to finish casting before incrementing counter
-Straight Six - Fixed bug with counter not resetting after 10 seconds

V2.41.0 (4th May, 2019)
-Updated ruRU
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-A Good Eye-Dea - Re-made movement announcements to be more reliable and not announce fails when channeling spells and players are not actually moving
Added Tracking For:
-Beat The Heat

V2.40.0 (28th April, 2019)
-Added Pandaria Scenarios to database
-Localisation updates for esEs, deDe, zhTW and ruRU (Thanks all :))
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-A Good Eye-Dea - Fixed phase transition code not working properly when boss transitioned too early

V2.39.0 (22nd April, 2019)
-Added french translations. Thanks Zuhligan :)
-Updated esEs ruRu
-Fixed achievement scanning not working
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-A Good Eye-Dea
-No longer fails players who channel spells like Mind Flay and Arcane Missiles
-No longer fails players during the Gift of N'Zoth cast
-Will now fail players after Gift of N'Zoth has finished casting and while boss has less than 38 energy
-Will announce to players when it is safe to move/not safe to move
-Removed players from InfoFrame who are not running addon. Instead it will now show the number of players running the addon and whether you are allowed to move/not move at each point during the fight
-Will now fail players who move during phase transitions unless Gift of N'Zoth is cast prior and boss reaches 38 energy before end of phase transition
-Reduce number of addon communication messages sent which should hopefully fix disconnect issues
-Will warn players to stop moving just before each phase transition

V2.38.0 (20th April, 2019)
-Fixed incorrect spell id for Guarm achievement
Added Tracking For:
-A Good Eye-Dea

V2.37.0 (18th April, 2019)
-Tactics Update
-Initial tactics for Crucible of Storms
-Localisation updates for esEs ruRu zhTW
Added Tracking For:
-Gotta Bounce
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Can I Get A Heck Heck Heck Yeah - Check if all players have the Jani Favour debuff on boss pull
-Hidden Dragon - Do not announce fail after requirements have been met
-The Only Escape - Fixed incorrect tracking

V2.36.0 (4th April, 2019)
-Fixed critical issue which prevented addon tracking working for some players
-Added background to InfoFrame
-Added option to hide InfoFrame
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-A Change in Scenery - Fixed lua error

V2.35.0 (17th March, 2019)
-Tactics are now separated for alliance and horde in Battle for Dazar'alor
-Prompt user to track achievements if enabling addon after entering an instance
-Re-Added Instance chat message output
-Fixed bug with items not inserting into tactics correctly
-Fixed tracking not working when teleporting between instances
-Grey Out/Hide completed achievements now work as intended. The options even work outside of instances too :)
-Prevent user disabling addon in combat
-Added new relay message feature so raid warnings can still work even if leader is not the master addon
-Added a slash command to toggle achievement tracking /iat toggle
-Announce which players are missing achievements on a boss when hovering over that boss
-Announce in chat which achievements you are missing when entering an instance
-Various Tactics updated
-Updated localisation for esEs and ruRu :)
-Added Crucible of Storms to GUI
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Praising The Sunflower - Fixed lua error
-He Shoots He Ores - Wait longer before announcing fail
-You Runed Everything - Fixed error with announcing fail on boss kill
-Face Clutches - Additional checks to prevent the same person being counted multiple times

V2.34.0 (3rd March, 2019)
-Fixed issue with esEs translations
-Updated ruRu & esEs translations
Added Tracking For:
-Let It Out
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Darker Side - No longer outputs duplicate messages
-We Got Spirit, How About You? - Possible fix for incorrect fail messages
-Praise The Sunflower
-Fixed issue with detection now working as it was scanning for buff instead of debuff
-Reduced range check checking to reduce lag.]

V2.33.0 (19th February, 2019)
-Fixed issue with chat message limits being reached
-Tactics updated
-Localisation updated.
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Praise The Sunflower - InfoFrame should now show

V2.32.0 (9th February, 2019)
-Updated tactics for Battle For Dazar'alor
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Hidden Dragon
-Announce success when player with egg gets hit from Dragon's Breath
-No longer fails achievement when passing the egg between multiple players
-Can I Get A Hek Hek Hek Yeah - Reverted changes from previous version as players no longer loose debuff when getting transformed
-Imagined Dragons World Tour - Fixed lua error

V2.31.0 (4th February, 2019)
-Added LibRangeCheck
-Fixed personal tracking not resetting between pulls
-Text now aligns left in InfoFrame
-Fixed syncing error
-Added additional checking when fetching npc names
-Fixed lua errors in database for some instances
-Fixed error when item info is not found
-Fixed lua errors with playing sound causing IAT to announce the same message over and over again
-Updated esEs translations
Added Tracking For:
-Praise the Sunflower
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Snow Fun Allowed - Fixed lua error
-Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah
-Only announce success if requirements have been met and no players are currently transformed
-If player are transformed after success then announce fail until the transformation has finished.

V2.30.0 (31st January, 2019)
-Fixed paragraphs not working in tactics for different languages
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah?
-No longer counts players who die when holding shiny
-No long counts players who do not hand shiny in on time
-Only require 3 disciples rather than 6 for achievement
-Snow Fun Allowed - Announce if player fails achievement by dropping snow

V2.29.0 (27th January, 2019)
-Added tactics for Battle of Dazzar'alor. Thanks Nightswifty and the achievements discord for these.
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah? - Fixed lua error
Removed Tracking For:
-Praise the Sunflower - Emote range is very short so not reliable

V2.28.0 (26th January, 2019)
-Updated deDe, esEs, ruRu localisations.
Added Tracking For:
-Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah?

V2.27.0 (24th January, 2019)
-Fixed a bug with personal achievement tracking which prevented users on other realms from the player being scanned. This should hopefully fix issues with the Ready For Raiding achievement in The Motherlode.
-IAT should now output correctly in compatible LFG groups such as timewalking
-Updated ruRu translations
Added Tracking For:
-Hidden Dragon
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Praise The Sunflower - Fixed lua error
-Ready For Raiding VI - Show now scan players on other realms from the player to check for failure
-Face Clutches - Fail messages shows up in Raid Warning now
-Overzealous - Fixed lag and added InfoFrame

V2.26.0 (23rd January, 2019)
-Translations updates for Russian and traditional Chinese. :)
-Fixed some issues with InfoFrame not resetting properly
Added Tracking For:
-Barrel of Monkeys
-Walk The Dinosaur
-I Got Next!
-De Lurker Be'loa
-Praise the Sunflower
-Snow Fun Allowed
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Elevator Music - Should now track correctly
-Face Clutches - Added InfoFrame to see who is still missing debuff

V2.25.0 (21st January, 2019)
-Added new InfoFrame functionality
-IAT will now detect blizzard tracking automatically if not marked in IAT database
-Fixed lua error in skyreach
-Added option to CombatLog and Transcriptor log fights
-Added translators to main tab
Altered/Fixed Tracking For
-Burning Bridges - Added number of adds killed to InfoFrame
-Fruits of all Evil - InfoFrame added
-Webbing Crashers - Fixed tracking not working
-Imagined Dragons World Tour - Added InfoFrame
-We Got Spirit, How About You? - Added some additional checks.
-Localisation updates - Thanks everyone who contributed :)

V2.24.0 (4th January, 2019)
-Updated Translations for zhCN - Thanks fredako :)
-Updated Translations for ZhTW - Thanks gaspy10 :)
-Updated Translations for ruRu - Thanks Hubbotu :)
-Updated Translations for deDE
-Updated Translations for esES - Thanks krovikania :)
-Fixed nighthold error when leaving raid
-Added option tho hide completed achievements
-Added option to grey out completed achievements - WIP
-Variables will now fallback to resetting after everyone has left combat correctly
-InfoFrame now remembers its position
-Variables now reset on encounter start if encounter end fails to fire
-Addon Syncing will stop once leader has been found
-Fixed lua error with InfoFrame when leaving an instance
-Removed some debug messages
-Removed some old code from Naxrammas announcing wrong achievements
-Play sounds louder in GUI
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Hounds Good To Me - Outputs both mobs counter each hit rather than just the one to avoid confusion
-Portal Combat - Added blizzard tracking
-Bringing Back Hexy - Fixed lua error with variables resetting
-Thrash Mouth - All Stars - Only 1 person should now output messages
Added Tracking For:
-Great Soul, Great Purpose
-Remember the Titans
-Walk the Dinosaur
-Remix to Ignition

V2.23.0 (23rd December, 2018)
-Updated enEs Locales. Thanks krovikania
-Updated zhTW Locales. Thanks gaspy10
Altered/Fixed Tracking For
-Terrible Thrash - Minor change to how GUI resets after each pull.
Added Tracking For:
-Elevator Music
-We Got Spirit, How About You?

V2.22.0 (15th December, 2018)
-Bumped TOC to 8.1
-Scanning player for achievements lag appears to have been fixed by Blizzard
-Added localisation strings for all tactics. Will add to curse once all tactics have been finished.
-Added localisation strings for core and gui files - will add to curse soon
-Added Battle for Zul'dazzar to gui and database
-Added support for different encounter names for different factions
-Added a way to localise NPC names

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Thrash Mouth - All Stars - Fixed issue with localisation*
-Would You Give Me a Hand - Announces immediately on success
-Ya, We Got Time - Announces immediately on success
-Stardust Crusader - Announces orbs collected rather than energy gained

V2.21.0 (7th December, 2018)
-Added localization files for BFA and some of legion
-Use English localization by default if other language is missing a translation
-Fixed text on main menu falling outside addon

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Bad Manner(oth) - Added missing spell id's
-Patient Zero - Now works correctly if soloing the boss
-Boneafide Tri Trip - Added correct spell id's
-Imagined Dragon World Tour - Should no longer lag game
-Elementarly! - Added longer delay to kill add
-A Change in Scenery - Now tracks astromancers rise correctly
-Burning Bridge - Removed mob counting

V2.20.0 (29th November, 2018)
-Added Spanish translations. Thanks krovikania :)
-Fixed lua error when entering BC Timewalking Dungeons
-Clear variables when user leaves instance mid-fight

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Double Dribble - Should now track correctly
-He Shoots, He Ores - No longer announces fail incorrectly
-The Iron Price - No longer counts the same ore multiple times
-Terrible Thrash - Stops tracking once criteria has been met

Removed Tracking For:
-More Like Wrecked-us

V2.19.0 (24th November, 2018)
-More fixes for Terrible Thrash

V2.18.0 (18th November, 2018)
-Removed debug message from BRF

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Buggy Fight - Removed additional message to collect extra bugs as IAT will not count same click twice
-Terrible Thrash - Hopefully this should be working now.

V2.17.0 (16th November, 2018)
-Updated tactics for Existential Crisis

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Strike! - Fixed lua errors
-Rescue Raider - Only track if selected
-No More Tears - Removed unused tracking
-Fire in the hole - Fixed mines counting when targeted rather than when stomped

V2.16.0 (15th November, 2018)
Added Tracking For:
-He Shoots, He Ores
-The Iron Price

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-No More Tears - Use Blizzard Tracking
-Go Long - Fixed tracking message not outputting
-Fire in the Hole - Remade tracking for this to be more reliable*
-Strike! - No keeps track of all mob at <= 15% health and announces when achievement turns white
-Edgelords - Fixed lua error
-Now We Got Bad Blood - Will hopefully track now
-Double Dribble - Reduce lag by only scanning for once for debuff after fail
-Took The Red Eye Down - Announce mob counter for each mob that spawns rather than every 3 mobs

Removed Tracking For:
-Criss Cross

V2.15.0 (October 31, 2018)
-Fixed Nighthold module crashing the game
-Started work on Battle of Dazar'alor bosses

V2.14.0 (October 27, 2018)
-Removed some debug messages
-Fixed clear variables in TOS
Fixed Tracking For:
-Five Course Seafood Buffet - Should no longer crash game
-Burning Bridges - Will now track adds killed
-Fruits of all Evil - Should now track before boss pull

V2.13.0 (October 21, 2018)
-Moved lock detection to encounter_end event rather than when the player leaves combat
-Uldir Tactics Updated
-Added tactics for Dropping Some Eaves
-Changed boss title for Snake Eyes
-Corrected boss order in Shrine of the Storm
-Corrected boss order in Kings Rest
-Instance names are now shown in alphabetical order
-Only show players missing achievement info for the currently tracked instance

Added Tracking For:
-Five Course Seafood Buffet

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Not a Fun Guy - Use blizzard tracking
-Thrash Mouths - All Star - Players must take more than 0 damage for hit to count

V2.12.0 (October 14, 2018)
-Fixed some options not hiding

Added Tracking For:
-Double Dribble - Will announce player who fails achievement
-Edgelords - Added blizzard tracking

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Thrash Mouth - All Stars - Now tracks correctly
-Thrash Mouth - All Stars - Now announces the players who still need to get hit

V2.11.0 (October 12, 2018)
-Added option to announce messages to Raid Warning (enabled by default)
-Added sounds when achievement are completed or failed (disabled by default)

V2.10.0 (September 29, 2018)
-Added method to detect Blizzard Tracking
-Fixed clear variables not firing
-Added Uldir Clear Variables
-Block boss detection at end of fight for 3 seconds to stop tracking firing off again too soon
-Fixed addon syncing errors
-Addon syncing will now decide leader by alphabetical order if all else fails
-Fixed Incorrect message output order
-Added option to track only missing achievements - Disabled by default
Added Tracking For:
-Existential Crisis*
-Stand By Me
-A Fish Out of Water
-I Heard You Like Amber
-A Change in Scenery
-Webbing Crashers
-Fel Turkey
-Go Long
-Lineage of Power
Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Taste The Rainbow! - Fixed lua errors
-Maybe He'll Get Dizzy - Fixed lua errors
-Cage Rematch - Added Blizzard Tracking
-Burning Bridges - Added Blizzard Tracking
-I've Got My Eyes On You - Added Blizzard Tracking

V2.9.1 (September 21,2018)
-Added zhTW translations. Thanks*gaspy10* :)
Updated Tactics For:
-Cathedral of Eternal Night
-Atal Dazar
Added Tactics For:

V2.9.0 (September 15, 2018)
Added Tracking For:
-Now We Got Bad Blood
-What's in the Box?

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Stardust Crusader - Announce if Khaz energy is too high for IAT to track achievement
-Stardust Crusader - Message cleanup
-Fruit of All Evil - Debuff counter now works before boss pull
-Elementalry! - Add slight delay before announcing to kill add

Updated Tactics For:
-Atal Dazar
-Siege of Boralus
-The Underrot
-Tomb of Sargeras
-Emerald Nightmare

Added Tactics For:
-Trials of Valor
-Darkheart Thicket
-Cathedral of Eternal Night

V2.8.0 (September 1, 2018)
-Fixed some events not uninteresting when leaving instances
-Fixed wrong boss name on How To Keep A Mummy
-Added Losing My Profession to Siege of Boralus
-Added option to announce which achievements IAT is tracking to the group (disabled by default)

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Gold Fever - Scan nameplates for debuff rather than using combat log
-Bringing Hexy Back - Bug Fixes & hopefully stopped spam
-Been Waiting A Long Time For This - Updated to new tracking method
-Head Case - Fixed addon announcing fail on kill
-Wrap God - Fixed addon announcing fail on pull

Added Tracking For:
-Snake Eater
-Good Night, Sweet Prince

V2.7.0 (August 27, 2018)
-Fixed error with Antorus instance cleanup
-Added a way for multiple achievement ID's to be used for a single achievement

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-The Void Lies Sleeping - Correct fail message not outputting
-Trust No One - Will now track debuff being picked up before boss is engaged.
-Bringing Hexy Back - Added Encounter ID's for detection
-Gold Fever - Added achievement link to message output
-Stardust Crusader
-Buggy Fight
-Boneafide Tri Tip
-Ready For Raiding V
-A Complete Circuit
-Dusk 'til Dawn
-No More Tears
-Run With The Wind
-Ready For Raiding IV
-Nearly Indestructible
-More Like Wrecked-us
-Brothers in Arms

Removed Tracking For:
-Remix to Ignition - Cannot find a way to detect when barrel are set on fire, only if player gets damaged

V2.6.0 (August 26, 2018)
-Minor typos on main tab
-Removed some debug messages

Added Tracking For:
-Bringing Hexy Back
-Shot Through The Heart

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Ready For Raiding VI - Should now work correctly
-Gold Fever - Added message when it's safe to kill add

V2.5.0 (August 25,2018)
-BFA & Legion Tactics kindly contributed by the Achievement Discord Server, the community where members can meet like-minded completionists and form groups for a variety of achievements. Check them out below :)

-Added localization files
-Localized all instances & boss names
-Remade the tactics module
-Will now output over multiple messages correctly
-Will now output over multiple lines correctly
-Items & spells can now be linked
-Added ItemCache to load in linked items
-Added tactics for BFA dungeons.
-Added tactics for Legion dungeons
-Fixed Instance detection for BFA mythics
-Added a note about the achievements discord server to the main tab

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
-Ready for Raiding VI - Corrected spell id's and nil error
-The Void Lies Sleeping - Added additional check

V2.4.0 (August 13, 2018)
Correct Battle for Azeroth Instance ID's
Fixed Instance ID for Scarlet Halls
Added Encounter Id's to BFA dungeons and raids
Added Encounter Id's for Cathedral of Eternal Night & Seat of the Triumvirate
Fixed BFA tracking to work in languages other than English.
Updated CallbackHandler
Updated LibDBIcon

Added Tracking For:
Scared Straight
Wrap God

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
Been Waiting a Long Time For This

V2.3.0 (August 5, 2018)
The addon should now work for people using languages other than English. I've had to change the majority of files
to get this to work so things may of broken which were previously working. If you encounter any issues, reports on
discord would be really appreciated.

Converted all Instance names to Instance ID's to allow detection to work in other languages
Fixed buttons on GUI not working in other languages
Only clear variables if the function exists. This will stop errors in instances with no tracking.
Added support for localization. The language strings for these will be released in a future version. Still a lot of work
to do for this.

Altered/Fixed Tracking For:
Rescue Raiders - Converted spell name to ID
Death From Above - Converted spell name to ID
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Originally Posted by snichols1122
Message: Interface\AddOns\InstanceAchievementTracker\GUI.lua:1413: attempt to index upvalue 'InfoFrame' (a nil value)
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Stack: Interface\AddOns\InstanceAchievementTracker\GUI.lua:1413: attempt to index upvalue 'InfoFrame' (a nil value)
[C]: ?
Interface\AddOns\InstanceAchievementTracker\GUI.lua:1413: in function `ToggleOff'
...nstanceAchievementTracker\AchievementTrackerCore.lua:2364: in function `clearVariables'
...nstanceAchievementTracker\AchievementTrackerCore.lua:1201: in function `?'
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Just wanted to chime in and say that this is a great idea for an addon. Nice work! Kudos!
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