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Rise of Azshara (8.2.0)
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8.2.0 Thebestroll UI

Version: 8.2.0
by: dwarfomlet [More]

HOW TO step by step *i am very sorry for my english, i hope you will understand :P

1. Open WoW/_retail_/ and make a backup of your WTF and Interface folders and delete them from wow folder
2. Unzip my UI pack and change names of Account Number/Server Name/Character Name that are in WTF folder to yours, from your fresh-backuped WTF
3. Paste my pack to your WoW/_retail_/ (its important, u must change all these folder names before copying)
4. Run WoW and log in on char which have been chosen in "character name" folder
5. Type /reflux switch asdasd (ui reload should happen)
6. Press alt+f4, fontain addon requires client reload to work
7. Run WoW and enjoy.

attention, twitch updater bugged bd actionbars so they cant be dragged to the edge of the screen like before, u must download bd actionbars from website , replace in addons folder and setup manually if u want it cool and clean, the command is /bd config or wait for another update, i will do it when new patch come out cuz this is a minor problem

*u can now log in on every char and repeat step 5
*this is experimental, i hope it is going to work
*this UI has some very minor bugs
-quest list is re-opening with every portal/teleport/loading screen etc.
-logout and exit game is blocking sometimes somehow, u just can't click it, disabling ace2 or alf+f4 helps
-battleground enemies addon is showing the list of last enemies while in arena (sometimes, not often) idk why, type /reload to fix
-battleground enemies addon wont display enemies list if u close bg panel (shift+space) while showing only your allies tab, just re-open it and close while both teams or opposite faction is displayed

borders added to unit frames and buffs
buffs size changed
focus frame
shielded casting bar is orange now (normal is blue)
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