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BfA content patch (8.2.5)
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World Quest Tab

by: LanceDH [More]

World Quest Tab is a world quest add-on designed to be as lightweight as possible, while looking and feeling as part of Blizzard's default UI.
World Quest Tab adds a new tab to the quest log with a list of world quests.
While looking at a specific zone, the list will show all world quests in that zone. Zooming out to the continent will show all quests from all zones in that continent. And zooming out to the world map will show all quests for all current expansion zones.

In addition to the list, the pins on the map receive a make over. Each pin will show the icon of the reward with a ring displaying the time remaining. In addition, small icons indicate the type of quest (pet battle, invastion, etc) and the type of reward. These can be customized to your preference with a number of available options.

The quest list itself can be sorted by time remaining, zone, faction, quest type, name, and reward type. In addition, the list can be filtered to only show quests of specific factions, quest types, and reward types.

To avoid bloat for the average user, extra features can be found in a separate plug-in called World Quest Tab Utilities.
  • Having reward icons disabled in combination with ring type \"Default\" will now show the default brown ring with other enabled features, rather than disappear completely.
  • Disabling all pin changes will now ping quests using the official ping functionality. (To the best of it's ability)
  • Fixed a TomTom settings option not correctly enabling/disabling.
  • Fixed type icons not showing when the "Reward Texture" setting is disabled.
  • Everything in relation to map pins (Official icons, official backgrounds, elite dragon, etc) will now correctly grow with the "Bigger Pins" setting enabled.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in preventing interaction with the default quest log.
  • Fixed an error related to reward quality colors.
  • Fixed an error related to combat
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the quest list to dissapear completely.
  • Fixed the quest details frame being positioned slightly off.
  • Fixed the world quest list bleeding through overlay frames when moving around.
  • Fixed an error for TomTom users when completing a regular quest.

Introducing World Quest Tab Utilities. This is a plug-in for World Quest Tab which adds some additional features. These include an overview of total reward sums for certain quest rewards in the list (i.e. gold or currencies), a sort option by distance to the quest, and a 14 day history graph of rewards from world quests.
  • New 'Daily' quest type filter: can be used to filter daily quests from the list.

  • Certain daily quests are once again part of the list with their own type icon.
  • Reward amounts in the list will now take warmode bonuses into account.
  • Quest rewards will prioritize their most impressive reward to display. I.e. showing manapears over gold rewards.
  • Imporived the readibility of the 'what's new' window
  • The full-screen button to toggle the quest list can now be dragged to a different position with the right mouse button.

  • Fixed support for quests with more then 2 reward types.
  • Fixed a filtering issue related to zones.
  • Fixed quest 'type' filters.
  • Fixed tooltips when hovering over quests in the list. This will also fix interractions with other add-ons such as TipTac.
  • Fixed sort button text not greying out when being disabled.
  • Fixed dragging of the full-screen quest list when the cursor goes outside the borders of the map.
  • Fixed the flight map quest list not showing quests for older continents.

This update is mostly behind the scenes changes. As a result, the quest list will be less likely to be missing quests, and be more accurate in general.
  • New 'Quality' sort: Sorts the quest list by reward quality (epic > rare > ...) over reward type (equipment > azerite > ...).
  • New settings for the quest list:
  • - Show zone (default on): Show the zone label when there are quests for multiple zones.
  • - Expand times (default off): Add a secondary scale to timers in the quest list. I.e. adding minutes to hours.

  • Filters now work more like Blizzard's filters. All are checked by default and all off now means nothing passes. This change resulted in a one time reset of your filters. My apologies.
  • Filtering will now indicate how many quests are shown out of the total that would be visible otherwise, And, filter categories will now be shown instead of actual filters.
  • Just like pin settings, the list settings have been moved to their own group.
  • Times for quests with a total duration over 4 days are now purple during their 'days left' period.
  • Times now update in real-time rather than when data is updated.
  • Times below 1 minute will now show as seconds instead.
  • Flipped the order of faction sorting so that it's now ascending.
  • Using WorldFlightMap will now act more like the default functionality, only showing quests for the relevant zones. To revert this, enable Settings -> List Settings -> Always All Quests.

  • Fixed pin ring timers for quests with a duration over 4 days.
  • Fixed certain error messages in chat while in combat.
  • Fixed map highlights for WorldFightMap users.

  • Fixed an error caused by the dataprovider.
  • Fixed an issue where all quests were gone when an official map filter is turned off.

  • Removed 'Precise Filter' option. Apparently it was broken for ages, so I assume no one uses it anyway.
  • Sorting will now fall-back to sorting by reward, rather than just by title. For example: sorting by time will still do so, but quests with the same time remaining will sort by reward.

  • Fixed the quest list not showing up when the map is set to fullscreen, but openened using the questlog keybind.
  • Fixed Nazjatar quests not showing in the list on other continents.
  • Fixed Nazjatar quests not showing in the list, period.
  • Fixed the Alliance Nazjatar faction.
  • Fixed Nazjatar 'Bonus Objectives'.
  • Fixed compatibility with the WorldFlightMap add-on.
  • Fixed issues related to using the 'Always All Quests' setting.
  • Fixed the 'Default' quest type filter.
  • Fixed the order of "Type" sorting to prioritize rare and elite quests over the most basic type.

  • Fixed uninteded cooldown times showing on map pins.
  • Fixed the add-on showing as outdated.

  • Support for Machegon and Nazjatar.
  • A 'What's new' window that shows a TL;DR version of these patch notes in game.
  • Added support for the world quest list to the fullscreen map and the flight map. Click on the globe button (top-right on fullscreen, bottom right on flught map) to show/hide the list.
  • Added new pin features:
  • - 'Time left' on the right: Use the ring to present the time left on a quest.
  • - Reward type icon: adds a small icon indicating the type of reward.
  • - Quest type icon: adds a small icon to special quest types (pet battle, invasion, etc).
  • - Bigger pins: Re-implemented. Slightly increase the size of pins for easier reading.
  • Changed the default layout of pins using the new features. Check the settings to customize to your own preference.

  • Switched the bightness of 'selected' and 'tracked' hightlights.
  • Swapped the order of 'type' sort so special types are at the top of the list.
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Originally Posted by Deadlyz
Hi! I'm getting this error after updating to the newer version
The latest update should fix this issue.
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Hi! I'm getting this error after updating to the newer version

2x WorldQuestTab\Dataprovider.lua:71: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
WorldQuestTab\Dataprovider.lua:71: in function <WorldQuestTab\Dataprovider.lua:66>
WorldQuestTab\Dataprovider.lua:129: in function <WorldQuestTab\Dataprovider.lua:116>
WorldQuestTab\Dataprovider.lua:336: in function 'UpdateWaitingRoom'
WorldQuestTab\Dataprovider.lua:287: in function 'OnEvent'
WorldQuestTab\WorldQuestTab-8.2.01c.lua:2498: in function <WorldQuestTab\WorldQuestTab.lua:2496>

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