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WoW Classic (1.13.2)
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Version: v1.0.0
by: cannonpalms [More]


Maintained at https://github.com/cannonpalms/FasterLooting

FasterLooting is a simple addon with a simple purpose: loot instantly. No more waiting for the loot window to appear, no more waiting for the loot window to be populated with items, and certainly no more stopping your character next to each mob so you can loot. FasterLooting will loot every item available as soon as the loot window is ready. For you, this means you can just run by a mob, click once to loot it, and keep on running. Your loot will appear in your inventory and in your chat log.


Q: The loot window appears, but none of the items are automatically looted. What's going on?
FasterLooting will only act on auto-loot commands. That is, FasterLooting will only run when: 1. The player has auto-loot enabled in his/her game settings and he/she uses right-click a lootable object, or 2. The player does not have auto-loot enabled in his/her game settings uses his/her auto-loot keybind (shift+right-click, by default) on a lootable object

Q: I believe I found a bug, would like to request a new feature, or have a question that isn't answered here.
For all questions, comments, and/or concerns, please feel free to open an issue on this repository and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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