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WoW Classic (1.13.2)
Rise of Azshara (8.2.0)
Zandalari and Kul Tiran (8.1.5)
Tides of Vengeance (8.1.0)
Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
Updated:08-13-19 04:20 PM
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Version: 820r200
by: Dejablue [More]

Ready for BfA and Classic!

For target as well as world marker functionality, check out DejaMark.

Changes from the original:

  • The center is blank, click it to clear the mark from your target,
  • Skull is now at the top.
  • Removed the limitation of not being able to mark targets when you are solo or not the party leader.

What BaudMark does:
  • Displays a circular menu around your cursor with marking symbols while a hotkey is held. The menu disappears when a symbol is selected, and reappears when you select another target (As long as the hotkey is still held).
  • Please see the screenshots to see the result.
  • Install to your addon directory and login to WoW. There are no preferences, only a key-binding.
  • With the hotkey held down right or left click on a symbol to mark a target with that symbol.
  • With the hotkey held down you can also right or left click on any symbol to clear that symbol's mark on a target.
  • To set a hotkey, look for the Baud Mark heading near the bottom of Blizzard's key-binding list.
Special Thanks:
  • Baudzila
This addon was written by Baudzila. Baud gave me, Dejablue, his permission to maintain it as he plays WoW less these days. I have brought it back to make everyone's raiding life a little bit easier.

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This is gonna be great, thanx so much!
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