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Classic Patch (1.13.5)
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ChatKeys Classic  Less than 3 days old!

Version: 1.13.5
by: Skyler001 [More]

This is a revamp version of the original addon ChateKeys by Zax.

Tired of opening the chat window and typing "/p " to start a party message, or "/g " to start a message on the guild channel? The main goal of this WoW AddOn is to allow you to bind keys - from the standard shortcuts panel - to start chat messages for all the following standard channels:

- emote
- say
- yell
- instance (if applicable, else party)
- party
- raid (if applicable, else instance or party)
- raid warning
- BattleGround (if applicable, else Local defense)
- guild
- guild officers
- General
- Trade

ChatKeys offers others bindable keys:
- a key to start a message on 3 custom channels, defined with a settings panel (UI).
- a key to start an emote (/em).
- a key to whisper to a defined friend. This (girl/boy) friend's name can be defined with the UI.
- a key to whisper to your target, assuming your target is a friendly player.

Other features:
- Optionally displays party numbers on raid channel.
- Optionally plays a sound when receiving a whisper.
- Optionally simplifies or removes some annoying chat prefixes.
- Ability to define macros to start messages on desired channels - see supported slash-commands in the included ReadMe text file.

Quick Start
Just open the standard shortcut panel (keybindings) and bind keys for ChatKeys.

Supported slash-commands
/chatkeys ui -- display settings UI
/chatkeys msg CHANNEL_NAME | CHANNEL_NUMBER -- start a message on the given channel, if available
/chatkeys whisp PLAYER_NAME -- start a whisper to the given player
/chatkeys reset -- reset options to default

http://zax.tripoy.com/wow (doesn't work)

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