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The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1)
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SinStats [ TBC Stats ]  Updated this week!

Version: Beta 3
by: Simba [More]

SinStats - TBC

SinStats is a lightweight yet powerful addon made for WoW TBC that displays a large range of stats, updated in real-time on a moveable frame that can be placed anywhere on your screen.


A large range of abilities, talents, enchants, consumables, tier set bonuses, racials, buffs and world buffs have been manually added and used to provide an unmatched accuracy. The HUD was designed to reflect your actual numbers in real-time, as they are at any moment during combat (or outside of combat!). If you use all your cooldowns on a boss fight, your stats will reflect the improved numbers!


Attack Power : Melee and Ranged

Damage : Melee and Ranged

Critical Strike : Melee, Ranged and Spell

Critical Strike CAP : Melee

Hit Chance : Melee, Ranged and Spell

Haste Bonus : Melee, Ranged and Spell

Attack Speed : Melee

Miss Chance : Melee, Ranged and Spell

Defense : Armor, Mitigation, Block, Parry, Dodge and Defense

Spell Power : Fire Power, Nature Power, Frost Power, Healing Power , Shadow Power, Holy Power and Arcane Power

Mana Regeneration : Mana Regen per tick (while not casting), Mana Regen per tick (while casting) and MP5

Spell Resistance : Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow

Other Stats : Movement speed, Items Durability, FPS and Latency.

Config Menu Open Settings : /sinstats


A few examples of possible configurations :




Open Settings : /sinstats


Q: What versions of WoW is SinStats compatible with ?
A: SinStats works on WoW Classic and WoW TBC. There will be a Retail version out soon.

Q: How do I configure my stats ?
A: Simply type /sinstats in the game to open the menu

Q: What is MP5 ?
A: It's the Mana Per 5 Second stat that's from enchants, tier set bonuses, gear and consumables.

Q: What is Mana Regen and Casting Regen ?
A: Mana Regen stat shows your actual mana regeneration, per tick (2-sec) and includes every modifier in the game. Casting Regen stat shows your mana regeneration while you're casting, in other words outside of the 5-second rule. It's also shown per tick to reflect your mana bar.

Q: Why is my Spell Power number different than other addons ?
A: SinStats will show your actual damage, not just the generic value in gear. For example, a Fire Mage with the Fire Power talent (10% increased fire damage) and a Darkmoon Faire Damage buff will get a 20% increase on its Fire Spell Power stat.

Q: How do I know what is affecting a specific stat ?
A: Simply go the settings menu (/sinstats), mouse over the stat that you want to inquire and read the tooltip.

Q: Some stats on some characters have a number in (), what does it represent ? (ie. Spell Crit : 10% (+3)
A: Some talents only affect one school of magic on a stat. For example, a Priest has talents that will only increase their holy critical strike. This amount will be shown in parenthesis next to the stat. Please go to the settings (/sinstats) and hover the stat in question. A tooltip will appear with some explanation.

Q: What does the speed stat do ?
A: The speed stat reflects your in-game speed, in real-time. Whether you are walking backwards, RP walk, on your epic mount or on a flight, you will see your exact speed. It will also reflect your speed under slowing effects.

Q: Do racials like Berserking and world buffs such as Warchief's Blessing affect the new Haste Bonus stat ?
A: Yes, every (almost) haste related spell in the game has been added. If some are missing, they will be added shortly.

Q: Is it possible to toggle off the icons next to each stat ?
A: Yes, the icons can be toggled off via the settings menu (/sinstats)


Release TBC Beta 1
Adaptation of SinStats for TBC
New calculation methods used for TBC Stats
Fixed talents to match their new orders on the talent trees
Added TBC consumables and talent procs
More stats will be added on future releases

Release TBC Beta 2
Fixed a bug when zoning out of an instance caused by hit ratings

Release TBC Beta 3
New feature : Option to change the stats text, from normal to an abbreviated one to fit different UI
New feature : Option to align the stats on more than 1 row on the horizontal alignment
Added Kiss of the Spider trinket to the Haste stat
Fixed the speed stat to show the rounded value of certain auras.
Fixed the Mana Spring totem regen with the Restorative Totem talent
Added more text size options
Added Elemental Precision and Nature's Guidance to Spell and Melee Hit chance
Added Mana Spring Totem, Restorative Totem and Unrelenting Storm to Mana Regen
Added Draenei's Inspiring Presence and Totem of Wrath talent to Spell Hit chance
Adjusted Mana Spring and Mana Tide to their new TBC values
Adjusted many talent calculations based on their new positions on their respective trees
Added Nature's Blessing effects to Spell Damage and Healing stats
Added Elemental Mastery to Spell Crit

** Special thanks to Fizzlemizz for his incredible help

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Small Bug

Firstly, nice addon

I tested on BC but I'm guessing the same error will be present in Classic version.

Lines 349-353 of SinStatsConfig.lua need to be amended to this
Lua Code:
  1. if SinStatsDB.minimap.hide then
  2.     AddonTable.sshMiniButton:Hide("SinStatsHUD")
  3. else
  4.     AddonTable.sshMiniButton:Show("SinStatsHUD")
  5. end

Referencing the frame created by LibDBIcon-1.0 directly will error after reloads if minimap.hide is true because the library is smart enough to not create button frames if they are hidden.

Using the LibDBIcon-1.0 API with the addon name as key will go through internal checks and create the missing frame if it's been registered.
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