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Dragonflight (10.0.2)
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JackJack  Updated this week!

Version: JackJack-2.5-retail10.0.2.46702
by: artifexsev [More]

Adds TomTom waypoints based on location name. Locations and their coordinates are based on data from WoW.tools.

Don't know where Kalimgrimmardrassil is? Now you don't have to waste time searching on Google where everything is and just add a waypoint directly there!

This addon requires TomTom! Adding TomTom waypoints is the whole point of this addon.

Set a waypoint at a location
Open the map to show JackJack and type a location (like "orgrimmar") into the search box

Then select one of the locations to add it as a TomTom waypoint.

Get directions to a location
You can get directions from your player to a location by typing a location into the search box, then clicking the directions icon button to the right of the location. This will add each step of the directions as a TomTom waypoint and show a list of directions in the main window.

This is an experimental feature, meaning it might be wrong. For example, it might lead you to portals you haven't unlocked yet, or which are temporary during a quest. This will probably change as I update the addon.

JackJack 2.5
This version updates the JackJack data to the data from the latest WoW build (

Previous versions work fine on the latest build, but only had location data up to 10.0.0.x because I hadn't figured out how to extract data from WoW without WoW.tools until now.

JackJack 2.4
This release adds an option to enable/disable showing a location on the world map when you hover over its button in JackJack. Enabling this hovering feature relies on `WorldMapFrame:SetMapID()`, which is currently causes a nasty bug that prevents some actions from being cast (https://github.com/Stanzilla/WoWUIBugs/issues/352). So until Blizzard fixes this or a workaround exists, this option is disabled by default.

You can turn it on if you really want to, but you're probably going to run into the bug eventually.

JackJack 2.3
Changes in this version:
- Added a minimap button that opens/closes JackJack
- New commands: `/jackjack` or `/jj` opens/closes JackJack
- Added an X button next to the minimize button that completely removes the JackJack window until opened with the minimap button or `/jj` command
- You can search for and add waypoints entirely using commands now
- `/jjsearch <location>` will return a list of the first 8 matching locations. For example, `/jjsearch orgrimmar` shows the following:
- `/jjset <number>` will add a TomTom waypoint to the location with that number in your last jjsearch. So if you did `/jjsearch org` and Orgrimmar was the first result, then `/jjset 1` will set a waypoint for Orgrimmar
- Updated to latest interface version. Data is NOT updated to latest WoW build because wow.tools CSV export no longer works. I will be adding a new data pipeline in the future, hopefully before the Dragonflight release.

JackJack 2.2
This updates JackJack to WoW (Dragonflight Retail prepatch). 10.0 introduces some breaking changes to the WoW API, so this update is needed to keep the plugin working.

## Functionality changes
The functionality is pretty much the same, except some dev/test locations will no longer be shown (this is a good thing). This is because some dev locations reference maps which are now removed from the game files, including "ElevatorSpawnTest" and "Development Land 3", and I no longer show these locations in JackJack.

## Dataset changes
Data is now updated to 10.0 prepatch, which includes some Dragonflight locations. I don't think you can actually go to these places in Retail yet, but in theory these will still be good when Dragonflight content is accessible.

JackJack 2.1
Changes in this version:
* Fixed a bug where the next waypoint is not automatically shown if you enter a new continent and said waypoint is in the same continent, but in a different zone.
* Direction waypoints are now added in reverse order, so the first direction waypoint is set on the TomTom arrow
* When calculating directions, JackJack now takes into account your toon's current speed.
* New configuration options available from Game Menu > Interface > Addons > JackJack
* "Average loading screen time" lets you set how long loading screens take, affecting directions calculation (e.g. if it's really long, JackJack will avoid sending you through loading screens)
* "Include flight points in directions" lets you turn flight points on and off when calculating directions. Checking this gives you more accurate directions, but calculations are much slower.
* "Auto remove direction waypoints" lets JackJack automatically remove skipped directions (e.g. if you're closer to direction 4 but never went to 1-3, then directions 1-3 are removed since you're closer to 4)
* Some waypoints will be added to even higher zoom/more detailed maps

JackJack 2.0
This version is a complete rewrite of JackJack and is now version 2.0! This version is now more maintainable, which I can add more features later on much quicker than with JackJack 1.0.

JackJack 1.0 was my first addon ever, and I've learned a thing or two since then. JackJack 2.0 now uses AceLib, a standard WoW addon library which makes addon development way easier.

Changes in this version:
- Nifty tabbed interface letting you switch between "Locations" and "Directions".
- Locations tab lets you show/hide instanced locations from the search results.
- When you click on "Get directions" from the Locations tab, you go to the Directions tab which shows each direction as a button.
- Hovering on one will show the location on the map, and clicking on one will re-add it as a waypoint.
- There's a button in the top right corner which lets you collapse/expand the JackJack window on demand.
- If you type in the search bar of the locations tab, it will auto-expand the window so you can see the search results
- The JackJack window is now resizable. The window size is remembered when you log off.
- When following directions waypoints, if you skip a waypoint (like if you go straight from direction 1 to direction 4), the previous waypoints are removed if you're closer to a more advanced waypoint (so waypoints 1-3 will go away if you're closer to 4).
- Location tooltips now tell you if the location is in an instance, and if it's instanced, what type (e.g. dungeon vs raid).
- Last but not least, all the datasets are updated to

JackJack 1.6.2
1.6.2 is a hotfix for adding in the missing JackJackUI.lua (part of the JackJack UI code) and directions.blp (texture for the directions button), which didn't get included in the script that packages the addon into a zip file due to an oversight.

JackJack 1.6.1
Changes in this version:
- The list of locations is hidden if the search box has nothing in it (address issue #28)

JackJack 1.6
Changes in this version:
* Added an experimental feature for getting directions to a location using the directions button next to each location
- **This is experimental** meaning it might be wrong sometimes. For example, it might lead you to portals you haven't unlocked yet, or which are temporary during a quest. This will probably change as I update the addon.
* Added data from the following datasets for the directions feature:
* WaypointNode - Portal entrances/exits
* WaypointSafeLocs - Locations of portals
* WaypointEdge - Connections between portals
* PlayerCondition - Requirements for entering portals
* ChrRaces - Player races

JackJack 1.5
Changes in this version:
* Show waypoints on higher zoom level when available (e.g. the Sinfall waypoint is now also visible in the Revendreth map instead of just the Shadowlands map)

Uses data mined from WoW retail Credit to https://wow.tools/ for original data.
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