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Seeds of Renewal (10.2.5)
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Simple Gold Counter

Version: 1.4.13
by: Hexiatröhm [More]

GoldCounter by Hexiatröhm

A small window you can place anywhere if you want to keep an eye on your business while questing, grinding or use Auction House for example.*Or maybe know how much you won or lost after repairs when finished a dungeon...

A very simple addon and yet might be useful for some people I believe, it can optionally show your gear state then you know it will be time to repair soon and has*History Records for when the counter is reset.

A panel*that show your*overall characters funds is also available.

*More functions or options may come in later versions.

*Command line: /gc or /goldcounter

( /gc options let you change the frame scale, numbers font, view mode, and history length )

*Feedback, suggestion, reporting of translation errors, are welcomed and appreciated!

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