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File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)07-01-10
Originally posted by Coren I'm ba...
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Originally posted by Coren I'm back from a longer WoW hibernation. I get your arguments about wanting only specific subsets of Karma. I always wanted that myself, and I shifted quite an amount of code around since sometime in BC to get exactly there, modular Karma. It's NOT that simple. But I'm getting closer and hope to get...
File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)01-28-10
I've stopped using this
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I used to greatly enjoy this addon, but I've stopped using Karma because it has grown beyond what I wanted, a simple tool to track who I've grouped with and a simple way to rate them, and nothing else. The last straw however was the spam about who in my party has completed some alliance/horde quest -- I really don't care or need t...