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File: Wullie's UI02-26-14
So I've managed to fix everything a...
Posted By: drew5512
So I've managed to fix everything and get it all figured out except for one critical problem. The Extra action button bar doesn't work at all. I've enabled it and disabled it in Bartender and I can't get it to display. Ever since I tried moving it by accident by using MoveAnything, it's been broken. I haven't been able to...
File: AzCastBar Plugins04-20-13
Can't get swing timer to work
Posted By: drew5512
I've seemingly tried everything to get the swing timer to work and it never displays. It's enabled and I haven't found any conflicts with any addons unless I am missing one. Any ideas what would cause the bar to work when in test mode but not live when it's enabled?
File: AzCastBar04-13-13
Swing timer
Posted By: drew5512
I cannot get the swing timer to function. The addon is enabled as well as all dependencies. The spell bars work just fine. However when I enable the swing timer, it never works. It will run in edit mode, but not anything else. Any ideas?
File: ArkInventory01-05-13
Problem with AI blocking glyph/talent changes
Posted By: drew5512
I ran the taintlog to see what was causing the errors and one of the addons I have that has been causing problems is apparently AI. This is the info from the taintlog. 1/4 17:37:51.935 An action was blocked because of taint from ArkInventory - RemoveTalent() 1/4 17:37:51.935 Interface\AddOns\Blizzard_TalentUI\Blizzard_Tale...
File: TauntMaster01-11-12
I wish this would get updated. Lov...
Posted By: drew5512
I wish this would get updated. Love this addon.
File: Insanity Ui Revised12-06-11
The only mod I want to make is I pr...
Posted By: drew5512
The only mod I want to make is I prefer threat plates for tanking. What addon currently does the name plates? Thanks again for creating a great UI.
File: ArkInventory12-06-11
With the new patch I have had to ch...
Posted By: drew5512
With the new patch I have had to change my UI. I backed up my old one and my questions is this. Can I copy the settings that I had before from the arkinventory files over to the new updated version of arkinventory? Or do I have to reconfigure it for all my toons? Thanks!
File: Insanity Ui Revised12-05-11
I really like the UI, but all of my...
Posted By: drew5512
I really like the UI, but all of my monitors are 1920 x 1080. Is there anyway I can make this UI work at that resolution?