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File: IceHUD03-23-10
Sad it's not working
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I agree with Twidget... I'm really disappointed that the patch broke Ice HUD that badly. I love Ice HUD and have grown to rely on it. It's, by far, the best HUD I've used. Best of luck getting it back up and running... I'll be checking back here frequently with my fingers crossed!! :)
File: Natur Enemy Castbar05-05-08
Originally posted by Everglow It'...
Posted By: illumnat
Originally posted by Everglow It's been almost 2 weeks since Bela said he'd have a new release in 2 or 3 days, I hope he's ok. :( I believe he has a new baby as of around the time of the 2.4 patch. I'm sure some other things are taking precedence. ;) But yeah... hopefully soon we'll hear some progress. ;)
File: Natur Enemy Castbar04-15-08
Originally posted by Beladona Ide...
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Originally posted by Beladona Ideas are welcome. I am thinking about tooltips or maybe sorting bars under sub-headers for the caster, or affected (depending on the group). Will let you know what we decide. I can release as-is, but it wouldn't be very useful to you without that information available somehow. A lot of what I use...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar04-05-08
Originally posted by Vagabondreams...
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Originally posted by Vagabondreams The guys who make WitchHunt seem to have found out how to work the new combat log maybe you guys should ask them about it. Witch hunt and NECB are quite different beasts. Witchhunt simply looks for casts and that sort of thing and pops them up as text in SCT, Raid Warning or whatever. NEC...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar03-31-08
Patience--it's a major task
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Originally posted by Celeras Are there any plans to fix this? So many things dont work properly anymore. Had to disable it for now because its completely unreliable. As Beladona mentioned... the 8.7.6 ALPHA is a temporary hack to provide some basic functionality, mainly in PVE. The 2.4 patch completely changed how the Combat...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar03-27-08
NECB Alpha in BGs... working?
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Quick question... Is the Alpha working in BGs at all? Thanks! :)
File: Natur Enemy Castbar03-27-08
Thanks for your great work!
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Originally posted by Taffu Beladona specified that this is an Alpha build for NECB to last through to the complete rewrite being worked on that should fix most, if not all, of the current Alpha issues. I just want to thank Beladona for keeping up the work on this great add-on! I am very much looking forward to the new version a...