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File: TomTom02-19-20
Some TomTom options related to wayp...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Some TomTom options related to waypoints are stored with waypoints themselves and not affected by future option changes. I don't have access to the game ATM to confirm or deny my suspicions, but I strongly suggest rechecking/recreating problematic waypoints first. Also, it is entirely possible to solve Dalaran JC daylies out of Ho...
File: TomTom02-16-20
I would expect a waypoint would cle...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I would expect a waypoint would clear at 0 yards regardless of what mapID I'm actually on. That's debatable.
File: Bartender412-08-19
Re: custom visible macro?
Posted By: AnrDaemon
First of all, much thanks for this great addon! Now to my question: I would like to have a bar with a single button on it, fishing. That's easily sorted ofc, but, now I would like to set a custom condition for when to show that bar (button) and I am quite noobish when it comes to macros. Could some kind soul show me how to...
File: Multishot (Screenshot)12-08-19
Re: Updated Version?
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Is this AddOn dead? it was my favorite screenshot add-on. Somebody please fix it!!! What exactly does not work for you?
File: HealBot Continued10-11-19
Re: target frame
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Hi guys, Is there a way to move or completly turn off the target frame? HB puts it under the minimap right where the quest list is placed so I cant see either clearly. I looked through the options but couldnt find any to move to turn off... I cant drag to a new place either. Thanks Yes, you can turn off any frame. Not in fro...
File: PallyPower10-02-19
Oh my gosh.. thank you so much for...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Oh my gosh.. thank you so much for bringing this back in 2019 for WoW Classic. As a Pally I'm deeply thankful for the most useful Paladin addon EVER. Thank you SO MUCH. Really? Everything it does can be done with just 2 or 3 macroses without the limitations of an addon. (I.e. combat lockdown won't afect macroses, it may only improv...
File: Compact Vendor Filter09-10-19
Would you mind fixing the link on t...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Would you mind fixing the link on the front page? https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info17956-GoblinVendorFilter.html
File: Bartender409-08-19
This is not possible, to my knowled...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
This is not possible, to my knowledge, but a simple workaround that I'm using for a similar purpose is a condition "in combat or have a hostile target locked". Half of my Bartender bars and all of the IceHUD is linked to that condition, with normal opacity of around 40%, with 100% opacity in action.
File: TomTom09-01-19
Re: How Do I find out which zone name TomTom understands? e.g. Dalaran
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I want to create a named waypoint to Dalaran in Broken Isles. I tried /way Dalaran and got "9 possible mataches for Dalaran", but tomtom refuses to tell me the matches, so i can be more specific. /way list shows me I am in map 627, continent 619, world: 947 - Dalaran, Broken Isles, but I have no idea how to translante the numbe...
File: Recipe Radar08-30-19
You can use HereBeDragons library t...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
You can use HereBeDragons library to ease map handling.
File: IceHUD07-25-19
The idea of AceDB profiles is very...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
The idea of AceDB profiles is very simple. You just switch to the chosen profile, and it is instantly activated. I prefer class profiles or the "Default" profile, what makes sense for the given mod. F.e. for Chatter or Bartender, I use "Default" profle, as I want all my chats/bars at the same place, but for IceHUD, I use "class" p...
File: TomTom07-19-19
Re: Waypoints not saving
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I had thought that because I was clicking the arrow to clear the waypoint (just from the arrow, not from the list) that this was somehow deleting them all rather than just the arrow. I've tried to reproduce it; I'll set some more up tomorrow and get back to you with a bug report. Then again, what version of TomTom you are using?
File: TomTom07-18-19
TomTom: You are at (39.99, 52.65) i...
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TomTom: You are at (39.99, 52.65) in 'Nazjatar' (map: 1355) TomTom: Nazjatar: (map: 1355, zone: 1355, continent: 947, world: 947) TomTom: TomTom waypoint - 46.73, 56.50 1355 * Left the zone, waypoint stands.
File: TomTom07-08-19
Re: Waypoints not saving
Posted By: AnrDaemon
I'm having issues with waypoints. I've been adding new ones in Mechagon for the various construction projects, but when I exit the game or move to a new area, the waypoints don't save and are gone from my map and /way list when I return to the zone. Is this a known issue? Did you set the option to preserve waypoints? http://prnt...
File: GraphPaper12-23-18
Do you have UI scale set to anythin...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Do you have UI scale set to anything other than 1.0 ? I have SET uiScale "0.90" and I can't replicate your issue. With that same settings. ## Interface: 80000 ## Author: Vrul ## Version: 1.4.9
File: Multishot (Screenshot)12-15-18
Got garrison buildings completion b...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Got garrison buildings completion back working and managed to sneak in the islands completion snaps. Anybody interested could grab these two files to repalce the ones in the addon directory. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AnrDaemon/WoW-Multishot/islands-draft/Multishot.toc https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AnrDaemon/WoW-Multi...
File: Titan Panel11-30-18
Fullscreen map still covered by Tit...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Fullscreen map still covered by Titan bars. :(
File: TomTom11-28-18
Theoretically, if you install an ap...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Theoretically, if you install an appropriate handlerů But not with Tomtom directly, and not in broken BfA state of minimap.
File: HealBot Continued11-16-18
Author of the addon said that we co...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Author of the addon said that we could go , because he have his own ideas about how we should play the game. I suggest you look for alternatives, as HealBot is unlikely to be useful any time soon.
File: HealBot Continued10-30-18
Combat protection broken since 8.0....
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Combat protection broken since
File: TomTom10-26-18
There seems to be a map stacking is...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
There seems to be a map stacking issue. 1. Go to, f.e., Razor Hill. 2. Open map. (Durotar one, as given.) 3. Set waypoint to Ratchet FP. 4. Fly on your mount into said waypoint. You're in the Northern Barrens now, and even though waypoint arrow is working, the waypoint never "reached". No proximity notification, no clearing.
File: HealBot Continued10-23-18
How to return focus to the frame 1 ?
Posted By: AnrDaemon
How to return focus to the frame 1 ?
File: Titan Panel10-22-18
Please move panels to LOW strata....
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Please move panels to LOW strata. Or otherwise hide them then fullscreen map is open.
File: TomTom10-21-18
Re: help
Posted By: AnrDaemon
how do i get tomtom to goto nearest waypoint as it doesnt seem to be doing so? ive used pastre as im trying to do the hallows end and pastedin co-ords in the correct order from booty bay yet it is sending me to lights chapel instead...not the nearest one Make "/cway" your last Paste'd command. Plus make sure next waypoint is all...
File: Altoholic10-02-18
Global scope pollution? Date: 20...
Posted By: AnrDaemon
Global scope pollution? Date: 2018-10-03 00:59:19 ID: 1 Error occured in: AddOn: DataStore Count: 1 Message: Error: AddOn DataStore attempted to call a forbidden function (TargetUnit()) from a tainted execution path. Debug: : TargetUnit() ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:1355: ?() ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4714: ChatEdit...