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File: Rune-It-All03-12-12
Hello, Thanks for the prompt rep...
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Hello, Thanks for the prompt reply! I would like to add that it seems that the Death Runes are being recognized by the AddOn. It appears that the AddOn just simply doesn't check if those runes are Death or Blood when the images are loaded.
File: Rune-It-All03-11-12
Blood / Death Runes in Frost Spec
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Hello, I would just like to say that your AddOn is my favourite of all the rune monitors out there, with the perfect balance of function and form! I've only had one real issue, when playing with a Frost spec. The two left death runes will appear as blood runes if I do any of the following: -Change the Rune Image -Reload th...
File: HealBot Continued12-30-08
CPU Screenshot
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I was wondering... what addon/program was used to track CPU Usage of Healbot?
File: Rune Pack12-20-08
Tranparency Settings
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Hey, I was wondering if it was possible if you could make it so that it won't fade unless you're out of combat and all your runes are off cooldown. Also, when I check "Hide Runic power", it comes back when I relog. Other than that, I can say this is currently my favourite Rune monitoring addon.
File: IceHUD12-20-08
Transparency Settings
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Is it possible to not show IceHUD when I only have a target? I'm talking about . I want it to show IceHUD in-combat and when it's not full, but stay hidden regardless of whether I have a target or not. If you're wondering why, it's because I used to use ArcHUD (which had this) and I just like simply having my HP/Mana.
File: CombatCam09-09-08
More features...
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Hey, I recently found Dynamic Camera... but the author quit. Then I found your addon. I was wondering if you could add in some other events, though. I got the Titan Rider addon... and I loved it. :) So, I anyway, I play a warrior, and I was wondering if it was possible to make a "camera action" when using a skill? I tried it...