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File: TipTac for Classic (quickfix)09-06-19
Posted By: Calthaza
Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the "Missing Health Data" pm the tooltip? Picture here: https://puu.sh/Eej6p/d77c21a0e7.png /Calth
File: Super Duper Macro10-13-13
Posted By: Calthaza
Hi there. Are there any of the previous builds that were used for TBC? (patch 2.4.3) Calthaza
File: Super Duper Macro04-04-12
Posted By: Calthaza
Hi there. I am just wondering if this addon will be continued into Mists of Pandaria? Calth.
File: Super Duper Macro12-01-11
its at 2.4.3 now? or jsut a mis-nam...
Posted By: Calthaza
its at 2.4.3 now? or jsut a mis-naming? i didnt have any problems with 2.4.1 eighter, but just updated, and said 2.4.3 And thanks for fixing so fast, appreciate it alot :D
File: Super Duper Macro11-15-11
Posted By: Calthaza
Welcome back Hypehuman, good to have you back. Seriously the best addon ever made. :D
File: Super Duper Macro09-07-11
Hi there.
Posted By: Calthaza
I was just wondering if there is an easy fix, for us that arent really into editing the .lua files. I get this error: 5x Prefix is too long: : ? : in function `SendAddonMessage' SuperDuperMacro-1.8.3\SuperDuperMacro.lua:123: in function `sdm_Query' SuperDuperMacro-1.8.3\SuperDuperMacro.lua:1510: in fun...
File: ForteXorcist06-19-11
Survival Serpent Spread
Posted By: Calthaza
Hi there. I wonder how i can get the targets of my serpent spread to show as timers aswell, any option to turn it on or something? Calthaza
File: LUI v307-06-10
quest tracker
Posted By: Calthaza
Hello there. Im having a little problems with the Quest Tracker, it rly decides for itself what quests to track. xD Sometimes i can set like 10 quests to track, but it doesnt show any. Calthaza
File: ForteXorcist10-25-08
Only happened once tho, workking as...
Posted By: Calthaza
Only happened once tho, workking as intended after that. :o
File: ForteXorcist10-24-08
Date: 2008-10-24 13:55:45 ID: 52...
Posted By: Calthaza
Date: 2008-10-24 13:55:45 ID: 52 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: line 1: Usage: FWOption9.1.4EditBox:SetText("text") Debug: : ? : SetText() :1: :1 : Show() Forte_Core\Forte_Core.lua:1821: HideUnneededOptions() :17: :1 : SetVerticalScroll() :1: :1 : SetValue...