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File: VendorFood01-30-09
Originally posted by jaliborc Jus...
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Originally posted by jaliborc Just what we needed, another identical sell trash addon... :( 1) If you don't like it, then don't download it. 2) Posting negative comments about someone that is just trying to make the game better for others is childish. 3) Take your comments elsewhere.
File: IceHUD06-25-08
Nice work. my fave hud. Been tryin...
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Nice work. my fave hud. Been trying them all but always come back to this one. Simple and functional.
File: Dominos06-24-08
Re: Re: Druid Bars
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Originally posted by Tuller Can you clarify what you mean by "losing buttons?" what i mean it that my bars are set up: 8, 12, 8 8, 12, 8 along the bottom of my screen so for each of my 2 rows I lose 16 buttons that I can't get back unless I go 12, 12, 12 for both rows which I don't want to have to do. I found out...
File: Dominos06-23-08
Druid Bars
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I'm playing a Fdruid and I find that the limit on the number of bar to be a problem. I have a total of 12 buttons not in use with my current config but I have no way to take those unused button and use them for a prowl bar. My Cat Form and Cat Stealth are having to be paged to the same bar (page 10). (Bear Form is paged to page 9)...
File: NugStackBar03-13-08
As I can tell its broken. Using /...
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As I can tell its broken. Using /nugiestackbar , I get Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands. Using /nsb , I get the command list but they do nothing. /removed I like the idea tho
File: AzCastBar02-01-08
Remove 1 spell icon please
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Please (double beg) put in an option to disable the :mad:Samwise icon:mad:. I hate looking at his mug.
File: KL_PeaceQuiet06-11-07
raid request blocker
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Id like to see it block requests from the raid inviting gold spammers.