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File: Raven08-14-11
Posted By: Atlanamik
I certainly appreciate your helping me out.
File: Raven07-30-11
image files
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http://pds21.egloos.com/pmf/201107/31/18/d0109718_4e34ba482f36a.jpg I'm sorry, I has langauege problem. I hope you see image this time. settings : default, that's not white buff. it's only happen in combat
File: Raven07-24-11
mouseover target refresh
Posted By: Atlanamik
It still has problem that refresh buff as like Lifebloom (on mouseover target) when I refresh lifebloom, sometimes it count 7sec instead 10sec...or freeze
File: Raven07-01-11
mouseover function
Posted By: Atlanamik
Hellow? :) (first, sorry about my language problem) Raven is good addon. it include function that I was looking for above all, I love mouseover-target's buff tracking But when I playing resto druid and shaman with raven Icons for check HoT and other buffs on mouseover-target, sometimes it's showing an incorrect information; even,...