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File: IceHUD04-03-08
Re: Self Targeting
Posted By: avalain
Originally posted by Hiker Avalain, I was having the same problem and found the answer on the ACE IceHUD forum. To make the bars "click through" type /icehud, click the + next to module settings, click "Player Health", scroll down and un-check "allow click targeting." :) By the way, I just switched from MetaHUD to IceHUD and rea...
File: IceHUD03-27-08
Click through HUD?
Posted By: avalain
Hi! I wanted to say that I am really enjoying this mod so far! The only thing that is a bit irritating for me is that when you click on your own health bars, it targets you. Is there any way to turn this off? As an example, if I'm doing the bombing dailies and the target is just to my left (I moved the bars so that all of my bars are...