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File: Storyline for Classic08-27-19
3. Driad questgivers look weird in...
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3. Driad questgivers look weird in the addon window: https://i.imgur.com/qharngK.png You can resize the model by alt+scrolling on them. The addon has a database of proper scaling that is updated from time to time, unfortunately, it has to be done manually as Blizzard doesn't offer add-ons a way to automatically scale 3D models corr...
File: Storyline for Classic08-27-19
Hi, sorry for the issues of the pre...
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Hi, sorry for the issues of the previous build, there was some unforeseen issue due to the lack of time I had for testing during the stress tests. The new build should have all the issues fixed.
File: Storyline07-08-19
Hello! Not all backgrounds are as g...
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Hello! Not all backgrounds are as good as the others ;) Hi :) Thanks for the report. Somehow I forgot to test the new backgrounds with campaign quests. I have created a ticket for this issue and will look into fixing it for the next update.
File: Storyline07-02-19
I'm back with another bug! Que...
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I'm back with another bug! Quest accepted: Extra Shiny Bugger: Extra Shiny completed. 1x Invalid quest item in SetQuestItem("type", index) :: ? :: in function 'SetQuestItem' ...terface\Storyline\rewards\rewards_buttons.lua:50: in function <...terface\Storyline\rewards\rewards_buttons.lua:48> Thanks for the report. I...
File: Storyline05-24-19
@Deadlyz: Thanks for the bug report...
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@Deadlyz: Thanks for the bug report. I will look into it :)
File: Storyline08-11-18
Re: Storyline not working in Darkmoon Faire
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No errors, just the default quest panes. I came through my garrison, the daily mat trader quest worked fine, the 'trade bits from armor into mission follower upgrades' quest worked fine. This is the second toon i've taken here this week. I noticed it on the earlier toon today, but I hadn't done any other quests on that toon so I...
File: Storyline07-16-18
Hi again :) Thank you for the repor...
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Hi again :) Thank you for the report. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that WoW Interface is handling beta properly. I will try to come up with a better workflow for the next versions, sorry about that. The debug logs in the chat are totally a bug on my side, good catch ^^ They will be removed in the final version.
File: Storyline05-29-18
Hello. Sorry about this. The latest...
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Hello. Sorry about this. The latest version on WoW Interface is an alpha build of version 3.0 of Storyline that is supposed to be tagged for BfA beta. I'm using a script now to cross publish the add-on here and on Curse, and it was supposed to flag the build as being for the 8.0 client. The latest working version for the Live serv...
File: Total RP 304-26-18
Hi, I updated to the last 1.3.4b...
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Hi, I updated to the last 1.3.4b3 and it disapeared from my addon list :( Hi. There was an issue with the packaging of this specific release (I've been trying new methods to make sure the add-on is cross-posted to both Curse and Wowinterface, as I would often forgot to update on Wowinterface). The issue should be fixed in version...
File: Total RP 3: Extended04-09-18
We actually had the same kind of fe...
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We actually had the same kind of feedback on Curse a while ago and I updated the description there a few weeks ago (but I forgot to update the project it here because Wowinterface is losi— err… nothing, scratch that). I have updated the description here to reflect the one on Curse. Thanks for the constructive feedback.
File: Storyline10-30-17
Re: I'm still having errors
Posted By: Ellypse
Hi. From the code you have posted I can see that you are not running the latest version. There is no global call to the PlaySound() global function in the code of version 2.0.6 in the file layout.lua at line 167, the latest version available here for download.
File: Storyline09-06-17
Re: PlaySound issues.
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Hi. Sorry I've been really bad updating Storyline on WoW Interface. The add-on has been updated for patch 7.3 on Curse, but I forgot to upload the update here too. Version 2.0.6 with the bug fixes should be available for download now :)
File: Storyline03-24-17
Re: Re: Re: Need to be able to scroll.
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Is this a middle mouse button or mouse wheel thing? I use a trackball with two buttons. :( Oh, that's an edge case I haven't think of. There actually is a scroll bar rendered but I hide it because it doesn't look great in the middle of the frame. I was thinking of re-designing it and gave up because it was too much trouble. You...
File: Storyline03-21-17
Re: Need to be able to scroll.
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I've seen this before, wtih Nomi (and thought I mentioned it...) where there are too many options for the panel, and no way to scroll down. I just went to turn in a loot code to Landro Longshot in Booty Bay. Here is a screenshot of the Storyline pane: http://imgur.com/4Oy18MX After I took that, I went into the options and...
File: Storyline01-04-17
Hi Barleduq. Thank you for the deta...
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Hi Barleduq. Thank you for the detailed bug report :) It is not working as intended and you are right that the objective text should be displayed in the box. This part of the UI might have been impacted by the changes in 2.0 without me noticing. I will look into fixing this for the next update :)
File: Storyline12-20-16
Hi oggeboyn. Thank you for the bug...
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Hi oggeboyn. Thank you for the bug report. I will look into it :)
File: Storyline05-24-16
Re: xml
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This addon is Brilliant!!! thank you for putting it together. I'm still pretty new to xml coding and have a question. 1. When I scale the storyline frame down past "x" number, it clips the dialog options in the center short. I've tried adjusting the size x/y values in ui.xml but no change. how do I change said text to display t...
File: Storyline05-24-16
Re: Error
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First thanks for this great addon. But I have a problem, if I want turn in two quests at the same npc. After the first turn in the storyline window doesn't open again. It appears again if I speak to another NPC which has some quest or is a shopkeeper, then I can turn in the second quest at the questgiver were I turned in the first qu...
File: Storyline03-01-16
But, could you implement an option...
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But, could you implement an option to make the quest objective and reward popups show automatically? Having to click just to open up the quest objectives and the quest rewards, it feels like an unnecessary thing that could've easily happened automatically. Hello. Thank you for your suggestion. It would be a reasonable option to...
File: Storyline02-08-16
Glad to see this here. :) We are h...
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Glad to see this here. :) We are happy too :) There was no real reason not to have Storyline here other than we are used to using Curse. But it seemed unfair for people who are using WoWInterface (and the desktop app for automatic updates) ^^