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File: Titan Panel08-06-18
Can you help me figure out why i'm...
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Can you help me figure out why i'm getting errors about L_UIDropDownMenuTemplate L_UIDropDownListTemplate L_UIDropDownMenuButtonTemplate deferred xml node object already exists? I searched all my addons and titan panel is the only addon that has these names. Message: Deferred XML Node object named L_UIDropDownMenuButtonTemplate al...
File: TomTom05-22-17
Re: Re: Re: WQ still not working.
Posted By: Ssateneth
Is there a way to continuously get the crazy arrow to always point to the closest waypoint and not just when a waypoint is added? DraenorTreasures, an addon made by TOM_RUS, does this but he has his own arrow which reuires deadly boss mods.
File: _DevPad08-05-16
I've gotten in touch with Torhal, w...
Posted By: Ssateneth
I've gotten in touch with Torhal, which is one of the authors of _Devpad. He will be properly updating this addon. I also attempted to bring his attention to other bugs, including background devpad frames stealing clicks away from foreground devpad frames, sending of pages or folders to other users (trumpet icon) and pages not saving...
File: Scrolling Combat Text07-26-16
Blacklist a spell?
Posted By: Ssateneth
I'm using SCT (and SCTD) because of a bug with blizz SCT in that they randomly decide to stop showing up, so I have to use an addon now. I want to know if I can blacklist a certain spell from causing messages to pop up, namely "Inspiring Presense"; it causes everyone in 60 yards to heal for 3% of the damage they cause, and you are...
File: SlashIn ( /in )03-09-12
Can you please implement /rpt (repe...
Posted By: Ssateneth
Can you please implement /rpt (repeat)? You said you made this to replace InDemand, but I really need repeat. InDemand make a lot of lua errors and I don't know how to fix it. I even tried the unofficial fix, and now the commands actually get through but it still spams lua errors bad.
File: InDemand (Now with /rpt!)03-09-12
Re: Erm, what is this used for besides RP?
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Hey, Well, Here's my problem, When i go and try to use the Addon, it says the /cast is Macro Secured, which is obviously isnt, because i've used /cast in many macros.. This is what it outputs: Error:Unable to execute secure command /cast. If it can't cast spells, what the hell is this used for? O_O Actually, it IS a secure comm...
File: Super Duper Macro11-30-11
Wow, I hadn't realized that SDM dev...
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Wow, I hadn't realized that SDM development actually got continued. I've been using the crippled 1.8.3 with fan-made patches just to keep it running all this time. When I updated though all my macros became fubar and I need to manually make them all again. :/
File: Super Duper Macro11-29-11
broken icons
Posted By: Ssateneth
all icons of superdupermacro macros are blank in 4.3. please fix.
File: SuperDuperMacro WoW 4.x fix 408-03-11
Can we please get a fix for the bug...
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Can we please get a fix for the bug where you can't click any of the macros on the list of macros in SDM? It just drags the window for me. It happens randomly. At one point changing the size of the buttons fixed it for me but now that doesnt work. Doing reloadui and even full reloading wow won't fix it either.
File: Super Duper Macro04-08-11
For some reason, my macros in the S...
Posted By: Ssateneth
For some reason, my macros in the SDM interface on the left side become unclickable sometimes. I have to spam /console reloadui til they become clickable. I did a /framestack and the part responsible for being able to click the macros (seems to be a table) is being put under stuff like sdm_mainFrame sdm_mainFrame_macrosScroll and sdm...
File: LeaveMeAlone10-22-10
Can we expect an update for cata? S...
Posted By: Ssateneth
Can we expect an update for cata? Seems broken now.
File: GHT - GCD Hack Tracker09-11-10
Releasing this to the public will h...
Posted By: Ssateneth
Releasing this to the public will have mixed results. The good: It will be easier to find people that are indeed GCD hacking. The bad: The smart people that have been GCD hacking will have already stopped because they are now aware of this addon, so they won't get banned from player reports. Should've kept this relatively private if...
File: Atlas 3.301-28-10
Originally posted by Razark Offic...
Posted By: Ssateneth
Originally posted by Razark Official update is in the works and will be available shortly. Thanks for the temporary solution & work. Obviously 'shortly' is a relative term. 1 month 11 days later, still no official atlas with icecrown citadel. Daveish is slacking hardcore. -.-
File: LinksList10-17-08
as expected... this addon died too....
Posted By: Ssateneth
as expected... this addon died too... WTB the return of lootlink, will pay real money.
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed10-14-08
I would like an update too. I'm sta...
Posted By: Ssateneth
I would like an update too. I'm staying away from the new item link addon here since its not what I'm looking for.
File: LootLink PremadeDatabase (for Saeris's LootLink)01-24-08
I'm REALLy looking hard for a large...
Posted By: Ssateneth
I'm REALLy looking hard for a larger lootlink database. If ANYONE has a database of 80,000-100,000 items or larger, pleeeeeeeease send me a PM so you can email me your lootlink.lua. When my WoW closes prematurely sometimes, the lootlink.lua isn't saved/becomes corrupt, and everything is deleted. Help me out!
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed01-12-08
Approve ASAP!
Posted By: Ssateneth
Pleeeeeeeeeease approve this! I want to see my item levels and IDs again! :D ..Also want to be able to expand item links in the list with suffixes. <_< EDIT: Thank you!
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed11-13-07
Auction House Scanning
Posted By: Ssateneth
in 2.3, a new API was implemented that lets you retrieve the entire contents of the AH in one shot, but can only be done every 15 minutes. Take into consideration to adding this into Lootlink so I can bother msyelf to scan more often. Sitting and waiting 25-30 minutes to scan the AH was sucky, and now it can be done instantly.
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed10-12-07
We miss you!
Posted By: Ssateneth
Please come back Saeris!
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed10-06-07
Autocomplete bug.
Posted By: Ssateneth
Originally posted by Crevox There's a bug with the autocompletion in chat. When typing in an item (example: ) I type " at the end highlighted. When I close the bracket, it finishes the link for . I'm not able to link any items because of it :( I hope you know what I mean... oh, and it may be the size of my DB (71381)... EDIT:...
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed10-05-07
Originally posted by Siz You like...
Posted By: Ssateneth
Originally posted by Siz You likely avoided getting disconnected since you had already filled your itemcache using your script. Here's one that might work better. It will query at most 200 items each time you run it up to a maximum itemID of 34500. It shows you which itemID it just scanned up to. You should wait at least 3 secon...
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed09-27-07
Originally posted by Siz Profes...
Posted By: Ssateneth
Originally posted by Siz ProfessionLinks Thanks. Also another thing... I initially found this out with ProfessionLinks.. But Lootlink is affected too. You can (try to) link items that the server hasn't seen. Instead of disconnecting you, it will give you plain text if you say it in chat. If you just want to open a link to see...
File: ProfessionLinks09-26-07
First of all, loving the addon. But...
Posted By: Ssateneth
First of all, loving the addon. But one thing got me going. I was able to link EVERY profession link (Except the camping fire) so I was able to see stuff like the Lifeblood and Netherflame set, as well as the onyxia epic mail chestpiece and Nightscape cloak, all of which are unknowns to Thottbot and various sites. I was able to see t...
File: Saeris's LootLink 8.2.9 Fixed09-26-07
Sliiiiiiightly off-topic..
Posted By: Ssateneth
Excuse me if this is off-topic.. But does anyone know of an addon that works much like Saeris' Lootlink, but instead of storing item links, it stores profession links in Tailoring, Alchemy, Enchanting, etc.? I'd greatly appreciate it if someone finds one.
File: Saeris's LootLink07-08-07
User-uploaded databases?
Posted By: Ssateneth
Is there some sort of tool floating around or that can be easily made that can copy and alter our current lootlink.lua database so we can upload our own databases to be used the same way as the premade database, since the last premade update has been about 3 months ago, and I'm sure I'll have some item someone else doesn't have data...