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File: Rune-It-All11-24-08
Originally posted by Cralor Both...
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Originally posted by Cralor Both are planned for next release (already done, just having some problems) :( Good luck working through them, eagerly awaiting the release.
File: Rune-It-All11-18-08
Looking forward to the next release...
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Looking forward to the next release. All I want from a rune addon is the ability to individually place the runes and hide them out of combat (and maybe with no target selected), and this seems to be the only mod that will do that.
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Why can't I set multiple bars to ch...
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Why can't I set multiple bars to change when swapping stances? Was this functionality removed, or is this sort of thing no longer allowed in 2.1? Bongos was the only mod I know of that did this. Edit: Sorry, I see that the option was moved to the right click menu when the bars are locked.