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File: MyRolePlay04-21-14
Re: Tooltip
Posted By: Angry_Footman
This isn't a bug and probably isn't even an exploit, but I doubt it was inteded: http://i.imgur.com/VAvArdG.jpg Most people aren't jerks like this, but the huge tooltip problem definitely extends beyond trolls. I'd rather not have to switch to light tooltips on account of a few people when I'd like to see most people's titles,...
File: MyRolePlay02-05-14
The Works and Big Reveal Coming Soon!
Posted By: Angry_Footman
Hello again, Angry_Footman speaking! In the coming patches, I've been experimenting with a few things (Most will be kept a surprise until I'm actually in the alpha/beta stages of it), and have selected a willing party to be used as my alpha and beta testers. During which time, updates shall continue otherwise unchanging the layout...
File: MyRolePlay11-15-13
I figured it's best to introduce my...
Posted By: Angry_Footman
I figured it's best to introduce myself now. Hello! I'm Angry_Footman, and due to the kindness of Etarna, she has given me the privilege to carry the torch that is MRP onwards through the existence of WoW. I'm often ghosting about the US server Wyrmrest Accord, which is what introduced me to MRP and roleplay in particular, and...