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File: BtWLoadouts11-16-19
Hi, thanks for your work on this am...
Posted By: Breen
Hi, thanks for your work on this amazing add-on. Would it be possible to have the LDB display the active profile in the label/title? The recent update should do this but it seems different addons handle LDB different. It seems to work with Elvui but I'm not sure about others, please let me know if you are not seeing the active pr...
File: BtWQuests: Classic11-01-19
This addon is for Retail and not Cl...
Posted By: Breen
This addon is for Retail and not Classic, its the 1-60 zone quest lines and requires BtWQuests to work
File: BtWLoadouts08-24-19
Re: Traditional Chinese translation
Posted By: Breen
I picked out the translations from lua one by one and translated them into Chinese. I hope to help localization in the future. Thanks for this, just uploaded a new version with these translations
File: BtWQuests: Legion12-22-18
Re: Error on Login
Posted By: Breen
Just uploaded a new version that should solve this issue
File: BtWQuests07-27-18
Re: Add the others that you've split out?
Posted By: Breen
I saw someone saying that you've split some of the zones out into their own sub addons. Have you put them here, too? I can't find them if you have. If not, could you please? Thank you! -Barleduq I have uploaded the in-progress BtWQuests: Classic. Other than Battle for Azeroth, Classic is the only other one, for now.