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File: Accountant Classic05-29-16
Posted By: Visual
Not only does this pile of gunk not work, but it corrupts the saved variables of the real accountant addon too. It's like you set out to prove that wow addons can indeed be malware despite the best efforts of blizzard to protect against that.
File: Links in Chat12-30-14
taint issues
Posted By: Visual
there also seem to be some taint issues with standard blizzerd frames - the usual suspects like the raid frames, focus frame, and maybe even quest tracker quest item buttons. it is hard to reproduce because of needing a party and such... and from reading a bit about this, it seems more bliz's fault than the addon's, and it happens wi...
File: Links in Chat12-29-14
Posted By: Visual
combined with auctioneer suite, it throws an error the first time you open the auction window after each /reload Message: ..\AddOns\LinksInChat\LinksInChat.lua line 370: attempt to index local 'objName2' (a nil value) Debug: LinksInChat\LinksInChat.lua:370: LinksInChat\LinksInChat.lua:357 nothing bad comes from...