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File: SyncUI04-21-20
The only thing I see that is broken...
Posted By: niffboy
The only thing I see that is broken atm is the bank UI. Everything else seems to be doing nicely. I'm really, really hoping Sync is going to play Shadowlands and will support the UI throughout. I have supported his work before and would consider making monthly donations if he would stay consistent. The UI is the only UI I have ev...
File: SyncUI04-19-20
Using sthis addon is such a pain an...
Posted By: niffboy
Using sthis addon is such a pain and pleasure. Addon is awesome, best of I ever tried. Best bags, best panels, best design and so far and so on. But Syncrow is disappearing regularry, without any news, leaving addon unsupported and at the same time not allowing community to support it. Syncrow, pls, come back to us! we need...
File: Hear Kitty03-24-19
Posted By: niffboy
Love the screenshot of this addon :D
File: Exlist03-24-19
Able to learn recipe
Posted By: niffboy
Haven't tried this yet, but didn't see from the description if it had a feature that allowed you to see if a pattern or recipe you have/loot on one character can be learned by another character. It's one of the main frustrations I have when doing old content and get a BoE pattern. Wondering if an alt already knows it. Is this...
File: SyncUI04-30-18
Unit Frame health format
Posted By: niffboy
I would love to have the ability to change the health format ie. 6.1M instead of 6143k. I'm thinking with the squish coming in BfA, we'll be back down to kilos so it's not a big deal, I just think for bosses and such, it looks cleaner. Also having timers on buffs and procs. I don't mind using other addons for niche features like t...
File: SyncUI03-04-18
Posted By: niffboy
This was hands down my most favorite UI of all time. Thanks for bringing it back!
File: Vacant UI - Become a Better Player04-14-17
Pretty good with exceptions
Posted By: niffboy
I really like this UI. I used it some back in WoD before I started using SyncUI, but then Sync bailed and took his UI with him, so I came back to this one. As a frost dk, I'm curious why some of the built in auras were disabled? Mainly Rime and Killing Machine. I know Killing Machine was changed to a weird moan that my wife en...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-03-14
Re: Re: Awesome job!
Posted By: niffboy
The only thing I'm on the fence about (and have been looking extensively in the settings to see if I can change) is the map. The lack of opacity while moving is something Am I overlooking the adjustments to fix this or is this how it is now? As always, thank you for all the work you do on this amazing UI! bro after the big...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)11-30-14
Awesome job!
Posted By: niffboy
I just wanted to say the changes to the UI are amazing. Really loving the AFK feature and the new loot/achievement/mission popups are spot on. I can't think of a way you can make it look any better :) The only thing I'm on the fence about (and have been looking extensively in the settings to see if I can change) is the map. The la...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-23-14
Can anyone tell me if the "stack to...
Posted By: niffboy
Can anyone tell me if the "stack to bags" or "stack to bank" function is working for them? It has never worked for me, but as I use another addon for gbanking it has never been a big issue. Clicking the button doesn't generate a lua error or anything. It appears to do nothing. All the other bags functions work fine (sorting,...