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File: wMmap11-04-14
hey hey, weasoug, how do i change t...
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hey hey, weasoug, how do i change the look of my minimap, right now it is the default circle with spikes around the outside. Thanks! Mereinid There apparently isn't a slash command to change the frame graphic. You will need to manually edit the file, wMmap.lua, and change the value of the mapStyle variable from "spike" to th...
File: Outfitter03-23-09
Originally posted by superfula An...
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Originally posted by superfula And as for the Outfitter guy....stop freakin whining! Quite ironic about this, considering your addon will be rendered useless once 3.1 drops. I am going to miss Outfitter, because it has features Blizzard's implementation will not have, such as auto-generating sets based on a stat bias and even...
File: PerfectRaid03-18-09
Re: Re: Marking raid members are Private.
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Originally posted by forty2j Wow. Just, wow. If you're so annoyed at a person that you want to manually edit your UI to exclude them so you don't accidentally heal them... idk, I think I'd just leave the group, personally. You would rather irrationally commit self-sacrifice and deprive yourself of the fun of fights, loo...
File: RABuffs10-20-08
Hurrah, looks like this awesome, un...
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Hurrah, looks like this awesome, unobtrusive buff-er has just been updated. Thank you!
File: tekticles10-16-08
Originally posted by pibchaotic W...
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Originally posted by pibchaotic What is the / command for this? It's becoming extremely frustrating being unable to configure anything This addon does not have an in-game user interface of any sort. To change the typeface or tweak the fonts, you ned to edit the tekticles.lua in your installation directory.
File: Buffet05-16-08
Originally posted by Rilynn well....
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Originally posted by Rilynn well... i created the following macros /AutoHP /AutoMP ... Obviously i'm missing something basic... please help The names of the macros must be AutoHP and AutoMP. The macros should be empty.
File: Butsu12-11-07
Originally posted by Caldar I"m a...
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Originally posted by Caldar I"m assuming the positioning and font size are related to me using .64 scale. Pointers to adjust it? No, I don't think it has anything to do with the scale. I'm using a scale of 1, and I'm experiencing the same things.
File: TwoBox Toolkit11-23-07
Re: ACE'd?
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Originally posted by Torkil Hi Looks like a nice addon but if you are using the ACE2 framework, why isn't this available on the ACE website (and thus from the WAU)? A developer who chooses to use the Ace2 framework is under no obligation to store their work in the WowAce SVN repository.
File: StatusQuo09-12-07
At last! I have no idea why I neve...
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At last! I have no idea why I never thought to post this as an addon suggestion on the Ace2 message board... O.o Thank you.
File: ChatFrameKeys06-01-07
Thank you for this mod. Now I can f...
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Thank you for this mod. Now I can finally dock and lock all my chat windows, like I've always wanted, and navigate thru them with keyboard input. Suggestion: Consider adding keybindings for "Forward" and "Backward" actions that will cycle thru all the docked windows.
File: EasyRaid05-24-07
Glad to see you're still around Soi...
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Glad to see you're still around Soin. I love this addon and I'm happy to see it's still being updated.
File: FubBar - SkillsPlusFuLt12-08-06
Re: Re: errors with light and 2.20 full
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Originally posted by mizunagare Got it working, required these changes: - remove the reference to AceHook in the AceLibrary call at the top of the code (there doesn't appear to be any hooking going on - perhaps an artifact from an earlier version? - add AceLocale-2.2 to libs - add BabbleSpell-2.2 to libs - fix TOC file...
File: Bongos208-23-06
Invalid target error with Bongos
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EDIT I figured it out... Self-cast key was set to the ALT key. :D Hello, I'm using Bongos 6.8.22b, and I'm seeing something quite weird that wasn't happening prior to WoW patch 1.12. I'm not sure if it's a problem with Bongos or not. I have two combat abilities on bar 2, buttons 1 and 2. It doesn't matter what these...