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File: LUI v310-24-10
Originally posted by zemik39 Man...
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Originally posted by zemik39 Man LUI v4 won't be released this year..... Whats "Man Lui"? (rimshot) :p
File: LUI v310-23-10
Come on...really?
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Originally posted by Truyth Well after a nice donation and being pretty patience, I'm done. While I do appreciate you going for perfection, I do not see the reason for not releasing at least a working LOUI for everyone to enjoy, while in the meantime you could take your time working with your new version. Instead your forcing...
File: LUI v310-13-10
I just wanted to say i really love...
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I just wanted to say i really love your work on Lui. I think as far as addons go It's something unique and it will raise the bar for other addon developers. Keep up the great work :D.
File: Power Auras Classic08-04-08
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I thought it would be cool to be able to have a custom text power aura, where you could type in what you want the aura to say.