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File: EventHorizon Continued10-13-18
ret pal config: -- Judgment s...
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ret pal config: -- Judgment self:newSpell({ requiredTree = 3, requiredLevel = 3, cooldown = 20271, debuff = {197277,0}, }) -- Blade of Justice self:newSpell({ requiredTree = 3, requiredLevel = 20, --requiredTalentUnselected = 12, cooldown = 184575, }) -- Wake of Ashes...
File: EventHorizon Continued10-05-18
colors problems in CUSTOM_CLASS_COL...
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colors problems in CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS , to fix that type: local classcolors = RAID_CLASS_COLORS in EventHorizon.lua in line 3506
File: EventHorizon Continued11-14-17
in warrior config need to change s...
Posted By: shinkuchan
in warrior config need to change self.config.gcdSpellID = 100 to self.config.gcdSpellID = 1680 while charge on cd, mortal strike cd not showing
File: RealUI08-29-12
Any idea for other heal unitframes...
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Any idea for other heal unitframes ? Mb create profile-switcher and position checker for some list of unitframe addons?
File: RealUI10-11-11
problem in pixel font, that do not...
Posted By: shinkuchan
problem in pixel font, that do not support cyrillic langs
File: RealUI10-11-11
unit frames (target, focus etc) do...
Posted By: shinkuchan
unit frames (target, focus etc) do not show names on ru locale, only "??" :(
File: RealUI08-05-11
how i can enable old runes ? rune m...
Posted By: shinkuchan
how i can enable old runes ? rune module still in realui module folder, but no more available in class modules, only install nibRunes with lua editing ? sorry for my english :(