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File: FauxMazzle [Classic]05-27-20
Bug Posted
Posted By: Bremagorn
Hey all. I posted a bug using the bug report button. I hope the partial bug sack copy and paste helps. The errors begin on initial login. I'm running 2560x1440 windowed fullscreen
File: FauxMazzle05-25-20
Posted By: Bremagorn
Hi Fizzlemizz: I was one of the original beta testers for MazzleUI back in the day. I saw you're currently working on a Classic version of the Faux Mazzle. I'm down for testing out anything you have playable. Let me know. Brem I haven't changed my monitor in a while and am running at it's max which is 1680x1050. Here's t...
File: FauxMazzle07-20-18
Re: Re: Appreciative
Posted By: Bremagorn
I think many of us are overjoyed that someone picked it up. I beta tested the original MazzleUI and this is the only thing that's come close to the awesomeness I was used to for so many years. Thanks for picking up the torch! :) I absolutely thank you for it. I have been using this compilation for a number of years, even when it was...